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Intel® App Innovation Contest 2013

This competition has ended

Submit your best Windows* 8 Desktop App ideas. 125 finalists will receive a Lenovo® ThinkPad Tablet or Lenovo Horizon 27" All-In-One to help code their idea into a demo app for a shot at over $100,000 in cash prizes.


Congratulations to all the winners and thank you to everyone that participated in the Intel App Innovation Contest 2013! The official Intel announcement with the full list of winners can be found here. The CodeProject contestants that claimed 6 out of 9 possible prizes and helped secure our spot as the top developer community are listed below:

What is the challenge?

Sponsored By†

Compete against fellow CodeProject members in Round 1 by submitting your biggest, best and brightest Windows 8 Desktop App ideas in one of six categories: Entertainment or Games (for the All-in-One platform) or Education, Healthcare, Finance, or Retail (for the tablet platform).

CodeProject will send up to 125 finalists to Round 2 with a new Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet 2® or a Lenovo Horizon 27" All-In-One® PC to complete their demo app and go up against finalists from CodeProject and other developer communities in India, China and Russia.

Intel and industry judges will take over in Round 2 and choose the top five apps from each of the six categories to move onto the final judging round of video demos where $100,000 in cash prizes and promotions will be awarded.

What is the reward?

  • $2,500 worth of Early Bird prizes for CodeProject entries in both Round 1 and Round 2 of the contest ($5,000 total)

  • Six App Category Grand Prizes of $10,000 cash each and promotional prizes for the top app from each category (Entertainment, Games, Healthcare, Education, Finance, Retail)

  • Two Platform Grand Prizes of $10,000 cash each and promotional prizes for the top app from the two form factor platforms (AIO and Tablet)

  • One Overall Grand Prize of $20,000 cash and promotional prizes for the overall top app

How do I enter?

Round 1 – App Idea Submission (July 24 – September 4)

Thank you for submitting your app ideas. Round 1 is now closed.

Round 2 - Demo App Submission (October 2 - November 13)

(October 2 – November 6 for Early Bird Entries. November 7 - 13 for Non-Early Bird Entries)

Click here[^] to access the Demo App Submission page. Please ensure you understand all of the Demo App Submission Requirements as outlined below and in the sidebar to the right.

It’s time to turn your big idea into big code. Use your new Lenovo dev machine to code, test, tweak, debug, and optimize your demo app for submission to Intel and industry judges. Remember, these are Windows 8 desktop mode applications, not Windows Store/Modern/Metro apps. See question #5 of the FAQ for more information on this distinction.

It is important to understand that there are two distinct submission windows during which you may upload your Demo App in Round 2. The first window is between October 2 and November 6th at 11:59 p.m. GMT and is for contestants that want to participate in the Early Bird Mini-Contest. The second window is between November 7 and November 13th at 11:59 p.m. GMT and is for contestants that do not want to participate in the Early Bird Mini-Contest.

If you submit your Demo App between October 2 and November 6 you are automatically entered into the Early Bird Mini-Contest and you may upload/update your submission as many times as you wish between October 2 and the November 6 deadline. However, if you do submit during this window you are not permitted to re-submit an updated version between November 7th and November 13th. No exceptions.

If you decide to not participate in the Early Bird Mini-Contest (i.e. you do not submit a Demo App between October 2 and November 6) you may upload your App Submission once and only once between November 7th and November 13th at 11:59 p.m. GMT. No exceptions.

Round 2 Early Bird Mini-Contest (October 2 - November 6)

Submit your demo app during the first Round 2 app submission window (October 2 - November 6 at 11:59 p.m. GMT) to be eligible for and automatically entered into the Early Bird Mini-Contest. The Top 10 highest scoring apps from CodeProject finalists (based on the Round 2 judging criteria and as judged by Intel/industry judges) will be awarded a $250 cash prize. Eligible finalists may only win one early bird prize.

It is very important to note that if you decide to enter the Early Bird Mini-Contest you may upload/update your submission as many times as you wish between October 2 and the November 6 deadline. However, if you do submit during this window you are not permitted to re-submit an updated version between November 7th and November 13th.

Round 3 – New Video Submission (December 5 – December 12)

Final round, we promise. So that the Intel and industry judges can fairly evaluate the entries submitted from different parts of the world, the developers submitting the top five demo apps in each of the six contest categories will be asked to submit a five minute video (you can use the same video submitted in Round 2 or you can update it and create a new one). The new video should clearly present the features and innovative uses of the demo app and needs to be in English. The final video demo will be judged using the same criteria as in Round 2, and the points awarded for the final video demo will be added to the total developer Round 2 score in determining the contest winners. Please see question #21 of the FAQ for more information.

