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Designing For The Reading Experience
Full disclosure: my biggest web pet peeve is sites that abuse the basic tenets of typography and readability. Small type, too-long lines, poor color contrast.... Marko Dugonjic provides a primer on font rendering, type selection and text layout that should be required reading for any web designer.
Tips and Tools Smashing Magazine 26 Feb 2013 500
Perl and Python influences in JavaScript influences from JavaScript to CoffeeScript and back to EcmaScript 6!
Partner News 26 Feb 2013 2,611
TCP Traceroute
Connect the hosts.
Partner News good coders code, great reuse 26 Feb 2013 3,677
Let's Build a JPEG Decoder
A three-part (and growing) series of tutorials on building a DIY decoder.
Developer News Imran Nazar 25 Feb 2013 156
Reading Sensors with Scratch
Learning to code gets more interesting every day.
Industry News Hack a Day 25 Feb 2013 6,891
Inside the PlayStation 4: A balanced approach to building a game console
It's a bird, it's a plane, it's... a PC in a fancy box?
Industry News Ars Technica 25 Feb 2013 7,168
Why are there no true cross-platform filesystems?
Are cloud backup services like Dropbox becoming the de-facto cross-platform filesystem?
Industry News touch /dev/null 25 Feb 2013 7,889
Domain Knowledge or a lack thereof
If it weren't for the people... the world would be an engineer's paradise.
Industry News Jacques Mattheij 25 Feb 2013 5,006
Balancing a flexible work environment
Steven Sinofsky balances the problems of running large product teams in light of the Yahoo! remote work announcement.
Industry News Learning by Shipping 25 Feb 2013 5,329
Java was not the first "Write Once, Read Anywhere" language
For better or worse, the major players will not allow their systems to be commoditized that easily.
Developer News Interoperability Happens 25 Feb 2013 6,183
Why Use Make
The ugly side of Make is its syntax and complexity... Fortunately, you can ignore most of this.
Developer News Mike Bostock 25 Feb 2013 5,061
The comeback of static typing
Everything old is new again.
Developer News KishoreLive 25 Feb 2013 6,618
Why “Just Store the App Data on Dropbox” won’t work for RSS readers
Syncing shared data in the cloud is never easy. Here are just a few of the possible pitfalls.
Developer News 25 Feb 2013 3,400
Polymorphism - A Re-evaluation
John Teague begins a series of articles on polymorphism and OOP.
Developer News John Teague's Blog 25 Feb 2013 7,397
HyperV is quite cool
What are you using HyperV for?
Hot Threads CodeProject 25 Feb 2013 3,546
Touch-centric IDE?
When will we see one? And would you use it?
Hot Threads CodeProject 25 Feb 2013 2,730
Industry News Exploring IE 22 Feb 2013 3,693
How to: Steam on Linux (Debian 7.0)
The year of the Linux GAMING desktop!
Industry News Tautological Cascade 22 Feb 2013 4,882
Microsoft Azure overtakes Amazon's cloud in performance test
Some clouds will rain on your parade.
Industry News Network World 22 Feb 2013 4,743
Industry News GigaOm 22 Feb 2013 5,553
Multi-core scaling: it’s not multi-threaded
This post talks about scaling code past the four-core limit.
Industry News Errata Security 22 Feb 2013 6,463
Everything You Wanted to Know About Machine Learning, But Were Too Afraid To Ask
Part one of a fascinating, readable series on machine learning...
Developer News The Official Blog of 22 Feb 2013 8,426
Beginning Test-Driven Development in Python
Failing tests is usually a problem... but not here.
Developer News Nettuts+ 22 Feb 2013 3,774
How I Over-Engineered the ASP.NET Health Monitoring Feature
What happens when your health monitoring system needs a health monitoring system.
Developer News Mike Volodarsky 22 Feb 2013 4,229

Page 867 of 1,752

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