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A Dropbox Mobile Sync API Tutorial for Android and iOS
Last week Dropbox announced a new Sync API to simplify data syncing between mobile apps and the Dropbox cloud backup service. True to their word, Dropbox provide an in-depth tutorial showing you just how simple it is to implement in your apps. We've linked to the Android version of the tutorial. The iOS version is one click away (see the menu at the top of the page).
Tips and Tools Dropbox 14 Feb 2013 652
Apple Paid $1B to iOS Developers Last Month. Here's Why That Matters
At a recent investor conference, Apple CEO Tim Cook revealed that the company had paid $8B to developers so far, an increase of $1B since last month. That's One. Billion. Dollars. (Pinky to mouth.) Worth looking into further if you're considering the platform target for your next development effort. How can you grab a piece of that pie?
Tips and Tools 14 Feb 2013 543
How We’ll Know When Google Play Really Has Caught Up To The iOS App Store
Android phones lead iPhone, Android tablets are catching on and the number of apps available are roughly equal, but does that mean the same opportunities exist for developers on both platforms? Erica Ogg takes a look at how level the playing field really is and why numbers alone don't fully illustrate how the app markets differ.
Tips and Tools GigaOm 14 Feb 2013 499
The Comma Operator in C++
Eats(), Shoots() and Leaves();
Partner News Dream.In.Code 14 Feb 2013 4,323
The Future of Excel
Break out of the cell.
Industry News Data Nitro 13 Feb 2013 9,861
What an Apple Watch is good for
Was the SPOT watch just 10 years ahead of its time?
Industry News Kevin Fox 13 Feb 2013 7,069
What the NFL can teach us about diversity in technology
You can't get a diverse pool of experts without starting with a diverse pool of beginners.
Industry News NCZOnline 13 Feb 2013 3,867
Let's Rank Nintendo's Controllers, Best To Worst
Thumbs up. Thumbs down. Thumbs on the D-pad... what's your favorite game controller?
Industry News Kotaku 13 Feb 2013 4,447
Set up Your Windows 8 Privacy Policy in Five Minutes (or Less)
IANAL, so I can’t guide you as to what your privacy policy should say... but this is how you make one.
Developer News Jim O'Neil 13 Feb 2013 3,915
In depth Cross Site Scripting
Constant vigilance!
Developer News World Of Security 13 Feb 2013 6,053
Start Writing More Classes
"C is good for you" and other pithy aphorisms most Python coders would rather not hear.
Developer News Armin Ronacher's Thoughts and Writings 13 Feb 2013 6,326
Oracle’s MySQL misses the NoSQL mark
The query language is thus the least important aspect of NoSQL, but that’s what Oracle focuses on.
Developer News DataStax 13 Feb 2013 4,487
My Favourite Xcode Improvement
An NSString by any other name would... well, just not work.
Developer News Global Nerdy 13 Feb 2013 3,893
Women in Technology Resources
Know of something we've overlooked? Post a message in the comments and let us know.
Hot Threads CodeProject 13 Feb 2013 2,556
How do you ensure a diverse, successful hiring process?
What hiring techniques work best (and worst) in your office?
Hot Threads CodeProject 13 Feb 2013 2,776
You Want To Build Web Software with C#?
What's your favorite web app framework today?
Partner News Ode to Code 13 Feb 2013 9,013
The Importance of Excel
The role of Microsoft Excel in the “London Whale” trading debacle.
Industry News The Baseline Scenario 12 Feb 2013 11,853
How Etsy Grew their Number of Female Engineers by Almost 500% in One Year
Optimize for "let’s build together" rather than, “let me prove to you how smart I am.”
Industry News 12 Feb 2013 5,423
Industry News 12 Feb 2013 6,017
Bill Gates' biggest Microsoft product regret: WinFS
...and other tidbits from Bill Gates' first-ever Ask Me Anything (AMA) on Reddit.
Industry News ZDNet 12 Feb 2013 12,560
XML’s 15th Birthday
Industry News ongoing by Tim Bray 12 Feb 2013 4,165
The promise of Firefox OS
WebAPI will free you... except for all that pesky platform API stuff.
Developer News Sergi Mansilla 12 Feb 2013 4,879
Google Go: The Good, the Bad, and the Meh
Everybody's talking about Go this week. What do you think about it?
Developer News Life in This World 12 Feb 2013 7,435
Don't Call Yourself A Programmer, And Other Career Advice
You are not defined by your chosen software stack!
Developer News Kalzumeus Software 12 Feb 2013 8,606

Page 874 of 1,754

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