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Spine.js vs Backbone.js
Invertebrate frameworks need not apply.
Developer News Constant Improvement 2 May 2012 3,985
GUID Guide
A universally unique guide to GUIDs.
Developer News Fabulous Adventures In Coding 2 May 2012 6,833
Post your Insider News and win
The heart of The Code Project is member contributions. Now you can contribute news, too.
Hot Threads The Code Project 2 May 2012 1,345
But is it Metro?
WinRT versus Metro-style. Only one can survive.
Hot Threads The Code Project 2 May 2012 3,136
Loops and Arcs
Loop back over this and you'll get the arc of the idea.
Industry News Lost Garden 1 May 2012 3,476
The Problem With Big Data Is That Nobody Understands It
Data, data everywhere... and not enough expertise to use it.
Industry News Gizmodo 1 May 2012 4,915
GW-BASIC in your browser
Industry News 1 May 2012 12,610
The state of responsive advertising: the publishers' perspective
Ads for browsers and devices of all shapes and sizes.
Industry News .net magazine 1 May 2012 2,036
The Dawn of Haiku OS
How a volunteer crew brought a crack operating system back.
Industry News IEEE Spectrum 1 May 2012 7,044
Lessons of JSON
Douglas Crockford discusses the origins of JSON.
Developer News inkdroid 1 May 2012 5,161
An IDE is not enough
Until we change our language assumptions, we'll continue to code in tarted-up text editors.
Developer News Alarming Development 1 May 2012 5,135
UTF-8 Everywhere Manifesto
I U+2665 Unicode.
Developer News UTF-8 Everywhere 1 May 2012 3,624
How to Prevent Scope Creep
Why scope creep is your fault (and what you can do to prevent it)
Developer News Newfangled 1 May 2012 5,517
The Virtues of a Programmer
Which do you put to the most use?
Developer News Dream.In.Code 1 May 2012 5,641
The Insider News contest winner: atbennett
All the news that's fit to link.
Hot Threads The Code Project 1 May 2012 1,224
How did you get your first job?
Well, this whole thing is just who knows who. Then over here you have favoritism.
Hot Threads The Code Project 1 May 2012 2,439
js ex machina - finite state machines in JavaScript
Sometimes it seems like there are JavaScript frameworks for... well, everything! Machina.js is a framework for building finite state machines in your web client code. You can organize your code better, but also have the flexibility to address edge-case behavior via plug-ins. Check it out!
Tips and Tools Machina.js 30 Apr 2012 913
Tic Tac Node – A simple game based on node.js and backbone.js
Interested in Node.js and building sites only with HTML5, CSS and JavaScript? Roger Castillo at Loku walks you through Tic Tac Node – A simple game based on node.js and backbone.js. Part 2 of the series covers backbone.js server controllers and part 3 covers Putting it all together node.js + + backbone.js.
Tips and Tools Loku 30 Apr 2012 652
Build a responsive site in a week tutorials
A great way to learn something new is to build it yourself. Instructions help. And here are some instructions to walk you stepy-by-step through some pretty impressive projects. Let's start with .net magazine's 5-part Build a responsive site in a week tutorial series, which starts with designing responsively, then explains typography and grids, images and video, media queries and finally testing, devices and optimization.
Tips and Tools .net magazine 30 Apr 2012 1,086
How we made our home page load faster
Faster is always better, right? Premature optimization may be the root of all evil, but making sure your existing site is using its resources efficiently is a great way to make sure your site is also stable and scalable. The folks at DeskAway tackled this problem and tell you How we made our home page load faster.
Tips and Tools DeskAway 30 Apr 2012 882
A Basic Look at Typography in Web Design
Confused by all the typography talk? Once you get past the jargon (see CreativeBloq's What is Typography? A glossary for designers at, take A Basic Look at Typography in Web Design with Six Revisions. The folks who read your site will thank you.
Tips and Tools Six Revisions 30 Apr 2012 473
A Closer Look At Font Rendering
Today there's way more to web typography than Arial, Times and Courier. But before you start redesigning your site with Comic Sans (who am I to judge?), you might head over to Smashing Magazine to take A Closer Look At Font Rendering. You can choose the best font in the world, but if you don't consider the rendering details, it may come out worse than sticking with the tired, old standards.
Tips and Tools Smashing Magazine 30 Apr 2012 482
Round-up of Web Browser Internals Resources
As web developers, we spend a lot of time wrestling with - and often complaining about - how browsers render our sites and interpret our code. We perhaps don't spend enough time understanding how the browsers themselves work, and that might provide some insight into what we're wrestling with in our own code. To that end, Paul Irish put together a Round-up of Web Browser Internals Resources at HTML5Rocks. Check these articles out. I bet there are a few Ah ha! moments there for you.
Tips and Tools HTML5Rocks 30 Apr 2012 471
Metro design inspiration
From Bauhaus to your house.
Industry News Laurent Bugnion 30 Apr 2012 4,571

Page 882 of 1,640

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