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Andrew Piotrowski - Professional Profile


!!!!Won Startup Weekend Warsaw - Edukoala Team ( 4/4 goals )!!!!

About Me:
• Experience in the it life cycle (documentation, programming, testing, upgrade)
• Knowledge of design patterns, software scalability
• Proficiency in new technologies for Windows and Unix (Open Source)
• Expressing its views in a comprehensive and user friendly for others
• Acquired experience in speaking to a large number of people
• Working under strong stress, mental load
• Very good work ethics and personal communication
• Ability to work with various departments in your company

Work Expeirance :
• Experience as an IT pro is 4 months (Molex and PCSS) - work practice
• Experience as an IT programmer-3 months (ImagineCup)- contest
• Experience as an IT team manager – 5 months (ImagineCup)- contest
• Experience as an Interface designer/architect – 3 months (ImagineCup)- contest
• Experience as a Java Programer-6 months (Cloudfarming)
open-source project
• Apprenticeship in Molex( worldwide company) as a IT assistant and PCSS (Poznań , Microsoft Innovation Center ) – 5 moths
• Participation in IT groups : KNI, PG.Net,
in the events IT ACADEMIC Days: Poznań, Warsaw, Wrocław; C2C, MTS 2008 and 2009 , Heroes Happen Here , Community Lunch 2008
and 2010
• Active participant in the Poznań a group of professionals.Net

What i have Won while studing :
=ImagineCup - 2008 – Interface Design – World Top 30 Team ( Only team formEurope)

=ImagineCup - 2009 – Design – World Top 30 Team (1st in Poland)
Warsaw CodeCamp – 2009 - Speaker Idol – Best from all speakers in Poland (over 70 competitors )

=China Agriculture Workshop of Plant Protection Machinery and Application Techniques – Best IT Application – WorldWide Conference

=Warsaw IT Days – 2011 – “Let me know your business” Asecco Poland – 1st place for best short story use case ( over 90 competitors )


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