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23 Mar 2020 -
  30 Mar 2020
What’s the biggest challenge with working from home?
16 Mar 2020 -
  23 Mar 2020
Working from home this week?
Is your job, your school work, or your training all remote or are things still business as usual?
9 Mar 2020 -
  16 Mar 2020
Do you get to pick and choose the projects you work on?
Maybe you're the boss, maybe a careful consultant, or maybe you just have a great (or awful) manager.
2 Mar 2020 -
  9 Mar 2020
Have you ever solved a coding issue in your sleep?
As in "you think of a solution" not "you can type in your sleep".
24 Feb 2020 -
  2 Mar 2020
Do you feel pressure to make your code look as good as code posted by experts?
Do you see really well written code and think "I should write code that good"?
17 Feb 2020 -
  24 Feb 2020
What do you enjoy most about coding?
10 Feb 2020 -
  17 Feb 2020
Do you work on your private coding projects during office hours?
Asking for a friend.
3 Feb 2020 -
  10 Feb 2020
Who owns the database in your organisation?
No longer the domain of the serious guys in the server rooms. Choose all who have responsibility for the databases and database servers (or hosts)
27 Jan 2020 -
  3 Feb 2020
What’s better when coding: getting it done or doing it perfectly?
‘Perfect’ meaning following all the best practices with regards to coding standards, patterns, security, readability and maintainability
20 Jan 2020 -
  27 Jan 2020
When it comes to bugs in code, which of these is closest to your philosophy?
Assume you're in a perfect world where you get to call the shots , you choose the projects, and you answer to no one.
13 Jan 2020 -
  20 Jan 2020
Do you include support for Dark Mode in your applications?
Has the prevalence of Dark Mode (or theme) been enough to make you add support in your apps?
6 Jan 2020 -
  13 Jan 2020
You've been tasked with writing a Mobile App. What frameworks do you use?
There's a lot of options. Half the job is picking the right one.
30 Dec 2019 -
  6 Jan 2020
What are your New Year resolutions?
Another decade has arrived? Again? Given this, what changes will you be promising yourself?
23 Dec 2019 -
  30 Dec 2019
What would you like for Christmas this year?
Assuming you celebrate the holiday and all the over-indulgence specified in the documentation.
16 Dec 2019 -
  23 Dec 2019
Is the process of writing software becoming harder and more complicated?
Complicated meaning more pieces (build tools, deploy tools, different languages, multiple systems), and Harder meaning each piece is harder to learn due to the depth of knowledge required in each to be productive. We'll ignore the dealing-with-people aspect here
9 Dec 2019 -
  16 Dec 2019
Do you have music in your office?
Peace and serenity?
10 Dec 2019 -
  16 Dec 2019
Do you have music in your office?
Peace and serenity
2 Dec 2019 -
  9 Dec 2019
On which operating systems are you developing code?
Whether you develop specifically for the OS, or do cross-platform development that lets you target multiple OSs. What OS can your creations operate on?
25 Nov 2019 -
  2 Dec 2019
What bugs you the most when coding?
The gap between what we know we do and what they think we do will never close.
18 Nov 2019 -
  25 Nov 2019
Do you design for accessibility in your apps?
Accessibility: "The design of products, devices, services, or environments so as to be usable by people with disabilities" [Wikipedia]

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