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Akshay Raut - Professional Profile


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Innovations and Artificial Intelligence, Next best adventure- learning the ways of AI that could one day out-learn us.

Emerging as .NET developer and if all else fails, one'd always freelance(beg) right?

Making people jealous by sharing happy times as Facepalmer.

AKshay Raut main hu.. mark idhar hai... Uniqely branded

Permanent Tweetard - I am a recursion parameter. Reincarnated everytime they call for it.

Plus NoSaint

Improving in career.... virtually here:
Linked at

Requesting for Naukri

Code Blooded v1.0 - here.
v2.0 - I am the Recursion Parameter and I caused the overflow

v3.0 - MSDN

Temporary blogs
In relationship with Technology

Null blogging(almost dead)

Tech savvy
<guessmyage> yrs. single, living in E 404, NF.



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