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Back to Basics: Hype-free principles for software developers [PDF]
Check out this free ebook. You might learn something.
Developer News Jason Gorman 14 Aug 2012 6,545
Unit testing: what's the big deal?
Let's break it down into testable units...
Hot Threads The Code Project 14 Aug 2012 3,188
Divisibility and modular multiplication
File under: cool math (and compiler) tricks.
Hot Threads The Code Project 14 Aug 2012 2,403
Getting started on your first Single Page Application
Originally popularized as AJAX applications, in which new code and content could be presented without reloading the web page, single-page apps (SPA) using various technologies continue to garner interest from developers. The smooth user interface is often worth the extra complication in your codebase. Brad Severtson presents a primer on building SPAs using ASP.NET Web API and Entity Framework Code First.
Tips and Tools 14 Aug 2012 1,946
5 Must Know Javascript Regex Tips
There's an old joke: Some people, when confronted with a problem, think "I know, I'll use regular expressions." Now they have two problems. But the reality is that, in web development, you'll eventually be confronted with a problem that's best solved with a regex, and it's better to tackle the problem head on than be scared away by a few slashes (and assorted other gibberish). Trent Richardson explains 5 Must Know Javascript Regex Tips that will make you look brilliant.
Tips and Tools Trent Richardson 14 Aug 2012 1,457
Let’s TDD a Simple App in PHP
Testing is a key element of building any software, but it hasn't been embraced by web developers as well as perhaps it should. In just the last week I've seen highly experienced devs wonder if it's even possible to test HTML, CSS or PHP. Well, it is, and you should. Csaba Patkos at Nettuts+ walks you through the basics of using PHPUnit to incorporate unit tests for test-driven development (TDD) in a simple PHP app. No fancy tools needed; just don't write more code until your tests pass.
Tips and Tools Nettuts+ 14 Aug 2012 579
Micro templates for rapid web design prototyping and development in PHP
Micro templates for rapid web design prototyping and development in PHP Templating is an age-old way to conveniently import content into your web page at run time. Many sites use flexible CMS-based templates, but there are times when implementing a full-blown template framework is unnecessary or distracting. Stanislav Khromov built a small PHP micro-template framework that lets you add a simple-but-effective template feature to your site. It's perfect for prototyping or sites that want to avoid relying too much on databases.
Tips and Tools Living with technology 14 Aug 2012 449
3 Tools for Testing Responsive Web Designs
If you want to make sure your site works wherever the web works - on the desktop and on the growing, diverse ecosystem of mobile devices - you'll need to embrace responsive design. But if you're like me, you probably only have one or two mobile devices to test on. How to make sure your site looks great before you launch... and get clobbered by complaints? The Industry profile three of the best tools available: a native app, a bookmarklet, and a website.
Tips and Tools The Industry 14 Aug 2012 718
"Old" Flexbox and "New" Flexbox
"Flexbox," the CSS Flexible Box Layout Module (, is the CSS feature that lets your page elements and their children expand and contract to accomodate page size... a key element of responsive design. The problem you may come across is that the Flexbox spec and implementation has changed considerably in the past few years, making older articles and tutorials outdated. Chris Coyier at CSS-Tricks explains how you can tell which information is out of date and points you to examples of the old and new syntax. Learn it. Know it. Live it.
Tips and Tools CSS-Tricks 14 Aug 2012 532
CSS Style Guides
If you need to code CSS with a team, or even just want to keep your own CSS organized and straightforward, a style guide can make all the difference. Chris Coyier at CSS-Tricks is on a roll this week, offering up this roundup of 7 great examples of public CSS style guides from top-tier web sites from Github to Wordpress, along with an explanation of why the style guide is an important part of your style sheet.
Tips and Tools CSS-Tricks 14 Aug 2012 1,142
NASA upgrades Mars Curiosity software... from 350M miles away
Just what do you think you're doing, JPL?
Industry News Computerworld 13 Aug 2012 9,291
OpenSubdiv is open source
Lights, camera... render!
Industry News Pixar 13 Aug 2012 5,445
HyperCard @ 25
Apple killed off HyperCard in 2004, but it remains more than a fond memory to many of us.
Industry News Joho the Blog 13 Aug 2012 3,105
The Real-Time Web is Too Important to Entrust to Twitter
Are projects like bringing a better future?
Industry News The Next Web 13 Aug 2012 3,988
Software Engineering Distilled
Zen mind. Programmer mind.
Industry News profserious 13 Aug 2012 5,893
MapReduce Patterns, Algorithms, and Use Cases
They MapReduced all the MapReduce.
Developer News Highly Scalable Blog 13 Aug 2012 5,228
"The Best Programming Advice I Ever Got" with Russ Olsen
Politics in programming, and egos in engineering.
Developer News InformIT 13 Aug 2012 14,475
Coding contest trick: Meet in the middle
The additional problems are the best part of the article.
Developer News Cosmin Negruseri 13 Aug 2012 4,532
Code Advisor for Visual Basic 6.0
You must be running Windows 98 or later, Internet Explorer 6.0 or later, and Visual Basic 6.0.
Developer News Microsoft 13 Aug 2012 4,537
Reporting Bugs to Microsoft
Here's one developer's experience submitting bugs to Microsoft.
Developer News Phil Trelford's Array 13 Aug 2012 6,445
It's an abomination, for which the author should be summarily executed.
Hot Threads The Code Project 13 Aug 2012 3,573
Anonymity and Code Project
Why do people use pseudonyms online?
Hot Threads The Code Project 13 Aug 2012 2,456
I Was a Teenage Hacker
Using my own software got me in trouble with the law. And deservedly so.
Industry News Coding Horror 10 Aug 2012 8,522
The Long-Delayed TextMate 2 Text Editor Has Been Open Sourced
I've embraced Sublime Text. What's your favorite editor?
Industry News The Next Web 10 Aug 2012 4,824

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