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Survey Free Text Answers

What’s the biggest challenge with working from home?

23 Mar 2020 to 30 Mar 2020

Text entry answers for sorted by frequency of occurrance.

(2) Hobbies
(2) None, I work from home all the time
(1) None, it's great, i've done it for 30 years
(1) none, I've been doing this for 20 years.
(1) None. This is where I want to be.
(1) Nothing
(1) Nothing!
(1) nothing, really
(1) Nothing. I am more productive at home.
(1) Personal projects can be more interesting
(1) phone calls from lonely coworkers
(1) poor VPN
(1) Porn
(1) Power cuts
(1) Preparing a comfortable home office
(1) Reading Zero Hedge
(1) Sitting around in my velcro leather stripper pants
(1) Sitting environment
(1) smoking every time
(1) Staring out the window.
(1) Staying awake
(1) staying fit
(1) Surface Pro screen too small for large spreadsheets
(1) Teams/Discord chat channels, memes
(1) The garden is out there
(1) The news
(1) The work environment in general
(1) Unresponsive colleagues due to a failure of management leadership.
(1) Urge to get the house renovations done
(1) working way too long
(1) Home Office more cozy
(1) home tasks you can see need to be done
(1) I don't work from home
(1) I have a remote job
(1) I normally work from home, so there are no differences
(1) I really must do my taxes ...
(1) I tend to work too many hours.
(1) I'm more productive working at home! Much LESS challenge! (Negative challenge?)
(1) I'm used to working at home, so no change.
(1) Inability to *easily* have someone come and look at the code over my shoulder.
(1) insane time tracking
(1) Interaction with all the team-mates. Customer support, QA, and various others.
(1) just dont have a real workstation at home
(1) Knowing when it's time to stop.
(1) lack of any exercise
(1) lack of communication
(1) Loneliness
(1) Masturbation
(1) Media distractions
(1) meetings taking longer because people can't figure out how to share their screen.
(1) missing kitchen-talks, don't know what's going on
(1) More performance monitoring by the company
(1) My bed & oh, all of a sudden, I remember there are movies to watch!
(1) My desk set up is not as good
(1) My dog want me to take her out
(1) My employer not wanting me to work from home.
(1) news
(1) No changes
(1) no ergonomic seat/desktop
(1) No remote access
(1) none - it's great!
(1) All the other people who are now working from my home too now.
(1) Another list of memes
(1) Available HW (developed IoT devices)
(1) Boss keeps interrupting by skype
(1) Can't stop working.
(1) Cats on the keyboard
(1) chatting with colleagues at the coffee machine
(1) Colleagues on other calls, out or just not answering
(1) computer hardware support
(1) Constantly looking at the news
(1) Cooking Meals :-(
(1) Developing haphazard temporal behaviour
(1) dining room chair
(1) Disconnect
(1) don't get lost in the works
(1) Don't work from home
(1) email, twitter, etc.
(1) ergonomics
(1) feeding the horses on time :)
(1) Feeling like a violinist on the Titanic.
(1) Finding a company that does work from home
(1) Forgetting to stop work in evening
(1) Forgetting to take breaks and end the day with a headache
(1) Getting enough work assigned.
(1) Google
(1) Hardware failures
(1) Heavier than usual workload because deadlines are sacrosanct and can't be moved