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Survey Free Text Answers

What makes great documentation?

12 Aug 2019 to 19 Aug 2019 Great docs can convince us to use a product. Bad docs just make our lives painful.

Text entry answers for sorted by frequency of occurrance.

(2) It lists ALL API calls.
(1) It makes no assumptions that you know well the old system it replaces
(1) It makes sense. The purpose of documentation should be to explain *why* things are, not necessarily *how* things are.
(1) It separates the Beginner and Advanced sections. That way, it is easy for both types of the users to look into.
(1) it's ALWAYS up to date and may list what has chenced recently (including hyperlinks)
(1) M&S Bank Customer Sitemap | M&S Bank
(1) - Find trusted builders and tradesmen
(1) No such thing
(1) Pictures. MUST have pictures.
(1) screen shots
(1) takes me from zero to "something done" quickly enough to demonstrate the functionality or links me to a live demo or gets me up and running with a local live demo quickly so I can get a feel for the unfamiliar quickly
(1) The examples show the output!
(1) The tone is user knowledge level neutral
(1) There should be What do you want? and how to do? sections
(1) Video on how to do
(1) Well organized
(1) You'll know when you read it.
(1) * Versioning - good explanation how you track versions * License For open source projects only: * Authors * How to contribute * Acknowledgments
(1) ??? :: ?? ?? ?? ??? ClickMon
(1) 404 Not Found
(1) a contact email addres
(1) All of the Above
(1) Are we talking applications, or code frameworks/libraries?
(1) Brief and concise
(1) Clearly written with as little technical jargon and undeclared acronyms as possible.
(1) CListCtrl
(1) Contains Pictures
(1) Correctness
(1) Defines any special terms used or, better, avoids using them
(1) Depends on the target audience
(1) depends on what your are documenting
(1) Does not require watching videos
(1) Done by Baron Software
(1) I haven'y seen much good documentation.
(1) In general - It makes it quick and easy for me to get up to speed
(1) It contains exactly the information I am looking for when i am looking for it, and nothing to distract me from my one specific need (until the next time when I am looking for something else)
(1) It contains information about WHY youmight want/need to do something/use that feature.
(1) it depends
(1) It describes the concepts that underlie the interface -- the big picture before the details
(1) It describes the product and the reason for design choices
(1) It gives the philosophical reasoning behind why the code is structured in the manner it is.
(1) It guides you to the part you are looking for without the need for psychic powers to or oracles to first find out what name they have given it.
(1) It has a decent index
(1) It is appropriate for the audience
(1) It is correct
(1) It is written for both people that have never seen the product (lots of 'why this is important") and detailed for the advanced users
(1) it list all API calls not just the "common" ones