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The Exceptional Beauty of Doom 3's Source Code
Be sure to check out Carmack's response in the comments. He likes the code, too.
Developer News Kotaku 16 Jan 2013 14,364
Refactoring is Sloppy
It's easier to focus on refactoring as as team when it is seen as separate activity.
Developer News Michael Feathers 16 Jan 2013 5,840
"Lone Wolf" Developers
Do you work alone? Tell your story.
Hot Threads The Code Project 16 Jan 2013 4,435
The next programming language?
What languages are .NET developers interested in learning?
Hot Threads The Code Project 16 Jan 2013 6,585
Massive espionage malware targeting governments undetected for 5 years
You're afraid of our code. Well, you should be. Personally, I'd give us one chance in three.
Industry News Ars Technica 15 Jan 2013 7,412
Typography Tools for Web Designers
A font of knowledge.
Industry News DZone 15 Jan 2013 5,123
Follow-up to WebKit for IE... hint: I was wrong
The real problem is lazy web developers and wobbly standards-compliance, no?
Industry News Bill Reiss' Development Blog 15 Jan 2013 5,244
How to Get Started with DIY Electronics Projects
A few tips so you don't let the smoke out.
Industry News Lifehacker 15 Jan 2013 7,441
Atari Computer Books in the Internet Archive
Sharing our knowledge, just like the early days of personal computing.
Industry News Internet Archive 15 Jan 2013 5,024
How to Keep Your Users Safe
Is it time to move beyond passwords for security?
Developer News Clef 15 Jan 2013 6,533
The First Time Programming Scared Me
When our programs make programs we no longer understand.
Developer News Atomic Spin 15 Jan 2013 7,918
Hacking Super Mario Bros. with Python
White space is important in the code... and the sprites.
Developer News Pythonic Perambulations 15 Jan 2013 5,780
Aliasing and the Heisenberg uncertainty principle
The Dirac comb is an example of a wavefunction whose position and momentum aren't fuzzy.
Developer News A Neighborhood of Infinity 15 Jan 2013 5,249
Grammar: The language of languages (BNF, EBNF, ABNF and more)
Grammar is the logic of speech, even as logic is the grammar of reason.
Developer News Matt Might 15 Jan 2013 4,988
An interesting discussion about Google and their GMail APIs
What kinds of tricks have you achieved with Google APIs?
Hot Threads The Code Project 15 Jan 2013 3,484
Tales of troublesome team-mates
When is no code better than the code they commit?
Hot Threads The Code Project 15 Jan 2013 3,788
Parallaxin' - 3 Techniques for Creating Parallax Scrolling Effects
Parallax scrolling effects have gone mainstream on the web. It's not difficult to implement, so why not try it yourself? For a little perspective on the topic, Paul Lewis shows three examples of well-done parallax sites, then shows you three different techniques for implementing your own parallax effects using JavaScript and CSS.
Tips and Tools HTML5 Rocks 15 Jan 2013 1,796
Why did infinite scroll fail at Etsy?
"Infinite scroll" is a technique for loading additional content as a user scrolls down your web page, an interesting alternative to paging. The popular craft-shopping site Etsy recently experimented with infinite scrolling... and came across some unexpected results. Check out this fascinating post-mortem analysis to understand why it failed and how this experiment applies to your own web development plans.
Tips and Tools Dan Nguyen's blog 15 Jan 2013 2,777
Dealing with Internet Explorer
Frustration with IE's various versions and quirks has long been a source of ire with web developers. But... in reality, it's complicated. And you have to deal with it somehow. Jeremy Keith offers an interesting take on what "dealing with IE" really means and some helpful tips for making sure your site reacts reasonably when it encounters Microsoft's older browsers.
Tips and Tools Adactio: Journal 15 Jan 2013 766
A Handy Web Developer Checklist
You're knee-deep in coding that new blockbuster site, and getting ready to unleash it upon the world... how do you keep track of everything than needs to be done before launch? Sayed Ibrahim Hashimi and Mads Kristensen created the awesome Web Developer Checklist, an online list of tasks (along with tips and resources) you can check off along the way. The code is on Github if you want to contribute - or just roll your own custom version. While you're there, check out the ASP.NET checklists, too.
Tips and Tools Web Developer Checklist 15 Jan 2013 1,346
A Lightweight Web Stressing Tool
Need to performance test a web app under load? You have a number of good choices, but if you're looking for something simple, lightweight and that handles both GET and POST requests, the Microsoft APGC Internet Developer Support Team cooked up an app you might want to check out. The post explains how it works and provides a download.
Tips and Tools MSDN Blogs 15 Jan 2013 861
Progressive Jpegs: A New Best Practice
It's not just a relic of the dial-up days: images are still one of the biggest bandwidth hogs on the web, and sites under heavy load often suffer from jarring changes during rendering thanks to slow loading pictures. And a not entirely new method for fixing these problems is the progressive JPEG. Ann Robson explains how they work and what you need to do to use them.
Tips and Tools Performance Calendar 15 Jan 2013 880
Why Use The Bootstrap Grid?
CSS grid layout is, hopefully, not a new concept with our readers. But wrapping our heads around the more complicated layout possibilities - not to mention the wide array of possible frameworks to use - can be headache-inducing. K. Scott Allen makes it all clear by explaining (with excellent examples) how Bootstrap works with some fairly complex grids. Good stuff and a great introduction.
Tips and Tools Ode to Code 15 Jan 2013 1,192
Safari is released to the world
Team leader Bob Melton tells the story behind building and launching Apple's Safari browser.
Industry News Bob Melton 14 Jan 2013 4,396

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