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When to refactor code
Note, writing test cases is a form of refactoring.
Developer News mike.mainguy 17 May 2013 3,735
Building a Lisp to Javascript compiler
Let's compile all the things to JavaScript... the language everyone claims to hate.
Developer News Honza Pokorny 17 May 2013 1,541
Sensory Modes in Programming
The code should tell a story. Often, it's a tale of woe.
Developer News Michael Feathers 17 May 2013 2,577
Memory Allocators 101
Inside a very basic malloc implementation.
Developer News James Golick 17 May 2013 3,467
C# Performance Benchmark Mistakes
Eric Lippert thinks you're probably doing it wrong. Here's what you should be measuring.
Developer News Tech.Pro 17 May 2013 5,670
A Coder Interview With Omar Al Zabir
In this installment we talk to Omar Al Zabir, a four time MVP legend on CodeProject.
Hot Threads CodeProject 17 May 2013 1,072
Windows 8 Tablet (full desktop) recommendations
What are you using for development on Windows 8?
Hot Threads CodeProject 17 May 2013 1,983
Do Not Track: Are Weak Protections Worse Than None At All?
Users want DNT to limits collection and retention of data. But users aren't at the table...
Industry News Electronic Frontier Foundation 16 May 2013 1,878
Why Google Should Unify Its Operating Systems
Google doesn’t offer the advantage of an integrated stack.
Industry News 16 May 2013 3,677
Writing a good README
[This file left intentionally blank.]
Industry News Transcending Frontiers 16 May 2013 3,779
The Elusive Universal Web Bytecode
JavaScript is already very close to providing what a bytecode VM is supposed to offer.
Industry News azakai 16 May 2013 3,278
Apple’s new Objective-C to Javascript Bridge
The start of Apple’s evolution away from Objective-C?
Developer News Steamclock Software 16 May 2013 3,493
Garbage Collection in Java
Part of a series on implementing GC in a Java app.
Developer News Insightful Logic 16 May 2013 2,132
JavaScript Regular Expression Enlightenment
After you read this long tutorial on regex, you could probably summarize it using regex.
Developer News Tech.Pro 16 May 2013 2,858
Asm.js: The JavaScript Compile Target
This is how we get the Unreal engine running in a browser.
Developer News John Resig 16 May 2013 3,404
Augusta Ada Byron
That's Lady Ada to you!
Hot Threads CodeProject 16 May 2013 1,141
CodeProject.TV Interview with Zeeshan Syed
Our coder interviews are going video! Tune in and meet Zeeshan Syed.
Hot Threads 16 May 2013 508
Microsoft Shares Details About Its Next Windows Phone 8 Update
Alongside Microsoft's "Windows Blue" program for shipping desktop and tablet OS updates, the company is ramping up a similar program for "Windows Phone Blue" releases. Known as "GDR2", the software is scheduled to hit Windows Phones this summer and will include incremental updates and new features. Read on for details.
Tips and Tools ZDNet 16 May 2013 1,018
Designing For A Maturing Android
Thanks to the huge diversity of devices available and OS versions to support, design consistency has never been Android's strong suit. Alex Komarov and Nikita Yermolayev explain why that's changing and how following guidelines and embracing responsive design concepts are the way forward for high-quality apps.
Tips and Tools Smashing Mobile 16 May 2013 338
My Experience With Firefox OS
Mozilla is pushing forward with its Firefox mobile OS concept with regular OS and developer tool updates and readily available test hardware. So how's the dev experience? Sean Holden had a chance to play with one recently and explains how a little HTML, CSS and JavaScript goes together to build a mobile app.
Tips and Tools The Lab powered by O2 16 May 2013 385
Useful iOS Development Resources
There's more to successful iOS development than firing up Xcode and building view controllers. Pulkit Goyal put together a list of his 11 favorite third-party tools, frameworks, libraries and services that will let you get more done faster, from CocoaPods dependency management to TestFlight beta testing. Great stuff here.
Tips and Tools Pulkit Goyal 16 May 2013 325
"Google Play Games" Leaks Out In All Its Glory
Ron Amadeo and the team at Android Police have been doing a great job of parsing out the likely API features for the rumored Google Games center for Android. Read on to learn about cloud game saving, opponent matchmaking, achievements, leaderboards and more.
Tips and Tools Android Police 16 May 2013 135
My Essential Tools And Resources For Windows Phone Development
Here's another handy list of tools, this time for Windows Phone and Windows 8 development. Visual Studio provides an amazing array of helpful features and extensions these days, but Nigel Sampson directs you to 10 tools, libraries and information resources you should definitely give a try.
Tips and Tools Compiled Experience 16 May 2013 325
CodeProject.TV's Android Developer Training Contest
Do you have what it takes to become CodeProject.TV’s top Android trainer? Make an instructional video about Android development and upload it to CodeProject.TV for a chance to win a free, full-access pass to AnDevCon in Boston (worth $1,795).
Tips and Tools 16 May 2013 68

Page 874 of 1,795

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