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Chris Maunder 4-Dec-18 12:14pm View
Unfortunately this isn't a question: It's a request for testing. You may want to post this in the Beta testing forum
Chris Maunder 3-Mar-18 11:30am View
Interesting. Taking the combined least squares difference of the two lines, one anchored from the start, one at the end, and both terminating at their intersection would certainly give a workable solution. Seems a little brute force, but I'll give it a try.
Chris Maunder 27-Oct-17 16:39pm View
I was actually working on exactly the same piece of code he worked, had a problem with it, searched, and found this. I figured an extremely late 2c would do wonders to confuse the issue.
Chris Maunder 28-Apr-17 11:40am View
It's truly awesome
Chris Maunder 28-Apr-17 11:34am View
...and of course there's an article about it! /slaps head. To be fair, the given problem is more general than that article.
Chris Maunder 21-Apr-17 17:17pm View
Just for that I added BASIC syntax colourising
Chris Maunder 21-Apr-17 17:17pm View
Just for that I added syntax colourising for BASIC
Chris Maunder 21-Apr-17 9:39am View
Son of a...! I should have checked :)
Chris Maunder 12-Mar-17 23:30pm View
If this becomes something where I have to sit down and fully test each solution, time them, verify their correctness, check for plagiarism and provide a point-by point independently verified set of judging criteria then I'm afraid I'll have to leave it to you guys to come up with the challenges and announce a "winner".

It's for fun. The judging is deliberately random and sometimes wildly biased.

How about we just leave this as a challenge and I forgo any attempt at declaring a winner. I want this to be fun, not something where it could potentially upset participants.
Chris Maunder 10-Mar-17 7:51am View
I was just about to ask you "how do we make this more of a spectator sport?".

A sidebar or maybe it's own page, but then we'd also need to promote that page. Lots of noise to fight against. I'm open to ideas and I'd like this to keep going and grow.
Chris Maunder 10-Mar-17 6:54am View
There's nothing against multiple solutions. What's needed is more voting to sort them.
Chris Maunder 24-Feb-17 10:54am View
This makes me want to add thumbs-up votes to comments ;)
Chris Maunder 17-Feb-17 22:15pm View
>now i see that coding chalenge has been changed into "How many programming languages you know?".
No - it's not that at all. A single answer is all I'm after. The single most *interesting* answer. The one that provokes the most discussion, the most praise, the most enjoyment. The one that shows someone stretched themselves a little more than the others. That's what it's about.
Chris Maunder 10-Feb-17 11:01am View
"With an extremely large input sequence, you could potentially get an OutOfMemoryException" Therein lies the challenge. The simple answer is easy. It's when things get a little crazy that separates the Men from the boys.
Chris Maunder 27-Jan-17 16:58pm View
Chris Maunder 21-Jan-17 17:00pm View
Since when does a set not allow duplicates? A set of marbles can contain two marbles that are the same.
Chris Maunder 21-Jan-17 4:13am View
I said "a set of integers", not "a set of values of type int". I mean integers in the mathematical sense.
Chris Maunder 13-Jan-17 21:38pm View
Ah - looks like I;ll just have to wave languidly as I fly over on my way down south. Next time!
Chris Maunder 13-Jan-17 18:45pm View
You're in Melbourne still, right? I'm there in a week if you want a coffee (or maybe something cold)
Chris Maunder 13-Jan-17 9:20am View
Chris Maunder 13-Jan-17 8:57am View
Yeah - last minute change of mind + 3hrs sleep = doofus time.
Chris Maunder 11-Jan-17 16:25pm View
Chris Maunder 11-Jan-17 16:25pm View
Chris Maunder 10-Jan-17 11:06am View
Majestic in its awfulness.
Chris Maunder 6-Jan-17 17:50pm View
This impressed me so much I added COBOL syntax colouring (missed LOCAL-STORAGE - will add next time)
Chris Maunder 6-Jan-17 10:30am View
You get half a point.
Chris Maunder 16-Dec-16 10:33am View
+1 for brevity and understandability. -5 for the overabundance of common sense.
Chris Maunder 13-Dec-16 19:30pm View
That's so awful it's awesome! +1
Chris Maunder 1-Dec-16 18:28pm View
-2 points for using the dumbest language ever. +4 points for the pain involved.
Chris Maunder 1-Dec-16 16:04pm View
So easy it's almost cheating!
Chris Maunder 26-Nov-16 12:52pm View
>I have ignored 'PHB' and 'gotten' as they are simply too trivial.

