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What does the death of Hadoop mean for big data?
The broader adoption of Hadoop did not come to be, as enterprises began opting to move to the cloud and explore AI, which included machine learning and deep learning as part of their big data initiative.
Tips and Tools Tech wire Asia 12 Jul 2019 487
NIST Report Urges IT Organizations To Adjust to IoT Challenges
By 2020, research firm IoT Analytics projects that some 9.3 billion connected, Internet of Things (IoT) devices will be deployed worldwide, up from 7 billion in 2018. By 2025, that figure could rise to 21.5 billion, according to the firm's projections.
Tips and Tools ADT Magazine 12 Jul 2019 42
Mozilla is funding a project for bringing Julia to Firefox and the general browser environment
Mozilla disclosed the winners of Mozilla Research Grants for the first half of 2019. Among the winning proposals was “Bringing Julia to the Browser” that aligns with Mozilla’s goal to bring data science and scientific computing tools to the browser.
Tips and Tools Packt Hub 12 Jul 2019 126
Adding Augmented Reality to an ML Kit-Powered Android App
In this article, we’re going to explore how we can add Augmented Reality (AR) features with the ML capabilities already in the app to place a red lip image on top of a person’s lips when we take a picture.
Tips and Tools ContentLab 12 Jul 2019 76
Runway ML puts AI tools in the hands of creators everywhere
Machine learning can be a fantastic tool for creators, but integrating AI into your workflow is a challenge for those who can’t code. A new program called Runway ML aims to make this process easier by providing artists, designers, filmmakers, and others with an “app store” of machine learning applications that can be activated with a few clicks.
Tips and Tools The Verge 12 Jul 2019 107
Open-Source Tool Lets Anyone Experiment With Cryptocurrency Blockchains
SimBlock, a new blockchain simulator, lets users play around with the parameters of Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Dogecoin
Tips and Tools IEEE Spectrum 12 Jul 2019 112
Deep Q-Learning with Python and TensorFlow 2.0
Deep Q-Learning harness the power of deep learning with so-called Deep Q-Networks.
Tips and Tools Rubik's Code 12 Jul 2019 287
Facebook and CMU’s ‘superhuman’ poker AI beats human pros
I'm assuming it's got a good poker face
Science And Technology The Verge 12 Jul 2019 815
Science And Technology Science Daily 12 Jul 2019 5,678
Science And Technology Discovery magazine 12 Jul 2019 3,002
IBM proposes curbing legal protections for internet companies
If you can't beat 'em, get the government to do it
Industry News BNN Bloomberg 11 Jul 2019 1,465
Industry News ZDNet 11 Jul 2019 3,637
Logitech Unifying Receivers vulnerable to key injection attacks
People with physical access to your keyboard (dongle) can enter keys?
Industry News Bleeping Computer 11 Jul 2019 1,642
‘Agent Smith’ malware has replaced Android apps’ code on 25 million devices
"I can taste your stink and every time I do, I fear that I've somehow been infected by it."
Industry News The Verge 11 Jul 2019 3,293
Write better code faster with Roslyn Analyzers
Assuming you want to write better code, of course
Developer News .NET blog 11 Jul 2019 4,594
Developer News JetBrains 11 Jul 2019 1,364
You should refuse to develop what you don’t understand
Well, that's my career down the tubes
Developer News Fluent C++ 11 Jul 2019 2,818
Developer News NDepend 11 Jul 2019 3,023
I'm in Nuget Hell
Buried in pre-formed almost-chicken pieces?
Hot Threads CodeProject 11 Jul 2019 1,461
A plan to bring Java to iOS
OpenJDK Mobile would use ahead-of-time compilation to create Apple-approved executables that run without the JVM
Tips and Tools Infoworld 11 Jul 2019 75
OEMConfig supports enterprise device features
OEMConfig is a new Android standard that enables device makers to create custom device features that can be immediately and universally supported by enterprise mobility management providers.
Tips and Tools Google Keyword blog 11 Jul 2019 14
Android Q(&A): Android Engineers take us on a deep dive of Android Q
As has become tradition for Ars at Google I/O, we recently sat down with some of the people who make Android to learn more about Google's latest OS.
Tips and Tools Ars Technica 11 Jul 2019 60
Face Detection on Android with Google ML Kit
Google recently introduced a new Firebase SDK called ML Kit that provides an easy way for you to use ML technology in your app. In this article we’re going to create an example app that allows users to take a picture, hand it off to ML Kit to do face detection, and play with the data that ML Kit will provide, in order to outline the features of the face. You’ll see how easy it is to harness ML technologies in your own apps.
Tips and Tools ContentLab 11 Jul 2019 216
A (r)evolution for displaying data: Xamarin.Forms CollectionView
When you need to display a long list of elements in a mobile app that you are developing with Xamarin.Forms, ListView is most probably your first choice to handle the situation. This UI element has been around for quite some time, and while it is quite useful and has been improved with cool capabilities such as pull-to-refresh, context actions, grouping, and many others, CollectionView is a revolution for (and an evolution of!) ListView, especially if heterogeneous data (multiple layouts, data orientation -horizontal/vertical-) are in your app roadmap.
Tips and Tools Luis Beltran 11 Jul 2019 158

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