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Divikiran - Professional Profile


I am a, hands-on, Microsoft C# Analyst Programmer using Xamarin, Azure, WPF and MVC as my preferred tools, also as Team Lead and Scrum Master. My experience include in analysis, object oriented design, development and implementation of client, server, web and windows based applications and enterprise mobile apps using latest Microsoft technologies such as MVC, WPF and Xamarin Forms.

I have worked with Microsoft technologies for over 10 years building software for various private sector companies, applying both technical knowledge and managerial expertise.

My preferred technology stack includes C#, Azure, WPF, MVC, Entity Framework, Xamarin and SQL Server and highly prefer working on various design patterns and architectures.

An integral part of my work is to provide my clients with a high standard of understandable technical documentation: I have written few articles listed few page down in this resume, designs, as well as User Guides.

Using Azure for over 1.5 year, migrating application to the cloud, fully managed continuous integration for all environments.


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