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27 Jun 2005 -
  3 Jul 2005
How smart are your co-workers?
The intelligence of those you work with can have a big impact on your work. What bucket do those your work with directly fall into?
20 Jun 2005 -
  26 Jun 2005
How do you mostly participate in CodeProject?
There's a lot to do on CodeProject and we like to ensure we're focussing energy in the right places.
13 Jun 2005 -
  19 Jun 2005
For which Platforms do you develop?
Targeting multiple platforms is getting easier with each generation of developer tools. Are you spreading your wings?
6 Jun 2005 -
  12 Jun 2005
How much time are you spending supporting legacy code?
There's a lot of it around. How much time are you spending caring for old code?
30 May 2005 -
  5 Jun 2005
Do you use a non-admin account when developing software?
Writing and testing code as a non-admin helps to produce software that satisfies the principal of least privilege. (suggested by Charlie Williams)
23 May 2005 -
  29 May 2005
What type of cell/mobile phone do you have?
Phones are getting more powerful each day but it'll be a long time before there's a common standard. Which do you have?
16 May 2005 -
  22 May 2005
Are you happy in your current IT job?
For those working in IT: are you enoying yourselves? (suggested by Vikram Punathambekar)
9 May 2005 -
  15 May 2005
Do you use C# style XML comments when programming?
XML comments make documentation easy and they don't have to be reserved for C# only. Regardless of your programming language, do you use XML comments? (suggested by Matthias Steinbart)
2 May 2005 -
  8 May 2005
Do you write CLS-compliant code?
Writing CLS-compliant means, among other things, no underscores in variable names, no unsigned integers and case insensivity in naming. Do you bother?
25 Apr 2005 -
  1 May 2005
Would you like to see MFC ported to .NET?
There's a lot of MFC code and expertise around, but does it make sense to port MFC to .NET?
18 Apr 2005 -
  24 Apr 2005
Will you upgrade to Visual Studio 2005?
Visual Studio 2005 will be here soon. ish. What is your upgrade path?
10 Apr 2005 -
  16 Apr 2005
Is support for inheriting from two or more classes a Good or Bad thing?
We can inherit from multiple interfaces in .NET but not from multiple classes. (suggested by Kamarey)
4 Apr 2005 -
  10 Apr 2005
Should Microsoft continue developing non-.NET VB?
Should Microsoft provide an unmanaged (in the .NET sense) version of Visual Basic analogous to Visual C++?
28 Mar 2005 -
  3 Apr 2005
What is the primary database technology you use?
What have you actually have deployed in the field as your primary database technology (not what they just talk about wanting to use...) - suggested by Douglas Troy
21 Mar 2005 -
  27 Mar 2005
Do you have a laptop or a desktop?
What's the norm? Having a portable or having an anchor?
14 Mar 2005 -
  20 Mar 2005
Have you started learning a new language in the last 6 months?
(suggested by Krissh)
7 Mar 2005 -
  13 Mar 2005
Do you need 64 bit Memory Address Space?
It's coming but do you actually need it? (suggested by John Stewien)
28 Feb 2005 -
  6 Mar 2005
Are optional parameters for methods good or bad?
C++ has them, C# doesn't. Overall, what's your preference?
21 Feb 2005 -
  27 Feb 2005
How many people do you program with?
Do you generally you code alone? Or do you work with others on the same project?
14 Feb 2005 -
  20 Feb 2005
What applications should Smart Devices include?
The latest smart phones and PDAs have Office compatibility, games, MP3 players, cameras and phone all in one. Is it too much?

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