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The Scotty Effect
"I've giv'n her all she's got captain, an' I canna give her no more."
Developer News galaktor's blawg 28 Oct 2011 10,644
Lessons From A Review Of JavaScript Code
None of us write 100% bug-free code all of the time. Let's learn from our mistakes.
Developer News Smashing Magazine 28 Oct 2011 9,951
Using Task Manager with 64+ logical processors
Brother, can you spare a thread?
Developer News Building Windows 8 28 Oct 2011 8,996
Developer News Reuters 28 Oct 2011 9,044
Visual Studio 11 .NET Advances
The right tools for the Windows 8 job.
Developer News Somasegar 28 Oct 2011 14,652
Hacker Fakes Windows Update
"Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they aren't after you."
Hot Threads The Code Project 28 Oct 2011 8,484
Where is the data behind the page?
Page and Script Debugging 101
Hot Threads The Code Project 28 Oct 2011 7,000
A verbal command line for the world
Why you should pay attention to Siri.
Industry News 27 Oct 2011 10,694
Is it time to Occupy Android?
Power to the platform!
Industry News Andrew Mayne 27 Oct 2011 19,575
Corporate logos in CSS
No JavaScript! No images! No kidding!
Industry News I ♥ CSS 27 Oct 2011 15,397
iOS on the desktop
Supporting two rather different platforms is tricky.
Industry News Neven Mrgan 27 Oct 2011 13,156
Industry News New Scientist 27 Oct 2011 9,349
The Best Way to Learn ASP.NET
Don’t reinvent the wheel. ASP.NET has everything you need.
Developer News Nettuts+ 27 Oct 2011 14,032
Lauren Ipsum and the Timing Attack
Guessing the password, one letter at a time.
Developer News 27 Oct 2011 10,005
Two Amusing Side Channel Attacks
Cracking RSS by listening to CPU noise.
Developer News syhw's posterous 27 Oct 2011 9,342
Narcissistic Software
Why can't you just play nice with the other apps?
Developer News Jack Danger 27 Oct 2011 9,525
GUI vs CLI: Operation vs Expression
How often have you felt like an IDE-operator rather than a programmer?
Developer News Vivek Haldar 27 Oct 2011 10,645
A Coder Interview With Andreas Håkansson
In which we chat with the creator of the Nancy web framework.
Hot Threads The Code Project 27 Oct 2011 6,960
IE9 debugger... how bad is that!
It is a vast improvement over IE8...
Hot Threads The Code Project 27 Oct 2011 7,909
Tele Vision
We interrupt this program to bring you... innovation?
Industry News asymco 26 Oct 2011 8,955
John McCarthy - Father of AI and Lisp - Dies at 84
“He wanted AI to pass the Turing test.”
Industry News Wired 26 Oct 2011 8,643
A Eulogy for the Visionaries
Who will remember the Legends of Code?
Industry News Control Group 26 Oct 2011 9,380
The Apple-fication of everything
If it hasn’t been re-imagined yet, it will be eventually.
Industry News SplatF 26 Oct 2011 10,760
Holodesk prototype puts life in computers
Slate... Surface... Star Trek.
Industry News 26 Oct 2011 13,253

Page 882 of 1,574

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