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What type of ergonomic equipment do you use?

16 Jun 2008 to 23 Jun 2008 Sitting in the same position and doing the crazy hours we sometimes have to do can lead to problems.

Text entry answers for sorted by frequency of occurrance.

(5) CListCtrl
(2) Ergonomic mouse pad
(2) Keyboard tray
(2) A can of coke or a mug of coffee always on the desk
(1) but the company bought everyone AMAZING ergo chairs to eliminate complaints
(1) Cat
(1) "Back Joy" (orthotic device); split level desk (to alternate standing, sitting)
(1) Laptop Stand
(1) large ball to sit on
(1) Old PC under my desk to prop up my legs.
(1) projects
(1) Rist rest
(1) why the message HTTP 500 /displayed when click on submit button OR HTTP 500 message error
(1) wrist rest
(1) wrist support
(1) Gel Wrist Pad
(1) Girl
(1) I stand up, I walk, I dance, I move my body ...
(1) Iron Maiden
(1) coffee breaks ! :-)
(1) Damnit!
(1) Ergonomic Fingers