30 final apps announced on December 5 (11:59 p.m. GMT). 30 Final English Video Demos due by December 12 (11:59 p.m. GMT).

9 Winners to be announced no later than December 31 (11:59 p.m. GMT)

Judging Criteria

Round 2 Apps (to be judged by Intel and industry experts)

  1. How effectively does the Demo Submission demonstrate innovation and a compelling user experience?
  2. How effectively does the Demo Submission demonstrate usage of key technical enabling vectors?
  3. How likely is it that end users will adopt the Demo App for its intended purpose and category?
  4. Does the Demo App perform as expected with robust stability and functionality?

Round 3 New Videos (to be judged by Intel and industry experts)

  • Same criteria and scoring as in Round 2

What sorts of applications are acceptable?

Consumer, SMB, Corporate or Enterprise – we want your best Windows* 8 Desktop app ideas and demo or complete apps for the full spectrum of end users. You can submit almost anything, but ensure your apps showcases the unique capabilities of your chosen form factor. Consider things like:

  • multi-user and multi-touch user interfaces
  • multi-modal interactions based on voice or camera captured body gestures
  • multi-gadget experiences such as using smartphones as game controllers
  • the use of the accelerometer, gyroscope, ambient light sensor, compass, GPS, touch and gestures
  • use of external stylus and/or detachable form factor of the tablets

Demo apps or finished apps whose user experience has been optimized for the AIO or Tablet are acceptable.


All-In-One Entertainment Reinvent fun. Dream up an interactive entertainment experience that helps make the All-In-One an endless adventure. Enhance a trip to the movies, a concert, or a theme park. Turn a lazy video stream into a whitewater thrill ride. All in one
  Games Design something amazing. Whether it’s a simple multi-touch puzzler or an epic journey with a massive field of view, your app will make the All-In-One a gaming legend.
Tablet Education Think globally, compile locally. Bridge cultures and coursework with an educational app for students and consumers alike. Re-imagine learning and the way we interact in and out of the classroom. Tablet
  Finance Take high finance higher. Take the work (and the “paper”) out of bank paperwork. Create a tablet app stockbrokers won’t leave home without. Improve the bottom line for savers, investors, lenders and traders.
  Healthcare Build a medical marvel. Submit an app that makes the tablet a must-have companion for doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and home-healthcare providers. Advance the quality of life for one; enhance the quality of the world for millions.
  Retail Improve the way we shop. Make paper lists, printed coupons, and endless checkout queues of the past. Re-engineer the way warehouses pick, pack and ship. Re-order the way we order.

Quick FAQ

Can anyone enter?

As with any competition of this nature there are some restrictions. Employees of Intel, Lenovo, CodeProject and the other participating partner developer communities cannot enter, and laws in certain jurisdictions also restrict entrants. Please see the Terms and Conditions for a full list.

Only residents of the following 20 countries who are at least eighteen (18) years of age and the age of majority in their country, state, province or territory of residence at the time of entry are eligible to enter: Australia, Belarus, Belgium, Canada (not including Quebec), Germany, India, Indonesia, Israel, Japan, Kenya, Nigeria, People’s Republic of China, Republic of South Africa, Russia, South Korea, Spain, Taiwan, UK, Ukraine, and the 50 United States of America (and the District of Columbia) .

Yes, it's a shame we can't open it to everyone because of various laws in different countries, but we had to make a call on whether it's better to offer it to many (but not all) of you or none at all.

Can you throw me some links on getting started?


Do I have to write a full article with source code?

No, you don't need to provide a full article because we understand that (a) you may not have your code and article complete, and (b) you may be entering a commercial application that contains proprietary information. However, please note that at the conclusion of the competition those entries that do not fulfill the submission guidelines will be removed.

However, we love code. The more code you post in your article - snippets, tips, classes, or even full code - the better. Your priority in this competition is to complete the tasks set out for Round 1, Round 2 and Round 3... but if you can post a full article as well, that's perfect!

What if I am not chosen as one of the 125 Round 1 CodeProject finalists that will receive a Tablet or All-In-One? Can I still take part in Round 2?

