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Flutter Clean BLoC Architecture — Overview
A combination between Clean Architecture and BLoC Architecture
Tips and Tools Flutter Community 8 Jun 2023 64
Modern Android Development with Koin
A Definitive Guide of the Now in Android App using Koin for Dependency Injection
Tips and Tools kotzilla 8 Jun 2023 51
Apple SwiftData framework manages app data
The platform allows developers to add persistence and concurrency capabilities to apps.
Tips and Tools Infoworld 8 Jun 2023 0
Adding "ownership" to Swift is a major feature with many benefits for programmers.
Tips and Tools Swift 8 Jun 2023 51
Top things to know in Android Platform and Quality at Google I/O '23
Google I/O was HUGE for developers with exciting news all across the platform and more around quality
Tips and Tools Android Developers 8 Jun 2023 98
SSO and Xamarin forms Implementation
Xamarin Forms can implement single sign-on (SSO).The integration of forms with an identity provider that accepts SSO protocols like OAuth or OpenID Connect is required.
Tips and Tools Xam Labs 8 Jun 2023 85
Science And Technology Techcrunch 8 Jun 2023 1,123
Science And Technology Vice 8 Jun 2023 1,424
SEC sues Coinbase, continues major crackdown on cryptocurrency exchanges
If you outlaw crypto, only outlaws will use crypto. Oh, wait.
Industry News Ars Technica 7 Jun 2023 1,251
New vulnerabilities increase by 25 percent
Good job everyone on the new record!
Industry News Beta News 7 Jun 2023 1,564
Label AI-generated content ‘immediately,’ EU urges big tech
This post written by the Kent-o-matic 3000
Industry News The Next Web 7 Jun 2023 1,466
I can't believe these features aren't in all languages!
Developer News DreamBerd 7 Jun 2023 2,434
Even SQL Server Developer Tools gets an AI copilot
SELECT * FROM table is my copilot
Developer News Visual Studio magazine 7 Jun 2023 2,103
AI does not help programmers
Except the programmers writing the AI
Developer News Communications of the ACM 7 Jun 2023 7,689
Any experts on RFID here??
"Are you receiving me? You are deceiving me I know, see I know"
Hot Threads CodeProject 7 Jun 2023 1,487
Science And Technology The Register 7 Jun 2023 3,412
Windows 11 reportedly installs optional update without asking – and it’s causing trouble
By 'optional', they meant asking you for permission was optional
Industry News Tech Radar 6 Jun 2023 1,972
Stack Overflow moderators are striking to stop garbage AI content from flooding the site
Now who's going to mark all the questions as 'duplicate'?
Industry News Vice 6 Jun 2023 2,573
Apple’s $3,499 Vision Pro AR headset is finally here
"I reject your reality and substitute my own"
Industry News Techcrunch 6 Jun 2023 2,124
Windows 11 Moment 3 hands on, here's everything new
To read, when you have a moment
Industry News Bleeping Computer 6 Jun 2023 2,875
GitHub Secure Code Game
Just in case you don't have the chance to fix enough insecure code of your own
Developer News Bart Wullems 6 Jun 2023 1,607
Analog computing for the future
Just in case 0 and 1 aren't good enough for you
Developer News The Analog Thing 6 Jun 2023 1,836
Developer News SD Times 6 Jun 2023 1,059
Thoughts on current chatty AI
HAL 9000? More like Gateway 2000
Hot Threads CodeProject 6 Jun 2023 1,320

Page 2 of 2,546