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14 Sep 2020 -
  21 Sep 2020
What CI/CD environments do you use to test and deploy your app?
7 Sep 2020 -
  14 Sep 2020
Will you buy a desktop or laptop that runs on Arm chips?
Windows 10 is already on Arm and macOS is moving there this year. Will you be buying an Arm machine?
31 Aug 2020 -
  7 Sep 2020
If you could only ever use one frontend web framework for the rest of your development days, which would it be?
Forget about trends here. You're looking for the ultimate in comfort and reliability.
24 Aug 2020 -
  31 Aug 2020
If you have a new Windows desktop App to build, what framework would you use?
Do you love the smell of installers downloading all morning?
17 Aug 2020 -
  24 Aug 2020
You make a hack to get something working. Do you leave it or fix it?
Our quick hacks are the duct tape that powers the world. Assume the hack you made is safe, doesn't affect performance, and works
10 Aug 2020 -
  17 Aug 2020
How much do you trust the following organisations with your private data?
We ran a version of this 10 years ago. Let's see how things have changed.
3 Aug 2020 -
  10 Aug 2020
What's your favourite IT targeted TV show?
If yours isn't in the list add it as a comment.
27 Jul 2020 -
  3 Aug 2020
Which of these recent (or semi-recent) C# operators do you find useful?
it's all about efficient, safe, performant code, right?
20 Jul 2020 -
  27 Jul 2020
You come across a terminal at a store, gas station, government dept etc that has rebooted and is showing an admin menu. Do you:
We all know the correct answer, but...
13 Jul 2020 -
  20 Jul 2020
ASP.NET developers: which would you choose for a new project?
The best thing about this choice is we can choose them all.
6 Jul 2020 -
  13 Jul 2020
Apple is moving from Intel to ARM. What's the best thing they can do for developers?
29 Jun 2020 -
  6 Jul 2020
How do you monitor the health of your applications?
Making sure your hard work stays available to your users is kinda important. Which of these is how you best get the job done?
22 Jun 2020 -
  29 Jun 2020
Do you do Unit Testing?
We ran this 5 years ago. Let's see if things have changed.
15 Jun 2020 -
  22 Jun 2020
Which of these video conference tools would your recommend?
Is it just me or has the novelty well and truly worn off?
8 Jun 2020 -
  15 Jun 2020
An author writes a series of articles. How should they publish the articles?
Do prefer the to have something to look forward to each day or week, or just drop them Netflix style?
1 Jun 2020 -
  8 Jun 2020
How do you prefer to evaluate a product?
Not that we're suggesting the marketing hype isn't worthy of your consideration or anything...
25 May 2020 -
  1 Jun 2020
Which of these Data Analysis tools have you tried?
When you're looking to dive into the data you don't always need a full programming IDE. Which of these have you dipped your toe into?
18 May 2020 -
  25 May 2020
If you're working from home, what do you miss most about the office?
Maybe that's an oxymoron.
11 May 2020 -
  18 May 2020
Have you started your own IT-related business?
Whether it's a simple side-gig doing contract work or an international multi-million dollar business. Have you taken the plunge and backed yourself?
4 May 2020 -
  11 May 2020
What's your favourite Star Wars movie?

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