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Senator posts cryptocurrency bill on GitHub, chaos ensues
Can they rebase the US government and start over?
Industry News The Verge 27 Jun 2022 2,874
Optional updates confirm Windows 10 22H2 is coming
The last version of Windows gets a new version
Industry News Neowin 27 Jun 2022 1,671
Tips for securing Windows with PowerShell... courtesy of the NSA
Because if you want to secure your computer, ask the people that want to get in
Industry News Beta News 27 Jun 2022 2,598
Coding forces you to understand the problem
I'll take "Wishful thinking" for $200, Alex
Developer News Swizec Teller 27 Jun 2022 1,620
Usage first, implementation after: A principle of software development
"I don't care how you do it—just get it done"
Developer News Fluent C++ 27 Jun 2022 2,560
Developer News The Register 27 Jun 2022 1,600
"Google" programmers. How one idiot hired a couple more idiots
If it wasn't meant to be copied, why is it on the internet?
Developer News PVS Studio 27 Jun 2022 4,065
Who was the bright spark
You're better off without that item being open
Hot Threads CodeProject 27 Jun 2022 989
How common is this?
"Suddenly he could see through clothes, flesh... and walls! "
Hot Threads CodeProject 27 Jun 2022 1,430
Satire Savage Chickens 27 Jun 2022 931
An AI learned to play Minecraft, and it's actually pretty good
Then they came for our blocks, and I did nothing as I just can't figure out what that "game" is all about
Science And Technology Gizmodo 27 Jun 2022 1,085
Paralyzed race driver completes Goodwood hill climb using head movement to steer
However, he got dinged on the driving test as he didn't do a shoulder check
Science And Technology Engadget 27 Jun 2022 857
Industry News ZDNet 24 Jun 2022 727
Mark Zuckerberg envisions a billion people in the metaverse spending hundreds of dollars each
And I envision a billion people clicking all the links I find for you all
Industry News CNBC 24 Jun 2022 1,329
Microsoft confirms Visual Studio, .NET broken for Windows 11 Insiders, fix incoming
You mean having 90-100% CPU usage _isn't_ normal with VS?
Industry News Neowin 24 Jun 2022 1,952
Developer News ZDNet 24 Jun 2022 1,322
Developer News Techcrunch 24 Jun 2022 1,187
Should GitHub be sued for training Copilot on GPL code?
"Nobody ever wins a lawsuit but the lawyers"
Developer News FOSS Post 24 Jun 2022 1,759
Reading to learn tech?
The rest is left as an exercise for the reader
Hot Threads CodeProject 24 Jun 2022 1,070
Introducing the ML.NET Text Classification API (preview)
The Text Classification API is an API that makes it easier for you to train custom text classification models in ML.NET using the latest state-of-the-art deep learning techniques.
Tips and Tools .NET 24 Jun 2022 955
DirectML Plugin for TensorFlow 2 is here
TensorFlow-DirectML-Plugin builds DirectML as a PluggableDevice backend to TensorFlow 2 for machine learning training on Windows and the Windows Subsystem for Linux.
Tips and Tools Windows AI 24 Jun 2022 62
Runs Testing Using C# Simulation
Dr. James McCaffrey of Microsoft Research uses a full code program for a step-by-step explanation of this machine learning technique that indicates if patterns are random.
Tips and Tools Visual Studio magazine 24 Jun 2022 192
How to get started with machine learning and AI
We wrap our heads around the basics of AI/ML and show you how to get a model off the ground.
Tips and Tools Ars Technica 24 Jun 2022 159
Accelerate your career with ML skills through the AWS Machine Learning Engineer Scholarship
Amazon Web Services and Udacity are partnering to offer free services to educate developers of all skill levels on machine learning (ML) concepts with the AWS Machine Learning Engineer Scholarship program.
Tips and Tools Amazon machine-learning 24 Jun 2022 75

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