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19 Aug 2019 -
  26 Aug 2019
What size monitor are you sporting these days?
Base it on the largest monitor on your main development machine. Not that bigger is always better, but it has its advantages sometimes.
12 Aug 2019 -
  19 Aug 2019
What makes great documentation?
Great docs can convince us to use a product. Bad docs just make our lives painful.
5 Aug 2019 -
  12 Aug 2019
You have 3 hours spare and no one will bother you. Which option would you choose to spend the time?
Rather than making this open ended we're limiting it to just these (admittedly narrow) choices.
29 Jul 2019 -
  5 Aug 2019
For C++/.NET Developers: What's your preference Visual Studio or Visual Studio Code?
With one you get a full IDE, with the other you get cross platform support and a world of extensions and no price tag. Which do you prefer?
22 Jul 2019 -
  29 Jul 2019
Random style question: Which variable declaration do you prefer?
Strict formalism or fast and loose? Typesafe or no type at all? For anyone who switches languages often this can get messy.
15 Jul 2019 -
  22 Jul 2019
Which languages are you currently using?
Our semi-regular check-up of the mix of languages we're all using.
8 Jul 2019 -
  15 Jul 2019
Which software development methodologies do you use?
1 Jul 2019 -
  8 Jul 2019
JavaScript, TypeScript, or something else?
Assuming you need to write JavaScript, do you prefer plain JavaScript or one of the typed alternatives?
24 Jun 2019 -
  1 Jul 2019
What developer-centric social get-togethers do you participate in?
Beer and code together in once place. What could possibly go wrong?
17 Jun 2019 -
  24 Jun 2019
How do you deal with compiler warnings?
If the compiler knows how to fix my syntax error why doesn't it simply fix it itself?
9 Jun 2019 -
  16 Jun 2019
If you know C, C++, C#, Objective C or Java do you also know Python?
Prompted by a heated discussion last week.
3 Jun 2019 -
  10 Jun 2019
Should programming languages continue to evolve indefinitely?
New versions of languages can be massively beneficial or merely confusing. Do you always live for the next version or is there a point where a language can be considered "done"?
27 May 2019 -
  3 Jun 2019
What sort of software development are you working on currently?
Not what you've worked on, or what you plan to work on, but what types of application development projects do you currently have on the go?
20 May 2019 -
  27 May 2019
How did you get into programming?
13 May 2019 -
  20 May 2019
How often do you exercise?
Developers get a bad rap when it comes to our physical prowess. Let's find out the true situation. (Assume an exercise session means at least 30 mins)
6 May 2019 -
  13 May 2019
How good a programmer do you think you are?
Consider your skills, your knowledge of languages, tools, frameworks and best practices, your approach to architecting and testing, and to listening to your users. Have a good look in the mirror and be honest here.
29 Apr 2019 -
  6 May 2019
What are the most important things you wish for in a manager?
A variation on our previous survey about co-workers. (Suggested by Marc Clifton)
22 Apr 2019 -
  29 Apr 2019
How do you picture your days of coding?
Different phases of a programming project bring different challenges. Which of the following reflect your days at the keyboard? (Suggested by Sylvia List)
15 Apr 2019 -
  22 Apr 2019
Which of the following are your preferred ways of learning?
Some methods are more efficient than others.
8 Apr 2019 -
  15 Apr 2019
When you're in the zone what do you prefer?
I can point to one study that shows music is the best and one that shows music is worst. But back to the real world...

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