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Ethernet's future: How fast is fast enough?
Remember when 9600 baud seemed screaming fast?
Industry News CNET News 21 Aug 2012 5,272
Thomas Kuhn: the man who changed the way the world looked at science
He introduced a paradigm shift in paradigm shifts.
Industry News The Observer 21 Aug 2012 4,950
E-books and the Personal Library
There is no friend as loyal as a book.
Industry News The Scholarly Kitchen 21 Aug 2012 4,969
8 Issues In Windows 8: Modern vs Desktop
It's like two, two... two operating systems in one.
Industry News I'm Just Being Manan 21 Aug 2012 7,862
Cliff Bleszinski's Game Developer Argument Flashcards
The new Socratic method: shoot first, ask questions later.
Industry News Gamasutra 21 Aug 2012 3,795
Developer News Christian Heilmann 21 Aug 2012 3,497
How To Write Code Comments Well
// To do: write subhead
Developer News Aj Freelancer 21 Aug 2012 6,991
Cleaning bad code
It was like that when I got here.
Developer News #AltDevBlogADay 21 Aug 2012 6,306
Why JSON Won... And Is Good As It Is
You know someone's going to start saying how great XML is... just wait for it.
Developer News Web Reflection 21 Aug 2012 7,755
How To Use Version Control Effectively
Commit early, commit often.
Developer News GrokCode 21 Aug 2012 6,166
Weird and wonderful: Admin scripts
Remind me to never use Perl.
Hot Threads The Code Project 21 Aug 2012 2,333
Windows Phone vNext Collateral Damage – A Developer Story...
The really bad news for devs... fragmentation is coming to a market near you.
Hot Threads The Code Project 21 Aug 2012 2,470
Learning to Love the Boring Bits of CSS
The flashy new bits of CSS3 - on-the-fly filters and shaders and the like - get much of the press, but it's the evolutionary advances in less exciting areas of the standard - the boring bits like like selectors, units, and functions - that move the web forward in much more substantial ways. We've highlighted some of these humble changes like the new flex box recently, and here are a few more you should be paying attention to... when you're not busy debugging that parallax accordion fold layered menu gizmo.
Tips and Tools A List Apart 21 Aug 2012 1,443
Shiny Demos - open web standards in action
Shiny Demos is a collection of web development examples demonstrating the possibilities of open web standards. The examples are curated by the Opera development team and yet are open to users of any browser that supports the features used by the demo. You'll find examples of audio and video, touch, SVG, Canvas, WebGL and more. Check it out and use some of these nifty effects in your next app.
Tips and Tools Shiny Demos 21 Aug 2012 1,230
How to Target Android Devices with CSS Media Queries
Using media queries to display content correctly on Android devices is a bit more complex than other mobile platforms. To start, there are more display sized and pixel densities to consider. Adam Conrad starts with the WebKit basics and explains the basics of making sure your site looks its best.
Tips and Tools Adam Conrad 21 Aug 2012 602
Towards A Retina Web
The Retina MacBook Pro, along with the most recent iPhone and iPad models, mean most Apple device users have the option of a high-density display. Add Android devices like the Samsung Galaxy and the upcoming Windows Surface devices and you've got a "feature" that definitely needs addressing. Reda Lemeden at Smashing Magazine explains how these high-density displays work and what you need to do in order to make your site look great on old and new screens.
Tips and Tools Smashing Coding 21 Aug 2012 631
How To Use jQuery Mobile Toolbars
jQuery Mobile is a great framework for making web apps that act more like native mobile apps... a handy compromise that lets you get the most responsive design out of your existing web development skills. Whether you're new to jQuery Mobile or an old hand, in this webcast Andrew James walks you through the basics of using toolbars and some new features that have been added in jQuery Mobile 1.1 and 1.2.
Tips and Tools 21 Aug 2012 657
JavaScript Events And Responding To The User
JavaScript events are a powerful tool for your web apps that you can use to incorporate flexible responses to user input while also decoupling functionality from your site's markup. Christian Heilmann provides a primer on listening for events and delegating event handling, along with some more advanced techniques for animating CSS effects, using input speed, distance and angle and more.
Tips and Tools Smashing Magazine 21 Aug 2012 707
Web Application Development with Clojure
Clojure is a dynamic, Lisp-related language that has a devoted following of developers. If you're a fan of the language - or just curious about trying something new - Vijay Kiran put together a multi-part tutorial starting with the basics of setting up the development and execution environment and moving through the development of a Clojure-based blog engine. The tutorial assumes you already know some Clojure, but I've found that getting directly into a project is a great way to learn a language quickly. Enjoy!
Tips and Tools 21 Aug 2012 464
Alice and Bob in Cipherspace
A new form of encryption allows you to compute with data you cannot read.
Industry News American Scientist 20 Aug 2012 17,965
Windows 8: The End of the Beginning
Enter the Metro... er, Modern UI... and what happens next.
Industry News codeface 20 Aug 2012 15,536
One Book, Many Readings - A data scientist looks at Choose Your Own Adventure books
You are standing in an open field west of a white house. GOTO page 54.
Industry News 20 Aug 2012 3,727
Experiments in airborne BASIC—”buzzing” computer code over FM radio
This is Les Nessman saying so long, and may your code always compile.
Industry News Ars Technica 20 Aug 2012 4,357
Beyond One Billion - 4chan in 2012
500 million users served... and nearly as many trolled.
Industry News 4chan 20 Aug 2012 4,800

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