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CodeProject interviews Anders Hejlsberg and Steve Lucco
Jeff Hadfield sits down with the Microsoft Technical Fellows at Build 2013.
Hot Threads CodeProject 16 Jul 2013 1,073
In Defense Of The Humble id Attribute
Using id attribute in CSS has been out of fashion for some time, to the extent that the CSS Lint tool now includes a warning when your CSS uses id selectors. But are they really all that bad? John Allsopp examines the mainstream critique of id attributes and offers some cases where they still prove useful.
Tips and Tools Web Directions 16 Jul 2013 787
HTML5 History API: A Syntax Primer
"As most of us probably are aware, a significant part of the HTML5 spec is the expansion of the History API." Louis Lazaris provides a handy overview of the most important History API elements, details of browser adoption and links to some deeper reading on the subject.
Tips and Tools Impressive Webs 16 Jul 2013 496
How To Stop Worrying About CSS Vendor Prefixes
Reliance on vendor prefixes for support of cutting-edge CSS3 features is starting to wane, but we haven't moved beyond it yet. Alejandro Beltrán takes a look at the good and bad sides of browser prefixes, then introduces you to Autoprefixer, "a tool that parses CSS and adds prefixed values when necessary according to the Can I Use site."
Tips and Tools Alejandro Beltrán 16 Jul 2013 253
Why Mobile Web Apps Are Slow
In case you missed it in the Daily Insider last week, here's a must read piece of research by Drew Crawford on the real-world performance problems of web apps and mobile browsers. Specifically, the evidence suggests your JavaScript runs at best 1/5 the speed of native code... and there's very little you can do to speed it up today.
Tips and Tools Sealed Abstract 16 Jul 2013 621
Responsive Web Design Patterns
Responisve design is a requirement today for any web site that wants to reach both desktop and the rapidly growing mobile user base. Brad Frost has compiled a collection of patterns and modules for responsive designs. Find the design here, then click through for a ready-to use code sample.
Tips and Tools This Is Responsive 16 Jul 2013 715
5 Reasons To Choose Opera Over Chrome
As you probably know, Chrome development recently moved to using Google's Blink engine, and the Opera development team followed suit. So if they're both using the same engine, why would you choose one over the other? Arpit Kumar offers 5 reasons why Opera may be the better choice.
Tips and Tools 16 Jul 2013 651
Fix The 3 Silent Performance Killers For IIS/ASP.NET Apps
Previously, Mike Volodarsky has shared tips for finding hangs and similar gotchas in IIS. In this post, Mike shows you how to find and fix three more insidious, often hidden performance problems from poor exception handling to database queries to memory handling.
Tips and Tools Mike Volodarsky 16 Jul 2013 834
The History of CTRL + ALT + DELETE
Mighty annoyances from little Acorns grow.
Industry News Mental Floss 15 Jul 2013 22,480
Nations Buying as Hackers Sell Flaws in Computer Code
First we get Moose and Squirrel, then conquer World.
Industry News 15 Jul 2013 4,046
Ham Radio Is Not Dead
CQ CQ... Even ham radio is going online.
Industry News Atomic Spin 15 Jul 2013 3,688
Baer’s Odyssey: Meet the serial inventor who built the world’s first game console
Ralph H. Baer and Pong's proud papa: the Magnavox Odyssey.
Industry News Ars Technica 15 Jul 2013 2,304
Industry News AnandTech 15 Jul 2013 6,373
Frame of Reference — The real issues at the heart of modern interface design
The skeuomorphic of today is the hieroglyphic of tomorrow.
Developer News Medium 15 Jul 2013 3,617
Finding Undefined Behavior Bugs by Finding Dead Code
A sufficiently advanced compiler is indistinguishable from an adversary.
Developer News Embedded in Academia 15 Jul 2013 2,618
OAuth 2.0 – The Good, The Bad & The Ugly
You do not need to authenticate before reading this article. But you can afterward.
Developer News Nettuts+ 15 Jul 2013 3,335
Computer, make me a program! Researchers find a way to code using plain English
[Insert pedantic comment about programming requiring knowledge beyond language and syntax.]
Developer News TechHive 15 Jul 2013 4,224
Unit testing is out, Vertical Slice Testing is in
Is this a better approach, or yet another example of TDI (Testing Done Incorrectly)?
Developer News Sebastien Lambla 15 Jul 2013 5,283
Transitioned from Windows to Linux kernel
They're different, but surprisingly similar to program.
Hot Threads CodeProject 15 Jul 2013 2,263
Hot Threads CodeProject 15 Jul 2013 2,674
One Microsoft: Company realigns to enable innovation at greater speed, efficiency
The big, rumored Microsoft re-org is here. How will it affect the products?
Industry News Microsoft 12 Jul 2013 7,803
HP admits to backdoors in storage products
Keep a knockin' but you can't... oh, you came right in....
Industry News The Register 12 Jul 2013 5,718
App store in the driver's seat: Here comes your next car
An in-app purchase is required to complete this trip...
Industry News CNET News 12 Jul 2013 2,214
Revealed: how Microsoft handed the NSA access to encrypted messages
Pre-encryption access to email on, including Hotmail? Just the tip of the PRISM.
Industry News 12 Jul 2013 5,460

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