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CodeMarkup for WinUI
Why do all that design stuff, when you can just write more code?
Developer News Pawel Krzywdzinski 11 Jul 2024 1,620
Introducing OpenSilver 3.0 with the First AI-Powered UI Designer for .NET!
When in doubt, bolt an "AI" to it and call it a release
Developer News Open Silver 11 Jul 2024 1,873
Choosing Between WinForms and .NET MAUI with .NET 8 for Converting Legacy Apps
One potato, two potato, three potato, four. Don't take my WinForms, or there will be war.
Developer News Telerik 11 Jul 2024 2,365
.NET 9 addresses NuGet vulnerabilities in Preview 6
Get your latest preview while it's still fresh from the oven
Developer News Visual Studio magazine 11 Jul 2024 1,026
Uno Toolkit
Multiplatform-first UI components to speed up your development.
Tips and Tools Uno Platform 11 Jul 2024 179
A developer toolkit for detecting, diagnosing, and mitigating memory leaks in .NET MAUI applications.
Tips and Tools Adam Essenmacher 11 Jul 2024 88
Meta AI develops compact language model for mobile devices
Meta AI researchers have unveiled MobileLLM, a new approach to creating efficient language models designed for smartphones and other resource-constrained devices.
Tips and Tools Venture Beat 11 Jul 2024 131
Google extends Linux kernel support to keep Android devices secure for longer
After Linux reduced LTS releases from 6 years to 2, Google has committed to supporting its forks for 4 years.
Tips and Tools Android Authority 11 Jul 2024 50
Flet enables developers to easily build realtime web, mobile and desktop apps in Python.
Tips and Tools Flet 11 Jul 2024 127
Coroutine Essentials
In Kotlin, we can use coroutines to do multiple things at a time.
Tips and Tools Dave Leeds on Kotlin 11 Jul 2024 52
Let's clarify some misconceptions around android development these days
Let's try debunking some myths around android development and clearing the air !
Tips and Tools Yves Kalume 11 Jul 2024 104
Satire Design Thinking 11 Jul 2024 1,342
Science And Technology Ars Technica 11 Jul 2024 1,357
Industry News Tom's Hardware 10 Jul 2024 3,416
Industry News The Register 10 Jul 2024 4,422
Programming, fluency, and AI
Won't someone think of the juniors?
Developer News O'Reilly Radar 10 Jul 2024 2,299
Coders' Copilot code-copying copyright claims crumble against GitHub, Microsoft
Who now has the strength to stand against the armies of Redmond?
Developer News The Register 10 Jul 2024 2,453
C# 13: Explore the latest preview features
Lucky number 13 for your coding enjoyment
Developer News .NET 10 Jul 2024 3,005
Why do companies do this to themselves?
We should have a meeting to figure it out (weekly, with loads of people involved)
Hot Threads CodeProject 10 Jul 2024 2,514
Sam Altman’s blockchain project ‘World Chain’ opens to developers
Because everybody wants to rule the world (chain)
Science And Technology Developer 10 Jul 2024 1,991
Industry News Ars Technica 9 Jul 2024 3,673
Industry News Neowin 9 Jul 2024 2,528
Industry News Windows Central 9 Jul 2024 5,866
C# 13 Semi-?auto properties
It saves a new variable every time you pull the trigger
Developer News NDpend 9 Jul 2024 2,188

Page 2 of 2,719