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Visual Basic Fusion: Best Practices to Use Visual Basic 6 and Visual Basic .NET Together
For David, who thinks there is more to life than .NET ;-)
Developer News MSDN 28 Feb 2006 628
Why AJAX Is So Disruptive
Web 2.0 is mainstream. Really?
Developer News Sys-Con 28 Feb 2006 1,075
Eating chocolate may halve risk of dying
Like you needed an excuse.
Developer News 28 Feb 2006 644
Demo / tutorial maker tools?
Adding a nice little recording is a lovely training aid.
Hot Threads The Lounge 28 Feb 2006 136
Firefox listening on port 1033?
Who watches the Watchmen?
Hot Threads The Lounge 28 Feb 2006 228
Industry News ars technica 28 Feb 2006 278
MySQL buys company, hires noted database architect
MySQL buffs up to face the Oracle challenge by hiring InterBase/Firebird architect.
Industry News Computerworld 28 Feb 2006 593
Google Base will get e-commerce functions
Now Google helps you search for cash.
Industry News InfoWorld 28 Feb 2006 483
News for Monday, February 27 2006
News for Monday, February 27 2006
Site News CodeProject 27 Feb 2006 106
If Oracle can buy out Open Source, why not Microsoft?
Oracle seems to be hell-bent on controlling the dominant Open Source database platform MySQL to make sure it stays in its place and not encroach on the Enterprise database market, but what if Microsoft started doing the same thing?
Developer News ZDNet 27 Feb 2006 1,088
Google Page Creator (BETA)
Now Google is in the hosting business. 100MB for your stuff at
Developer News Google 27 Feb 2006 843
NASA Detects 'Totally New' Mystery Explosion Nearby
Oh my god! We're all going to die. What? 440 million light years away? OK, we're safe..
Developer News 27 Feb 2006 916
How did Bob come to be?
Join FOB (Friends of Bob) today.
Hot Threads The Lounge 27 Feb 2006 181
That Crystal Reports Guy...
He visits me in my dreams
Hot Threads The Lounge 27 Feb 2006 178
OpenView Throws Its Hat into the CMDB Ring
On Feb 27th, HP will become the last of the big four enterprise management providers to announce its strategy for creating a common configuration management database scheme.
Industry News eWeek 27 Feb 2006 189
Ask Jeeves to unveil improvements, new brand
Does anyone still "Ask Jeeves?"
Industry News InfoWorld 27 Feb 2006 521
Blackberry hearing ends without resolution
Millions of thumbs still awaiting a final resolution.
Industry News ars technica 27 Feb 2006 219
Design firm gets Web rich media patent
The US Patent Office just granted a web design firm called Balthaser a patent on "methods, systems and processes for the design and creation of rich-media applications via the Internet." Oh, boy. Another round of lawsuits.
Industry News ars technica 27 Feb 2006 431
IBM unveils software to protect against internal attacks
The risk and identification software keeps an eye on user activity
Developer News Computerworld 24 Feb 2006 201
TinyAjax - A Lightweight php5 AJAX Library
AJAX Enables Pages Without Having to Write a Single Line of Javascript
Developer News Sys-Con 24 Feb 2006 492
Developer News Science Daily 24 Feb 2006 301
How do you learn what's new in .NET 2.0?
Stumble around, but RTFA here and at MSDN.
Hot Threads The Lounge 24 Feb 2006 97
VS 2005 Academic Editions
A student's third best friend (after beer and ramen)
Hot Threads The Lounge 24 Feb 2006 119
Apple's iTunes store hits the 1 billion song mark
Whoever downloaded the billionth song won a new 20-inch iMac, 10 60GB iPods and a $10,000 iTunes Music Card. A music-school scholarship will also be set up in their name. Isn't that just iWonderful?
Industry News Computerworld 24 Feb 2006 165

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