Unfortunately no. You must be chosen as a Round 1 finalist to be able to compete in Round 2, but we still encourage you to turn your app idea into a reality and start coding. Submit an article to CodeProject to share your code and tell us what you learn!

Can I update any software settings on the loaner devices/development platforms I've received for Round 2?

Judges will be testing apps on development systems with the Windows 8 OS and latest Windows Updates. As such, contestants can/are encouraged to run the latest Windows Updates to update their default device settings and to patch known issues.

Any other application dependencies must be accompanied by detailed step-by-step installation instructions in your ReadMe file and all fully contained within the single ZIP file that you will be uploading by the Round 2 deadline on November 13; however, because of the time constraints related to judging it is recommended to keep additional app dependencies to a minimum and to keep the installation process of your app as simple as possible

Can I upgrade my device to Windows 8.1 when it's available?

No. Judges will not be using Windows 8.1 so it it recommended that you do not upgrade your device to Win 8.1 and that you perform all of your testing and app deployment in Windows 8.

If my application requires certain peripheral equipment (i.e. a printer) or software (i.e. Microsoft Office) to demonstrate its full functionality, how will such features will be tested by judges?

The devices that the judges will use for judging will not have external peripheral equipment or extra software like Microsoft Office. If a contestant's app depends on this then they can include a demonstration of the particular feature within their 5-minute demo video so that the judges can view the feature. It's recommended to have the app prompt end users with a message if the end user's machine does not have the required peripheral and/or software to run the app's full functionality.

What antivirus program is recommended for installation on contest loaner devices?

There is no official recommendation. It is up to the developer’s individual preference.

What is the default .PDF files reader that will be used by judges on the tablet and AIO devices?

Adobe PDF Reader is not installed on either the Lenovo Horizon All-In-One or the Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet 2. For both the All-In-One and tablet, judges will be able to open PDF documents using the Windows 8 default PDF reader application "Windows Reader". Alternatively, on the ThinkPad Tablet 2 contestants may choose to use the Nitro Pro 8 app for PDFs as this comes pre-installed and judges will have access to it as well.

Any other tips or contest best practices I should know about?

Check out this helpful guide:Intel® AIC 2013: Best Practices for Developers in Phase 2

What if I have more questions?

For more Frequently Asked Questions please review the official contest FAQ.

Intel AIC2013 Get-to-Market Interview Series

Round Finalists and Early Bird Winners

Round 1 Finalists (Device Winners)

Retail/Tablet Winners

Finance/Tablet Winners

Healthcare/Tablet Winners

Education/Tablet Winners

Entertainment/All-In-One Winners

Games/All-In-One Winners

*This winning submission was honourably withdrawn by its author and will allow a new CodeProject entrant to advance to Round 2 in its place.

Round 1 Early Bird Entry Winners

Category Prize Winners ($300 Each)

Honourable Mentions ($50 Each)

Round 2 Early Bird Entry Winners

Top 10 Early Bird Entries as Judged by Intel ($250 Each)

Privacy Policy

Please ensure you read the Intel Privacy Policy.

† Copyright® 2013 Intel Corporation. All rights reserved. Intel and the Intel Logo are trademarks of Intel Corporation in the U.S. and/or other countries.
* Other names and brands may be claimed as the property of others

Conditions of Entry | Current winners list

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PinnedIntel App Innovation Contest 2013 Winners (Grand Prizes & Round 2 Early Bird) Pin
Kevin Priddle13-Jan-14 4:52
staffKevin Priddle13-Jan-14 4:52 
Pinned13 of 30 Finalists are from CodeProject. Congrats and Thank You To All Round 2 Contestants! Pin
Kevin Priddle9-Dec-13 9:16
staffKevin Priddle9-Dec-13 9:16 
PinnedJudging of Round 2 Entries Has Begun! Pin
Kevin Priddle19-Nov-13 11:37
staffKevin Priddle19-Nov-13 11:37 
PinnedTechnical Support Procedure for ThinkPad Tablet 2 Pin
Kevin Priddle26-Sep-13 8:40
staffKevin Priddle26-Sep-13 8:40 
PinnedImportant Contest Updates (#4) Pin
Kevin Priddle17-Sep-13 11:01
staffKevin Priddle17-Sep-13 11:01 
I'll be using this forum post to keep you informed of any important contest news or updates so please check back from time to time to keep in the know.

Post any questions you have in the forum or feel free to use the "Email" button under this message to send me a private message directly if you prefer.

