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29 Apr 2019 -
  6 May 2019
What are the most important things you wish for in a manager?
A variation on our previous survey about co-workers. (Suggested by Marc Clifton)
22 Apr 2019 -
  29 Apr 2019
How do you picture your days of coding?
Different phases of a programming project bring different challenges. Which of the following reflect your days at the keyboard? (Suggested by Sylvia List)
15 Apr 2019 -
  22 Apr 2019
Which of the following are your preferred ways of learning?
Some methods are more efficient than others.
8 Apr 2019 -
  15 Apr 2019
When you're in the zone what do you prefer?
I can point to one study that shows music is the best and one that shows music is worst. But back to the real world...
1 Apr 2019 -
  8 Apr 2019
Which programming language would you recommend to learn first?
Assuming you're given no other information, in which direction would you point a budding new developer?
25 Mar 2019 -
  1 Apr 2019
Which of these technologies interest you as a developer?
This is similar to the survey we ran two years ago. Let's see how things have changed. Next week: Which of these tech trends terrify you as a developer?
18 Mar 2019 -
  25 Mar 2019
What are the hardest parts of learning a new technology or framework?
New tech can be a blessing and a curse all in one. For the good of your soul (and your resume) it's always worth expanding your repertoire.
11 Mar 2019 -
  18 Mar 2019
When registering for an online service / site do you read the click-through agreement?
Read them, have you? Page-turners they were not.
4 Mar 2019 -
  11 Mar 2019
In which months do your new projects typically start?
As opposed to us chronically scatter brained and disorganised, some teams actually have "plans" and "schedules" and things. Craaaaazy.
25 Feb 2019 -
  4 Mar 2019
Which of the following programming errors do you feel you make the most?
18 Feb 2019 -
  25 Feb 2019
Which front-end JavaScript frameworks do you use?
11 Feb 2019 -
  18 Feb 2019
Can you solve Rubik's Cube?
"Solve" does not mean take it apart and put it back together.
4 Feb 2019 -
  11 Feb 2019
Are you involved in selling the product you write?
The bills have to be paid at some point, right? Here, "selling" means either directly selling or being involved in sales activities such as sales calls or client meetings. "Product" means software, or a service built on software, you write.
28 Jan 2019 -
  4 Feb 2019
Have you used, or are you using, the R programming language?
It ranks 12th in the TIOBE index and eats big data for breakfast.
21 Jan 2019 -
  28 Jan 2019
What sort of office environment do you prefer?
14 Jan 2019 -
  21 Jan 2019
What do you prefer from Software Companies: Infrequent Major software updates, or smaller, continuous updates?
The joy and surprise of bags of new features, or the peace of mind of fewer bugs and breaks? Big Paradigm shifts to ditch out of date systems or the comfort of no huge changes in one cycle?
7 Jan 2019 -
  14 Jan 2019
Who is responsible for your application's security?
Also known as: who does the finger point to when your app is hacked?
31 Dec 2018 -
  7 Jan 2019
What are your New Year resolutions?
One of those things you can’t outsource or delegate
24 Dec 2018 -
  31 Dec 2018
In what ways are you using Python?
Evidently more Americans have Googled for Python in the last 12 months than they have for Kim Kardashian.
17 Dec 2018 -
  24 Dec 2018
What would you like for Christmas this year?

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