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Black Mesa: Half-Life's Amazing Source Remake
Here's an in-depth look at remaking the game that made Dr. Freeman famous.
Industry News HotHardware 19 Sep 2012 5,456
How Ruby Borrowed a Decades Old Idea From Lisp
Doesn't everything interesting in programming have its roots in Lisp?
Developer News Pat Shaughnessy 19 Sep 2012 3,596
Developer News CloudFlare blog 19 Sep 2012 8,725
As the Microsoft developer world turns: Guidance for the perplexed
Here is one company's guidance. What are you going to focus on?
Developer News ZDNet 19 Sep 2012 4,627
Review: Tenkeyless Clicky Keyboards
Click clack code. Clickity clack code...
Developer News Shawn Blanc 19 Sep 2012 3,687
Developer News TechHive 19 Sep 2012 4,774
Longest C++ symbol
What's the longest demangled C++ symbol you have come across?
Hot Threads The Code Project 19 Sep 2012 3,777
Windows 8 on my desktop, or not?
Can you cope with the annoying Metro effect?
Hot Threads The Code Project 19 Sep 2012 3,669
Industry News Ars Technica 18 Sep 2012 11,330
Red Hat's new patent troll weapon: GPL violation
What is the actual upside of software patents versus the costs of spurious litigation?
Industry News ITworld 18 Sep 2012 4,320
Industry News Read Write Web 18 Sep 2012 7,468
The top 20 data visualisation tools
In table one, notice that the usefulness of this article is in a rising trend...
Industry News .net magazine 18 Sep 2012 7,300
Industry News New Scientist 18 Sep 2012 5,204
The scale of programming complexity
And you may start arguing about this list in 3... 2... 1... Go!
Developer News Jacques Mattheij 18 Sep 2012 5,232
How the web should work
Here's one idea of how the web could work better. What are your suggestions?
Developer News Boris Smus 18 Sep 2012 4,148
The Evolution of CSS Layout: Through CSS 3 and Beyond [video]
CSS styles the web. This is its story.
Developer News Vimeo 18 Sep 2012 2,687
Everything's broken and nobody's upset
Software doesn't work and no one cares.
Developer News Scott Hanselman 18 Sep 2012 6,446
Kindle Fire HD Teardown
Don't judge an ebook reader by its cover.
Developer News iFixit 18 Sep 2012 4,364
Warp Drives Feasible in our life-time
Actually I Do have the power captain.
Hot Threads The Code Project 18 Sep 2012 2,682
Hot Threads The Code Project 18 Sep 2012 2,897
Hot in web standards: July/August 2012
It's September now, and since all of us web development pros spent the summer relaxing in... wait, that's something completely different... since all of us web develoment pros were busy doing actual work, here's Lea Verou with an update on the latest events you may have missed in web standards. Take a coffee break and learn about prefixing, intrinsic sizing, Cascading Attribute Sheets and more.
Tips and Tools .net magazine 18 Sep 2012 525
PHP's built-in web server
PHP is far from dead. In fact, it's still a go-to language for many web devs and still under active development. Case in point: PHP 5.4.0 introduced a built-in web server. OK, it's intented for experimental and testing duty only, but that's fine. No more need to spin up a LAMP or MAMP instance just to test some code when the code can do most of the work for you.
Tips and Tools PHP 5.4 18 Sep 2012 513
JSBooks: a collection of free web development books
Want to learn more about JavaScript, CoffeeScript, jQuery, Node or even just HTML5? Head straight over to JSBooks for links to more than 24 free online books devoted to web development. There's something here for everyone... even a book in French!
Tips and Tools JSbooks 18 Sep 2012 1,688
Academic research on browsers, frontend development, and debugging
It turns out that web development has become an active area of research in academia - and remember that the web was born in a research center. From security to performance to emerging languages and techniques, Paul Irish has compiled a fascinating list of papers and other resources from university sources and there are more suggestions in the comments. Read. Learn. Enjoy!
Tips and Tools Paul Irish 18 Sep 2012 488

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