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28 Feb 2005 -
  6 Mar 2005
Are optional parameters for methods good or bad?
C++ has them, C# doesn't. Overall, what's your preference?
21 Feb 2005 -
  27 Feb 2005
How many people do you program with?
Do you generally you code alone? Or do you work with others on the same project?
14 Feb 2005 -
  20 Feb 2005
What applications should Smart Devices include?
The latest smart phones and PDAs have Office compatibility, games, MP3 players, cameras and phone all in one. Is it too much?
7 Feb 2005 -
  13 Feb 2005
Are you saving for retirement?
One thing they don't teach you in Computer Science is how to weather industry highs and lows. Are you looking out for your future or blissfully ignoring it? (suggested by Yulianto)
31 Jan 2005 -
  6 Feb 2005
Naming conventions in your code
What notations do you use when naming variables? (And have things changed since we first asked back in 2003?)
24 Jan 2005 -
  30 Jan 2005
What type of monitor do you use as your primary display?
LCDs are getting cheaper and cheaper. What type of monitor are you staring at all day? (suggested by Adrian Fearn)
17 Jan 2005 -
  23 Jan 2005
Do you use 3rd party code generation tools when programming?
Tools that turn templates into code, auto-insert common code, refactor code and perform code complete are all useful, but do you use them?
10 Jan 2005 -
  16 Jan 2005
How productive are you when working from home?
Are you more productive when at home compared with working in the office, or less? (suggested by Peter Tewkesbury)
3 Jan 2005 -
  9 Jan 2005
Where did you learn most of your good coding practices?
Not everything you need to know about programming can be found in a book.
27 Dec 2004 -
  2 Jan 2005
How much holiday time do you take off per year?
Evidently it's holiday but do you actually take time off? If so, how much time (not including public holidays)?
20 Dec 2004 -
  26 Dec 2004
Are you left hand or right handed?
The left brain controls logic and the right controls creativity. Approx 13% of people are left handed, but is this still true for those who work in IT? (suggested by Phil Love)
13 Dec 2004 -
  19 Dec 2004
What is your favourite version of Visual Studio?
Is it the blistering fast help in VS4, the support for web application debugging in 2002, or the funky new features in 2005?
6 Dec 2004 -
  12 Dec 2004
Which features would you most like in a language?
No language is everything to everyone. In a perfect world, however, which features would you like most?
29 Nov 2004 -
  5 Dec 2004
Do you optimise your code?
Do you optimise your code for speed, size or resource use? Or do you just let it all hang out?
22 Nov 2004 -
  28 Nov 2004
What type of source code license do you prefer?
What license would you use for code you wish to share with the community? Note that all options except the first and last assume that you would maintain copyright of your code.
15 Nov 2004 -
  21 Nov 2004
Are you excited about .NET 2.0?
.NET 2.0 promises to bring a bunch of innovations and new features to make our lives wonderful. But do you care?
8 Nov 2004 -
  14 Nov 2004
What CodeProject Stuff would you buy were it available?
No promises, but we're looking to spread a little Orange and Green.
1 Nov 2004 -
  7 Nov 2004
What brand of computer do you own?
We've all got to use one eventually. (Suggested by tyramanan)
25 Oct 2004 -
  31 Oct 2004
Do you deal directly with clients?
In your current position do you deal with clients directly or are you kept safely out of harm's way? (Suggested by wookie)
18 Oct 2004 -
  24 Oct 2004
What is your dress code at work?
Are you stuck in a suit or can you get away with anything that won't scare the people in the next office?

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