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10 Dec 2018 -
  17 Dec 2018
Light Mode or Dark Mode when viewing code?
Studies have proven that Light mode is better. And that Dark mode is better. And also that low contrast is better. And...
3 Dec 2018 -
  10 Dec 2018
Are you a DevOps engineer?
DevOps: An IT professional who can mix coding with SysAdmin, who can write the code, deploy the apps, deal with the data, and who understands where it all fits in the business. You're IT Special Forces. (A rerun of an older survey. Let's see what's changed)
26 Nov 2018 -
  3 Dec 2018
If you reject have rejected tools or products recommended by your team lead or manager, what were the reasons?
It'd be far easier if they just handed you the credit card in the first place.
19 Nov 2018 -
  26 Nov 2018
How often do you shoot down product tool choices your manager / team lead presents to your team?
Why you would ever buy a tool for a person using a tool without asking them about the tool is beyond me.
12 Nov 2018 -
  19 Nov 2018
What do you find most rewarding about learning new skills?
Sometimes it's the journey, sometimes the destination.
5 Nov 2018 -
  12 Nov 2018
Are there too many frameworks for a given language or technology?
A highly subjective and open ended question, but we're after the overall vibe of how developers feel.
29 Oct 2018 -
  5 Nov 2018
Are you using AI, machine learning or even deep learning in your systems?
It could be something as simple as a decision tree for automated processing all the way up to a system to control a self-driving car.
22 Oct 2018 -
  29 Oct 2018
What are the most important factors you look for in a co-worker?
Let's assume you have, or aspire to have, co-workers.
15 Oct 2018 -
  22 Oct 2018
How fast can you type?
We spend most of our days on a keyboard, but how well can we actually type? (Revisiting this same question 14 years later! For those who are unsure a typing test is here)
8 Oct 2018 -
  15 Oct 2018
Do you trust Voice-Activated Assistants enough to have them in your home or office?
Voice-Activated Assistants such as Alexa, Siri and Google Assistant are often privy to our deepest, darkest secrets. Are you comfortable that what they hear will be kept confidential? ("Them" means "whichever assistant you'd be tempted to use")
1 Oct 2018 -
  8 Oct 2018
When new, bleeding edge tech is announced how do you feel?
That feeling you have every second day...
24 Sep 2018 -
  1 Oct 2018
Do you recommend, to your friends and family, that they store personal information in the Cloud?
Like it or not our friends and family often rely on us for informed opinions. Regardless of what you would do, would you recommend your friends and family trust in the big names to protect their data
17 Sep 2018 -
  24 Sep 2018
Which part of a Software Project do you enjoy the most?
They are all fun in their own way, but if you could choose just one stage to work on, which would it be?
10 Sep 2018 -
  17 Sep 2018
How likely is it your private information will be stolen when using the following systems?
1 = very unlikely, 5 = almost guaranteed. Data could be "stolen" by malware infection, rogue applications, or even the Framework vendor themselves.
3 Sep 2018 -
  10 Sep 2018
What reasons are most likely to convince you to move to a new programming language?
Is the grass actually greener on the other side?
27 Aug 2018 -
  3 Sep 2018
When coding, do you put braces around single nested statements?
When coding using a language with braces, that is.
20 Aug 2018 -
  27 Aug 2018
What conference swag do you covet the most?
Maybe it's a conference, hackathon, beer n' learn, whatever. What are your must-grabs?
13 Aug 2018 -
  20 Aug 2018
Are you an Introvert or Extrovert?
Developers have a reputation for being introverts. Let's test the theory.
6 Aug 2018 -
  13 Aug 2018
How often do you learn a new programming language?
I once read there were 256 programming languages in the world. I'm not sure if that includes BASIC
30 Jul 2018 -
  6 Aug 2018
Are you using .NET Core in production?
It's fast, it's slowly gaining feature parity with the old .NET, and it runs anywhere. But are you using it in the wild?

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