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New Discussion Boards
Say goodbye to the old boards
Site News undefined 10 Apr 2000 357
Active Directory bug in Windows 2000
Active Directory services can disappear on servers with more than 51 IP addresses
Site News undefined 8 Apr 2000 454
Macromedia to release Flash SDK source code
Flash File format SDK and Flash Player SDK now available
Site News undefined 4 Apr 2000 724
Post your own articles!
If you are tired of the wait you can now post your own!
Site News undefined 3 Apr 2000 423
Netscape 6 released this coming Thursday
The first release from Netscape's open due out soon.
Site News undefined 30 Mar 2000 340
Key executives leave CE group prior to Pocket PC launch
Microsoft hendheld division regroups
Site News undefined 24 Mar 2000 421
Windows 2001 out already?
Extended beta testing or is someone in trouble big time?
Site News undefined 21 Mar 2000 457
Congratulations Tom Wellige!
...and to Mike Nordell and Keith Rule.
Site News undefined 20 Mar 2000 462
Windows 95/98 patch available
Microsoft has released a patch to fix the denial of service issue
Site News undefined 17 Mar 2000 532
Windows CE to go Open Source?
MS may be trying to compete with Linux in the embedded market.
Site News undefined 16 Mar 2000 482
Win2000 and IE 5.0 problem
Adding IE 5.0 with 128bit encryption to a Windows 2000 system can cause lockouts
Site News undefined 15 Mar 2000 548
More than 1 million copies of Windows 2000 sold
It's been out less than a month, and already it's a big hit!
Site News undefined 15 Mar 2000 624
Microsoft admits to bugs in Windows 95/98
A fix is finally in the works for what MS considers a non-serious problem.
Site News undefined 14 Mar 2000 579
Windows Millenium Edition delayed?
But who is really surprised...
Site News undefined 10 Mar 2000 592
Sun slammed by global body over Java
Company decides to go its own way after blow-up with Geneva standards group.
Site News undefined 3 Mar 2000 630
Microsoft Office 10 due out this year
Betas expected around June
Site News undefined 2 Mar 2000 677
DoubleClick continue to collect personal data
DoubleClick continues to run afoul of privacy advocates
Site News undefined 1 Mar 2000 782
Is Microsoft working on Office for Linux?
The rumors come and go, but Microsoft denies...
Site News undefined 24 Feb 2000 744
The future of Visual C++
The debate as to the future of Visual C++ continues...
Site News undefined 23 Feb 2000 840
Windows 2000 SP1 already out
The patches begin...
Site News undefined 22 Feb 2000 753
Microsoft responds to the 63,000 bug question
Microsoft allays customers fears about the 63,000 "bugs" in Windows 2000
Site News undefined 21 Feb 2000 760
Will MacOS X be cooler than Windows 2000?
The new operating system from Apple finally has the goods.
Site News undefined 20 Feb 2000 906
Windows 'Me' Next up
Windows Millenium Edition to be the next consumer version operating system from Microsoft
Site News undefined 18 Feb 2000 952
63,000 bugs in Windows 2000
You never have to feel bad about your code ever again!
Site News undefined 17 Feb 2000 977

Page 1930 of 1,931