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Introducing the USB Stick of Death
Reliable execution of code with escalated privileges. Achievement unlocked!
Developer News j00ru//vx tech blog 23 Oct 2012 7,092
Local State is Poison
When we need state, global state is great. Local state is the mind killer.
Developer News Awelon Blue 23 Oct 2012 4,172
Databases are like fancy spreadsheets where information lives
Lady Ada says: NoSQL is impolite. NoThankYouSQL, please.
Developer News Skillcrush 23 Oct 2012 4,487
Developer News The Official Microsoft Blog 23 Oct 2012 3,839
The Best Upgrade Is You
Money is not the only upgrade cost. Time and attention are as well.
Developer News Minimal Mac 23 Oct 2012 3,510
Hot Threads The Code Project 23 Oct 2012 4,576
Trolling 101 - Windows 8 prognostication
Is this author trolling for links, or does he have a good point?
Hot Threads The Code Project 23 Oct 2012 3,097
Did Microsoft just kill Flash?
IE10 won’t run Flash unless your site is on a Microsoft whitelist! Actually, it's not that simple. There are two versions of IE10 on Windows 8: one for the desktop experience and one for the Windows UI/Metro experience. Both ship with a built-in Flash plug-in, but only the desktop version of IE10 actually runs Flash content by default. Read on to find out more about this potentially confusing experience.
Tips and Tools Rabidgremlin's Soapbox 23 Oct 2012 1,668
Windows 8 and Microsoft Surface: IE10 meets modern mobile HTML5
Windows 8 ships officially on October 26th, and with it comes IE10 and some new tweaks to the web experience for Windows users. The good news: IE10 is the most standards-compliant browser from Microsoft yet. The bad news: you'll still need to make some changes. Are your sites ready? Max Firtman explains all of the different IE 10 modes and what changes you may need to make for IE10 to show your sites in their best light.
Tips and Tools Breaking the Mobile Web 23 Oct 2012 754
How to Create Mobile-Ready WebForms Applications 101
We've discussed this many times before here: creating a mobile-optimized web app or hybrid web/native app is a great way to leverage your web development skills while building the best experience for mobile customers. If you are already an ASP.NET pro, consider using ASP.NET WebForms as the basis of your mobile-savvy app. The ASP.NET Ajax team at Telerik shows you how.
Tips and Tools Telerik 23 Oct 2012 703
Kube - a CSS-framework for professional developers
Like their JavaScript framework cousins, CSS frameworks include the basics already built - grids, adaptive layout and so on - so you can get down to the work of actually designing the site quickly. The folks at Imperavi have released Kube, a new, minimal framework for creating responsive web sites. It's free for personal and commercial use and includes LESS compatibility for dynamic stylesheet creation.
Tips and Tools 23 Oct 2012 1,300
CSS Tools: Specificity Calculator
CSS selectors can be confusing, particularly when you're dealing with complicated markup or nth-child selectors. To give designers and developer a hand, Keegan Street created the Specificty Calculator, which gives you a visual understanding of the selectors you're, er... selecting. Check out the interactive calculator or grab the code from Github.
Tips and Tools Keegan Street 23 Oct 2012 639
Getting more out of SASS
SASS (Syntactically Awesome Style Sheets), like LESS, is a great tool for dynamically creating and updating CSS, but getting started with dynamic style sheets can be daunting for the newbie. Chris Peak at 8th Light provides some basic tips for new SASS users in what should be an interesting ongoing series of posts.
Tips and Tools 8th Light 23 Oct 2012 519
Easy color contrast ratios for the web
Tweaking color palattes for your site might be fun (if you're a designer) or agony (if you're not), but have you considered the accessibility aspects of color use on the web? Lea Verou has, and offers some tips on creating appropriate color contrasts that pass the W3C's WCAG requirements. This is important to make sure everyone has a chance to use your site.
Tips and Tools Lea Verou 23 Oct 2012 456
“Live-fire” cyberwar-in-a-box tests mettle of military, IT pros
This is my terminal. There are many like it, but this one is mine...
Industry News Ars Technica 22 Oct 2012 3,828
Anatomy of a Solid-state Drive
While the ubiquitous SSD shares many features with the hard-disk drive, under the surface they are completely different.
Industry News ACM Queue 22 Oct 2012 7,555
Dear Microsoft application developers: Grow up
Either you change with the times or you do something else.
Industry News ZDNet 22 Oct 2012 11,836
Stop compounding Microsoft’s Windows RT mistakes
Why would anyone want Windows RT? That’s where things get interesting.
Industry News Hal's (Im)Perfect Vision 22 Oct 2012 7,885
Industry News HoneyMap 22 Oct 2012 6,650
Restoration of defocused and blurred images
From a little (complex) math to SmartDeblur.
Developer News 22 Oct 2012 4,966
This Is Why They Call It a Weakly-Ordered CPU
We need a weakly-ordered multicore device. Fortunately, I happen to have one right here in my pocket...
Developer News Preshing on Programming 22 Oct 2012 4,375
Shining a light on the future of .NET open-source software
The .NET ecosystem is becoming less and less solely dependent on Microsoft and this is a good thing.
Developer News Haacked! 22 Oct 2012 8,618
Developer News Tobi Lehman 22 Oct 2012 3,564
Matplotlib, weather forecasting and the Dark Sky API
Raindrops keep falling from my code.
Developer News All this 22 Oct 2012 3,250

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