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Industry News Co.Design 22 Mar 2012 7,822
Surviving a bad random number generator
What's a bad RNG? And what do I do if I 40713455...
Developer News A Few Thoughts on Cryptographic Engineering 22 Mar 2012 3,890
Unlearn, young programmer
"Try not. Do. Or do not. There is no try."
Developer News Ted Neward 22 Mar 2012 6,133
Improving Launch Performance for Your Desktop Applications
Ready for launch in 3... 2... 1... Go!
Developer News .NET Blog 22 Mar 2012 4,466
Why I love working on the web
The grass is always greener on the other side of the browser.
Developer News Matt Wilcox 22 Mar 2012 4,918
The Death Of The Hacker: InfoWorld 1986
In a sense, Wozniak’s disenchantment symbolizes the changing role of all hackers.
Developer News Mike Cane 22 Mar 2012 4,219
A Coder Interview With Sebastien Lambla
Meet the coder behind OpenWrap and OpenRasta.
Hot Threads The Code Project 22 Mar 2012 930
Which backup solution would you use?
It's not if, but when, your drive will fail.
Hot Threads The Code Project 22 Mar 2012 2,193
The iPad of 1935
One more thing...
Industry News Smithsonian 21 Mar 2012 6,884
Ops, DevOps and NoOps at Netflix
This is how Netflix goes from code to cloud, without a huge IT staff.
Industry News Adrian Cockcroft 21 Mar 2012 3,285
The Next, Next Thing
The next next thing is the perfect thing for startups to work on.
Industry News TechCrunch 21 Mar 2012 4,638
Open plan offices must die!
Hear that? It's the deafening sound of thousands of dollars of productivity being sucked out of the room.
Industry News Rogish Reading Writing 21 Mar 2012 8,474
The death of Firefox
The rumours of my death have been 404 Not Found.
Industry News ExtremeTech 21 Mar 2012 11,249
Why Dynamic Programming Languages Are Slow
Looking for Python performance in all the wrong places.
Developer News William Edwards, Coder 21 Mar 2012 4,998
Developer News The "Invent with Python" Blog 21 Mar 2012 10,948
Features NO ONE NOTICED in Visual Studio 11 Express Beta for Web
10 things you probably complained about before even installing.
Developer News Scott Hanselman 21 Mar 2012 5,642
The Starter, the Architect, the Debugger and the Finisher
Every software project that is remotely successful needs all four of these.
Developer News 21 Mar 2012 4,150
The Zen Of Python
Where did I get this from? Well, from Python itself.
Developer News Therefore Systems 21 Mar 2012 3,593
The circle of total corporate awesomeness
The synergies are invigorating.
Hot Threads The Code Project 21 Mar 2012 1,454
Why does IE use so much memory?
A tale for every tab instance.
Hot Threads The Code Project 21 Mar 2012 3,310
Computer hardware spotter's guide [infographic]
"Horizontal boosters. Alluvial dampers? ...bring me the Hydrospanner."
Industry News 20 Mar 2012 3,201
Industry News Marcus Povey 20 Mar 2012 8,264
Why is the DOS path character "\"?
An oldie-but-goodie about some oldies-but-goodies in MS-DOS.
Industry News Larry Osterman 20 Mar 2012 11,162
3 pervasive Myths about Enterprise Demand for Windows 8 Tablets
Apple is clearly ahead, Google are kind of stalled and Microsoft is about to enter the battle.
Industry News Windows 8 Update 20 Mar 2012 5,027

Page 883 of 1,626

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