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How Etsy Grew their Number of Female Engineers by Almost 500% in One Year
Optimize for "let’s build together" rather than, “let me prove to you how smart I am.”
Industry News 12 Feb 2013 5,423
Industry News 12 Feb 2013 6,017
Bill Gates' biggest Microsoft product regret: WinFS
...and other tidbits from Bill Gates' first-ever Ask Me Anything (AMA) on Reddit.
Industry News ZDNet 12 Feb 2013 12,560
XML’s 15th Birthday
Industry News ongoing by Tim Bray 12 Feb 2013 4,165
The promise of Firefox OS
WebAPI will free you... except for all that pesky platform API stuff.
Developer News Sergi Mansilla 12 Feb 2013 4,879
Google Go: The Good, the Bad, and the Meh
Everybody's talking about Go this week. What do you think about it?
Developer News Life in This World 12 Feb 2013 7,435
Don't Call Yourself A Programmer, And Other Career Advice
You are not defined by your chosen software stack!
Developer News Kalzumeus Software 12 Feb 2013 8,606
Digging deeper into the Apollo Saturn V LVDC
Want to launch your own rocket? You'll need a Saturn booster and one of these: a Launch Vehicle Digital Computer.
Developer News Hack a Day 12 Feb 2013 4,183
Files as UI vs API
Are the days of hierarchichal file systems numbered?
Developer News Informal Protocol 12 Feb 2013 5,488
A simple IDE for Android?
What's the simplest way to start programming for Android?
Hot Threads CodeProject 12 Feb 2013 5,380
Dual monitors, a week in
Research claims a 42~51% improvement in productivity. What do you think?
Hot Threads CodeProject 12 Feb 2013 4,140
Writing Modular Front-end Components in 2013
Here's an interesting article that builds upon last week's piece HTML5 sectioning elements: Angelina Fabbro examines some techniques for moving beyond object constructor and module patterns to "encapsulating portions of the DOM so we don't have naming collisions and unintended interactions." IFrames used to be your only recourse, but today you have several better options.
Tips and Tools .net magazine 12 Feb 2013 962
Should I Upgrade from Web Forms to ASP.NET MVC?
Web Forms-based apps have a lot more in common with Classic ASP than with the latest ASP.NET MVC and Razor tools, but do the new features and cleaner code enabled by these new technologies mean you should re-write that old app? Jeffrey Palermo thinks you probably should not, but their shared .NET parentage means you can add new features with ASP.NET MVC without throwing out your old work.
Tips and Tools Clear Measure 12 Feb 2013 1,485
Web Performance 101: 22 Links Every Developer Should Read
Web performance optimization is a huge and overwhelming subject for the novice. Everyone has an opinion and a pet solution, so where do you start? I'd say, start with Joshua Bixby's opinionated list of the 22 best resources for you to learn about and perfect your techniques for measuring, troubleshooting and increasing site performance. More great sources in the comments.
Tips and Tools 12 Feb 2013 1,652
Why Average Latency Is A Terrible Way To Track Website Performance
Speaking of site performance, which metrics should you be watching, and how do you know when they're indicating a problem? Average latency is one metric experts follow. Mike Volodarsky explains why average latency is not showing you an accurate picture of site performance and what he's done to generate a more accurate, usable benchmark.
Tips and Tools Mike Volodarsky 12 Feb 2013 650
PHP Troubleshooting in Windows Azure Web Sites
Ruslan Yakushev recently introduced us to phpMyAdmin on Windows Azure, a handy development for LAMP-stack developers migrating their sites to Azure. This week Ruslan shares some tips for troubleshooting PHP errors and configuration issues with your hosting environment.
Tips and Tools RuslanY Blog 12 Feb 2013 685
A Peek at Internet Explorer’s Developer Tools
Troubleshooting web apps is rarely fun, but the inclusion of robust developer tools in web browsers (thanks in part to the revolutionary Firebug) has simplified the process quite a bit. And we can thank the folks at Microsoft for bringing a particularly good suite of developer tools to the latest IE releases. Rey Bango takes you on a tour of the latest tools and shows you how they help debugging and performance analysis.
Tips and Tools Nettuts+ 12 Feb 2013 674
De-Railing Security Bugs
Ruby on Rails exploits have been getting a lot of press recently - you updated your Rails engine and Gems, right? - but do you really understand why these exploits are possible and what you should be doing to mitigage them in all of your work? Jeff Lembeck provides some background, tips for updating your code and some suggested further reading that will help make all of your code more secure.
Tips and Tools A List Apart 12 Feb 2013 373
Android tablets: It's the BROWSER
And it's not just Chrome: a survey of browser experiences on Android.
Industry News Russell Beattie 11 Feb 2013 8,009
Surface Pro versus MacBook Air: Who's being dishonest with storage space?
Gibibytes, Gigabytes... let's call the whole thing off.
Industry News ZDNet 11 Feb 2013 7,806
When open-source eats itself, we win
Apache won the web server market ages ago... That is, until recently.
Industry News The Register 11 Feb 2013 9,116
Industry News BuzzFeed 11 Feb 2013 6,906
10 Amazing Computer Scientists
How many do you know? What others would you include?
Industry News profserious 11 Feb 2013 8,014
In Defense of Copy & Paste
If you use copy and paste while you’re coding, you’re probably committing a design error. Except when you're not.
Developer News Zack’s Blog 11 Feb 2013 6,070

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