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18 Dec 2000 -
  24 Dec 2000
How do you keep up with Technology?
The pace of change seems to be increasing each year. How do you stay on top of the latest technologies? Updated!
10 Dec 2000 -
  16 Dec 2000
Your dream job
What is your preferred IT job?
3 Dec 2000 -
  9 Dec 2000
How did you learn to program?
Some ways are easier than others, and some are cheaper. How did you get started?
27 Nov 2000 -
  3 Dec 2000
The best beginners language
Which language would you recommend a beginner learn in order to get started in todays IT world?
20 Nov 2000 -
  26 Nov 2000
Your First Language
What was the first language you started programming in?
13 Nov 2000 -
  19 Nov 2000
Your dreams come true
Suppose your dotcom company goes public and is a huge success - what would be on top of your shopping list?
6 Nov 2000 -
  12 Nov 2000
User interface styles
What is your favorite user-interface style?
30 Oct 2000 -
  5 Nov 2000
Should Microsoft fully support WTL?
30 Oct 2000 -
  5 Nov 2000
C++ Templates
When developing C++ code, how important are templates for you?
23 Oct 2000 -
  29 Oct 2000
How many cups of coffee do you drink a day?
16 Oct 2000 -
  22 Oct 2000
What is better: Fast development or a fast application?
What is more important to the average software house: Getting a product out on time with minimal development and support costs, or an application that is smaller, faster and more powerful?
9 Oct 2000 -
  15 Oct 2000
Side Jobs
There is a ton of work out there, and geting after hours/on the side jobs is very easy. Do you often take on supplementary work?
2 Oct 2000 -
  8 Oct 2000
Have you ever used a head hunter to find a job?
If you've ever found yourself between jobs a head hunter can save some time - but would you, or have you, used one?
26 Sep 2000 -
  2 Oct 2000
Do you spend too much time game playing games?
So - we spend all our days programming computers, our lunchtimes reading about computers, but do we spend too much of our nights playing games on the stupid things? How many hours a week for you?
18 Sep 2000 -
  24 Sep 2000
Are PCs powerful enough?
The 1GHz barrier has been broken, but many of us still only type at 60 words per minute. Do we need faster PCs, or have they hit the point where faster doesn't mean better?
11 Sep 2000 -
  17 Sep 2000
The .NET vision.
.NET pushes the vision of a fully distributed system where your cell phone is as useful as your desktop, and where services from all over the world are integrated into a seamless application. Do you think it will work?
4 Sep 2000 -
  10 Sep 2000
Your Favorite Gadget
I've never met a programmer who isn't a gadget freak. What's your favorite toy?
28 Aug 2000 -
  3 Sep 2000
How much code do you churn out per day?
Rumor has it that a Microsoft developer, on average, completes only 4 lines of completed, debugged, and commented code per day. What's the average in your organization (guessing allowed)?
21 Aug 2000 -
  27 Aug 2000
Source Code and Version control
What sort of source code/version control do you use in your projects? (suggested by George)
14 Aug 2000 -
  20 Aug 2000
How many hours is too many hours?
As a follow up to last weeks poll where nearly half of the respondants reported working crazy hours: how many hours do you program a week?

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