Update: 17 September 2013
Device Shipping & Change to Contest Schedule (Round 2 to begin Oct. 2)

In order to ensure that all finalists around the world have the same minimum, six-week period of development time with their devices, it has been decided to move the start date for Round 2 from September 18 to October 2. The end date for Round 2 will now be November 13.

The change was made because amassing the shipping information from all the developer communities took longer than expected and some unique challenges arose out of complex customs and import regulations of all the different countries.

I've been told that some devices have already been shipped and the rest will be shipped over the next 24-48 hours. Originally I thought that confirmation of device shipment and FedEx tracking numbers would be sent to each finalist directly, but now TGA will be providing me a master spreadsheet of all the finalists' device tracking info (by end of week at the latest I'm told) and I will be sending this information out to each of you individually as I receive it. Thank you for your patience and know that your devices are on their way.

While you will need to wait until October 2nd to begin submitting your demo applications to the contest (upload link will be available on the contest page), I just want to be clear that you can begin designing and coding your apps immediately (if you haven't already) on any devices that you already have access to.

Again, this decision was made in order to create the fairest field of competition as possible and so that all finalists have their development systems for a minimum of six weeks prior to the contest deadline. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause, but it's our hope that the additional time will work to everyone's benefit in realizing even better and more polished demo apps.

My suggestion for how you should use the extra time: optimize, QA, and test, test, test to your heart's content.

Lastly, one note about your articles: Part of the whole spirit and fun of CodeProject is sharing with the community -- and while not a requirement -- I strongly encourage you to update and edit your articles throughout the development process of your applications and through the rest of the contest. Please use the original article you submitted with your app idea rather than submitting a new one.

Update: 23 August 2013
Early Bird Prizes and Express Entries

(1) Thank you to everyone that submitted their app idea before the Early Bird Deadline on August 21. We received an overwhelming number of entries (thank you!) and are working our fastest to review them all. That said, we will not be ready to announce the winners of the $2,500 in early bird cash prizes on Monday August 26th as planned because we want to make sure we have a chance to properly review each entry that was received.

Early Bird Prize Winners will now be announced next Friday August 30.

(2) Submitting a private entry or Express Entry will not affect your score in judging, however, Express Entries are not publicly viewable and are only meant as a means to quickly submit an app idea if you do not have time to complete a full article.

The Express Entry form is set up using our survey widget (which is why some of you are getting a "Thanks for completing this survey" message) and we must review each entry individually. Please be patient if you haven't heard back from us after submitting, it could take a few days. We have also fixed an error that only allowed you to submit one Express Entry and you should now be able to submit as many ideas as you want using the express form.

But please note: there is no way to add to, edit or update an entry you submit through the Express Entry form.

We encourage you to submit your idea as an article or to expand your Express Entry into an article if you would like to include code snippets or a greater amount of detail than is possible in this short form.

If you submitted an Express Entry and would like to expand it into an article but did not save the idea you submitted separately, email me and I will do my best to forward you the contents of your entry in a timely manner.

Update: 13 August 2013
Article Requirements, Private Submissions and Early Bird Prizes

(1) There have been a number articles that do not fulfill all of the requirements to be considered a valid entry. Please review the sidebar on the main contest page and ensure your article clearly identifies all of the required fields (the best way to do this is to make a subheading for each of the required fields).

Remember your article must include the following:
  • The platform and category you're targeting (Entertainment or Games for All-In-One and Education, Healthcare, Finance or Retail for Tablets)
  • Overview of the application and what it does (a one sentence pitch/tagline will do!)
  • Description of the intended uses for the application presented in writing and/or visually (this is where you can get into more detail)
  • The approach taken to develop the application (tell us a little bit about how you'll turn your idea into a working demo app if you're chosen as a finalist to move onto Round 2 and receive a Windows 8 touch-enabled device from Lenovo)
  • The coding languages to be used (pretty straight forward, tell us what languages and development tools you'll be using)
  • Updated CodeProject bio with some information about your software development history

    (2) If you would like your submission to remain private please make sure you please leave your article in Composing mode (i.e. Click "Save Draft" do not check the "Publish" checkbox). Also make a note in the Editor’s Comments section advising that you want it kept private and email us at with a link to the draft.

    (3) We have $2,500 to award for Early Bird Prizes!

    Register for the contest and submit your Windows 8 desktop app idea by August 21 and you could win an early bird cash prize!

