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Industry News Gizmodo 3 Jul 2020 2,802
Windows 10 background image tool can be abused to download malware
But no one would use it for bad purposes, right?
Industry News Bleeping Computer 3 Jul 2020 1,890
Java devs using Microsoft VS Code: Upgrade to Java 11 now
"If we need that extra push over the cliff, you know what we do?"
Developer News Visual Studio magazine 3 Jul 2020 1,837
Announcing the Porting Assistant for .NET
People that liked this tool, also enjoyed these unrelated items
Developer News Amazon AWS 3 Jul 2020 4,655
It's not often I find a truly interesting blog post on C#...
{sniff} I try. I really do try. {sniff}
Hot Threads CodeProject 3 Jul 2020 2,746
Newly discovered principle reveals how adversarial training can perform robust deep learning
In machine learning, adversarial examples usually refer to natural inputs plus small, specially crafted perturbations that can fool the model into making mistakes.
Tips and Tools Microsoft Research 3 Jul 2020 100
Working With PyTorch Tensors
Dr. James McCaffrey of Microsoft Research presents the fundamental concepts of tensors necessary to establish a solid foundation for learning how to create PyTorch neural networks, based on his teaching many PyTorch training classes at work.
Tips and Tools Visual Studio magazine 3 Jul 2020 155
Building a visual search application with Amazon SageMaker and Amazon ES
In this post, you build a visual image search application from scratch in under an hour, including a full-stack web application for serving the visual search results.
Tips and Tools AWS Machine Learning blog 3 Jul 2020 72
Full spectrum of on-device machine learning tools on Android
Whatever your skill level from beginner to experts, we have a wide range of ML tools for you.
Tips and Tools Android Developers blog 3 Jul 2020 63
Raspberry Pi: Now computer-vision apps get boost with Khronos OpenVX API
Raspberry Pi brings the Khronos OpenVX 1.3 computer-vision API to its single-board computers.
Tips and Tools ZDNet 3 Jul 2020 353
Satire SMBC 3 Jul 2020 1,362
Science And Technology Ars Technica 3 Jul 2020 1,282
Microsoft announces new Windows 10 Start menu design and updated Alt-Tab
Wow. Someone's really been working hard to showcase the icons.
Industry News The Verge 2 Jul 2020 5,362
The next cybersecurity headache: Employees know the rules but just don't care
"To the degree that I do understand, I don't care."
Industry News Tech Republic 2 Jul 2020 2,135
One out of every 142 passwords is '123456'
So add a '7' to the end for extra security
Industry News ZDNet 2 Jul 2020 3,091
Microsoft releases urgent security updates for Windows 10 Codecs bugs
That's right, it's a weekday ending in 'y'. Time for security updates.
Industry News Bleeping Computer 2 Jul 2020 2,769
Programming language Python: Microsoft's VS Code gets Pylance to 'supercharge' coding
Nothing says, "the new Microsoft", like supporting a language they don't produce
Developer News ZDNet 2 Jul 2020 3,104
RedHat Mandrel makes Java native
Write Once, Run in one place
Developer News InfoQ 2 Jul 2020 1,276
Developer News InfoQ 2 Jul 2020 3,832
No sacrifice, no victory
This message brought to you by the number 8 (bit)
Hot Threads CodeProject 2 Jul 2020 1,279
New tools for Flutter developers, built in Flutter
Why we rebuilt Dart DevTools from scratch in Flutter
Tips and Tools Flutter 2 Jul 2020 180
Google gives Android depth sensing and object occlusion with ARCore 1.18
Virtual objects can appear behind real objects and collide with them.
Tips and Tools Ars Technica 2 Jul 2020 167
New tools for finding, training, and using custom machine learning models on Android
If the turnkey ML solutions don't suit your needs, TensorFlow Hub should be your first port of call.
Tips and Tools Android Developers blog 2 Jul 2020 101
Playing Audio with the MediaManager Plugin for Xamarin.Forms!
Let me show you how to play Audio in Xamarin.Forms across Android, iOS and Windows UWP using the super easy plug and play MediaManager Plugin.
Tips and Tools Confuzed Source Code 2 Jul 2020 99

Page 2 of 2,089