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Happy Birthday, Objective-C!
From SmallTalk to Nextstep to iOS. [Many Happy] returns;
Industry News Secure Mac Programming 8 Mar 2013 3,488
PHP is the right tool for the job (for all the wrong reasons)
It works, out of the box, for people who don't know what they're doing.
Industry News Sam says you should read this 8 Mar 2013 10,597
Tracking down a memory leak in Ruby’s EventMachine
Go ahead, blame the C pointers. It's almost always C pointers.
Developer News Made of Bugs 8 Mar 2013 1,741
Gotchas, Irritants and Warts in Go Web Development
Eventually, Go will be just as easy to use for web development as Ruby or Python -- but it isn’t there yet.
Developer News Braintree 8 Mar 2013 1,850
4 Things Java Programmers Can Learn from Clojure (without learning Clojure)
Bonus: watch the embedded videos to get a deeper insight into each point.
Developer News LispCast 8 Mar 2013 2,771
EmberJS Confuses Me
You keep using that word MVC. I do not think it means what you think it means.
Developer News 8 Mar 2013 2,573
How To Make A RPG
Your quest, should you choose to accept it...
Developer News 8 Mar 2013 6,071
The state of Android development today
Share your frustrations and tips for Android development tools.
Hot Threads CodeProject 8 Mar 2013 2,492
Data Types And Convenience Methods are Overrated
How many things can you make fun of in this code snippet?
Hot Threads CodeProject 8 Mar 2013 1,910
SPA Questions (and Answers, and Tutorials...)
Curious about SPAs? John answers your questions and offers tutorials for SPA and the Hot Towel template.
Partner News John Papa 8 Mar 2013 903
Microsoft: An expensive (IE) error
In February 2009 64% of all desktop computers used Internet Explorer.... Four years on, that share is only 30%.
Industry News The Economist 7 Mar 2013 9,150
The secret origins of Google's Chrome OS
Google OS? Ubuntu? Gentoo? Nobody seems to agree.
Industry News ZDNet 7 Mar 2013 6,314
The History of the Set-Top Box: From Bunny Ears to Apple TV
Here’s a look back at the set-top boxes that have allowed us to kill time with ever greater efficiency.
Industry News 7 Mar 2013 2,633
Kids, don’t believe the startup hype: Why you should join a big company first
You've got to ask yourself one question: Do I like ramen?
Industry News GeekWire 7 Mar 2013 6,102
How two volunteers built the Raspberry Pi’s operating system
A Linux distro tailor-made for Pi's floating-point prowess.
Industry News Ars Technica 7 Mar 2013 7,791
The A Element Is Broken - HTML's Black Sheep
Click the link to read more. I bet it works.
Developer News 7 Mar 2013 5,640
Using bitmap indexes in databases
Kelly Sommers continues her deep dive into database internals.
Developer News kellabyte 7 Mar 2013 4,111
WebKit and the Render Wars
There are still enough flavors of WebKit that you'll have to test and test and test...
Developer News Visual Studio Magazine 7 Mar 2013 2,220
Comparing the Impact and XNA gaming frameworks
Interesting options if you're confused about the future of XNA.
Developer News Gamasutra 7 Mar 2013 2,794
Security Code Review Techniques: Cross-Site Scripting Edition
It's not that hard once you know where to look.
Developer News Canadian Developer Connection 7 Mar 2013 3,126
How full is your Inbox?
Inbox Zero hero.
Hot Threads CodeProject 7 Mar 2013 1,962
A Coder Interview With Ted Neward
In this installment we talk to Ted Neward, "The Dude of Software".
Hot Threads CodeProject 7 Mar 2013 1,392
The Evolution of Web Development for Mobile Devices
Mobile devices today are incredibly capable... but not without their compromises for size, computing power, battery life and connectivity. Nicholas C. Zakas explains what this means for accessing web apps and cloud services on mobile devices and offers some helpful advice for tailoring your HTML, CSS, JavaScript and even memory use to work best in these remarkable little computers.
Tips and Tools ACM Queue 7 Mar 2013 777
Android Support in Windows Azure Mobile Services
Aside from building a world-class cloud hosting solution, the Windows Azure team has put significant effort behind creating Azure services tailored to the cloud service needs of mobile app developers. Azure already boasted support for Windows Phone and iOS, and now Chris Risner introduces you to Android support in Windows Azure Mobile Services, a great way to quickly build secure back-end support for your Android apps.
Tips and Tools Channel 9 7 Mar 2013 447

Page 874 of 1,764

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