    CodeProject judges will pick one app idea from each of the six categories (Entertainment, Games, Education, Healthcare, Finance, Retail) to each receive a $300 Category Prize, plus an additional fourteen app ideas to receive a $50 Honourable Mention Prize.

    Your article must be submitted and complete by 11:59 p.m. ET on Wednesday August 21, 2013 to be considered for an early bird prize. Winners will be announced on Monday August 26 Friday August 30. To ensure your entry is valid make sure your article clearly labels and identifies all of the required information (listed in point 1 ) above and that your CodeProject bio is updated with some info on your software development history. Good luck and tell your friends!

    Update: 7 August 2013
    Tablet Near Field Communication (NFC) Capabilities and Device Accessories

    (1) We have recently been informed that, unfortunately, the specific configuration of ThinkPad Tablet 2 tablets that finalists will receive in Round 2 are not actually equipped with NFC capabilities.

    You may still develop apps with NFC functionality, but keep in mind that NFC will no longer be considered in judging criteria and the tablet you receive in Round 2 will not be NFC-enabled.

    (2) The following accessories will come with the Lenovo Horizon 27" All-In-One: joystick, striker, and E-dice that interact with the multi-touch screen.

    (3) The following accessories will come with the Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet 2: detachable keyboard and pen.
    Kevin Priddle

    Editor and Special Projects Manager | CodeProject & Developer Media

  • PinnedA word on judging and multiple wins Pin
    Kevin Priddle10-Sep-13 7:35
    staffKevin Priddle10-Sep-13 7:35 
    GeneralAny market success story? Pin
    DrABELL25-Jun-14 6:57
    professionalDrABELL25-Jun-14 6:57 
    GeneralRe: Any market success story? Pin
    Kevin Priddle24-Oct-14 11:52
    staffKevin Priddle24-Oct-14 11:52 
    GeneralRe: Any market success story? Pin
    DrABELL24-Oct-14 16:31
    professionalDrABELL24-Oct-14 16:31 
    GeneralRe: Any market success story? Pin
    Kevin Priddle27-Oct-14 5:40
    staffKevin Priddle27-Oct-14 5:40 
    GeneralRe: Any market success story? Pin
    DrABELL27-Oct-14 6:19
    professionalDrABELL27-Oct-14 6:19 
    GeneralCompleted ! :) though the race is over long ago :) Pin
    Hibrise8-Apr-14 23:06
    professionalHibrise8-Apr-14 23:06 
    GeneralRe: Completed ! :) though the race is over long ago :) Pin
    Kevin Priddle10-Apr-14 6:12
    staffKevin Priddle10-Apr-14 6:12 
    GeneralReturning the contest devices Pin
    Chris Boss5-Feb-14 4:06
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    GeneralRe: Returning the contest devices Pin
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    professionalMeshack Musundi5-Feb-14 5:20 
    GeneralVideos of all the winning apps Pin
    Meshack Musundi3-Feb-14 3:51
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    GeneralWord of caution with Microsoft Windows Store Developer Accounts Pin
    Adam David Hill22-Jan-14 10:41
    professionalAdam David Hill22-Jan-14 10:41 
    GeneralRe: Word of caution with Microsoft Windows Store Developer Accounts Pin
    Meshack Musundi22-Jan-14 11:30
    professionalMeshack Musundi22-Jan-14 11:30 
    GeneralRe: Word of caution with Microsoft Windows Store Developer Accounts Pin
    Adam David Hill22-Jan-14 12:25
    professionalAdam David Hill22-Jan-14 12:25 
    GeneralRe: Word of caution with Microsoft Windows Store Developer Accounts Pin
    Steve Vink22-Jan-14 13:27
    professionalSteve Vink22-Jan-14 13:27 
    GeneralRe: Word of caution with Microsoft Windows Store Developer Accounts Pin
    Adam David Hill22-Jan-14 13:38
    professionalAdam David Hill22-Jan-14 13:38 
    GeneralStatus Update 17th Feb 2004 Pin
    Adam David Hill17-Feb-14 10:15
    professionalAdam David Hill17-Feb-14 10:15 
    GeneralHere is my video (Hot Shots) Pin
    Adam David Hill13-Jan-14 23:12
    professionalAdam David Hill13-Jan-14 23:12 
    GeneralRe: Here is my video (Hot Shots) Pin
    Meshack Musundi14-Jan-14 0:56
    professionalMeshack Musundi14-Jan-14 0:56 

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