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19 Dec 2016 -
  26 Dec 2016
What do you want for Christmas this year?
12 Dec 2016 -
  19 Dec 2016
What are the ways you most prefer to consume technical content?
We're spoiled for choice but some methods are more effective (or suit our lifestyle) than others.
5 Dec 2016 -
  12 Dec 2016
How many Programming Languages do you regularly use?
For the sake of this survey regularly means "at least once a month". Here is a List of programming languages for reference.
28 Nov 2016 -
  5 Dec 2016
Do you consider coding "fun"?
Are we a happy bunch at work?
21 Nov 2016 -
  28 Nov 2016
Do you have a touch-screen for your main development machine?
"Can you imagine [...] where you have to reach over [...] to try to touch and do things? That becomes absurd"
13 Nov 2016 -
  20 Nov 2016
What is your favourite programming font?
A font is a font is a font. Until you try a different one.
7 Nov 2016 -
  14 Nov 2016
What would you ask Santa’s IT department for Christmas?
31 Oct 2016 -
  7 Nov 2016
What scares you as a developer?
24 Oct 2016 -
  31 Oct 2016
Who is responsible for a software system's security?
A hardcoded password, a SQL injection, a system with a known issue, or not changing the default password. There can be lots of fingerprints on that knife.
17 Oct 2016 -
  24 Oct 2016
Are you targeting .NET core in your applications?
Sure, you lose a little functionality, but you gain a world of platforms.
10 Oct 2016 -
  17 Oct 2016
Which JavaScript frameworks are you using?
Yes, there a million frameworks but we'll stick to just a few.
3 Oct 2016 -
  10 Oct 2016
Is the idea of bug-free software realistic?
We're expected to do this every day, and some programmers claim they are getting close. Will it happen?
26 Sep 2016 -
  3 Oct 2016
VMs, containers, actual machines? Which do you use?
It used to be you bought a machine, installed an OS and you were done. Which technologies do you use for your new "machines"?
19 Sep 2016 -
  26 Sep 2016
Have you suffered any of the following afflictions due to programming?
12 Sep 2016 -
  19 Sep 2016
What's the most important piece of the hardware puzzle for you as a developer?
We all want a fast computer, but if you could only tweak one thing on your machine what would it be?
5 Sep 2016 -
  12 Sep 2016
What do you do with newly learned knowledge?
Through blood, sweat and/or tears you've learned something tricky, interesting, or just plain annoying. What do you do with this new wisdom? (suggested by Zombie Code Monkey)
29 Aug 2016 -
  5 Sep 2016
Is Visual Studio making it easier to write web applications?
Visual Studio 2015 embraces multiple platforms, tools and library managers, as well as providing a plethora of editor improvements. Is this helping or hindering the web development process?
22 Aug 2016 -
  29 Aug 2016
Which Continuous Integration tool(s) are you using?
The right tools, processes and philosophies can save you a ton of time. (Suggested by Efe Erdogru)
15 Aug 2016 -
  22 Aug 2016
Do you create touch-friendly UIs for your apps?
It could something as simple as ensuring elements are big enough for a fumbly finger, or as advanced as full multi-touch gestures. Is your touch support token or is your focus on fingers first-class?
8 Aug 2016 -
  15 Aug 2016
How long do you prefer to stay at a given job?
Some like to commit to an organisation for life, some like to mix and match as often as they can. How committed are we as developers?

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