:) Except they force you to do do the "starts with" and "ends with"
Chris Maunder 25-Nov-16 12:39pm View
You see how horrible and unnecessary that word is? We're doing the world a favour here.
Chris Maunder 25-Nov-16 12:05pm View
You should try writing surveys one day ;)

Your answer solves the problem. The point is to make the question a little loose to allow invention, improvement, and most importantly, pointless religious wars.
Chris Maunder 25-Nov-16 12:02pm View
If I could upvote comments I would.
Chris Maunder 25-Nov-16 12:00pm View
Nicely done. Lots of string allocations though. Now: does it do "Poophead" -> "P**phead"? This wasn't in the specs, but I don't think it does.
Chris Maunder 25-Nov-16 11:21am View
I'm ignoring you.
Chris Maunder 25-Nov-16 11:20am View
End of the day? Monday? We're pretty relaxed about it, but there's a limit to our attention span.
Chris Maunder 25-Nov-16 11:19am View
Correct, and thanks for pointing that out. Updated
Chris Maunder 24-Nov-16 16:27pm View
This has been fixed. It'll take a few minutes for caching to catch up.
Chris Maunder 23-Nov-16 11:00am View
This isn't a question "How do I" this is a "can you do this for me". Please reframe this request and focus on the parts you are stuck on.
Chris Maunder 19-Nov-16 23:03pm View
Gotcha. Weird - that will only happen inside markup, and not inside PRE blocks. Time to switch to markdown completely?
Chris Maunder 19-Nov-16 22:16pm View
Which bug?
Chris Maunder 30-Oct-16 13:55pm View
Is a comment "This sentence tells that you don't know how to use the debugger" really necessary? Does it help provide an answer? Or is it merely there to make the poster feel bad?

If the question is bad, delete it or edit it to make it better.
Chris Maunder 28-Oct-16 13:27pm View
Ignore me, Griff. Just a test.
Chris Maunder 27-Oct-16 23:14pm View
Quick Test
Chris Maunder 27-Oct-16 14:32pm View
Forget coding for a moment, have you tried solving this on paper?
Chris Maunder 22-Oct-16 23:30pm View
Quick Test (please ignore)
Chris Maunder 22-Oct-16 14:17pm View
Better to post this as a comment, not an "answer"
Chris Maunder 18-Feb-16 13:05pm View
Chris Maunder 18-Feb-16 13:05pm View
Chris Maunder 9-Feb-16 12:52pm View
There's no way we can answer this without seeing the javascript and CSS associated with this HTML
Chris Maunder 5-Feb-16 7:09am View
If this is your answer then post this as an answer, not as a question/comment
Chris Maunder 4-Feb-16 15:24pm View
Are you running any ad-blockers? What country are you in?
Chris Maunder 4-Feb-16 13:19pm View
There's not enough information to answer this. Without knowing your table structure or the query itself.
Chris Maunder 16-May-15 13:24pm View
Reason for my vote of 2 \n This is a terrible way to test whether a visitor is on a mobile device. Trust me - I use it myself, and it fails more often than not.

New mobile clients are coming on daily and the best way to test for mobile clients is not to test for mobile clients. Test for ability and features. Does the client have touch? What dimensions and resolution is their screen? This (obviously) means client-side testing, but if you combine this with the notion of writing your web apps so they work on any screen size, regardless of whether it's a mobile device or not, then you'll have an app that works for as many people as possible.

We need to move away from fixed lists of mobile clients and accept that the notion is obsolete. Take the Surface Pro, for instance, or any convertible tablet. Are they a tablet? A desktop? Mobile? It depends, and it depends on things that user agent strings can't tell us.
Chris Maunder 2-Dec-14 9:31am View
Chris Maunder 1-Dec-14 22:56pm View
Chris Maunder 30-Oct-14 9:47am View
I've actually just put that on the TODO list: Upvotes for comments in QA.
Chris Maunder 10-Sep-14 10:31am View
Reason for my vote of 1 \n First: This isn't a tip - it's a bare-bones walkthrough of a topic that's been covered many times before. This article doesn't explain what it's trying to do - it simply shows code snippets cut and pasted from a larger applications.

Second: NEVER EVER EVER do something as stupid and dangerous as "using (SqlDataAdapter adapter = new SqlDataAdapter(txtSelect.Text, conn))". One can only assume that txtSelect is a text box, and you're injecting text a user enters directly into a SQL query. That's a direct SQL injection vulnerability and is EXTREMELY dangerous.
Chris Maunder 15-May-14 9:50am View
We can't answer without you providing info on what you've tried
Chris Maunder 18-Apr-14 21:44pm View
Point taken, but I'm looking for something very basic. I guess what I need is a txt-speak-to-English detector and translator.
Chris Maunder 18-Apr-14 21:43pm View
Let's start with English ;)
Chris Maunder 10-Oct-13 8:14am View
This is too broad a question. What error are you seeing?
Chris Maunder 10-Oct-13 8:13am View
You'll need to show some (brief!) code for us to help. You haven't given us anything concrete with which we can help. First, state the exact question you want answered in the title, then post the specific bit you're having a problem with in the body of your question.
Chris Maunder 20-Aug-13 14:08pm View
Let me address your comments point by point without geting personal and claiming there's something wrong with you.

1. The title of the post says "change bground color of button when mouseover". The poor grammar makes it extremely ambiguous. Does the OP mean "a javascript mouseover event" or do that mean "when the mouse hovers over the button"? As I said, I would like the OP to clarify. My interpretation was that he wanted to change the background colour when the mouse is over the button. My answer addressed this. I would LOVE the OP to clarify his question and if my understanding was wrong, I'll remove my answer.

2. "you gave a misleading answer as it ignores first part of the question.". I updated my answer with clarifictions

3. "And your comment "JavaScript not jQuery" is totally wrong". My full comment was "he posted sample code that attempted to solve this with Javascript, not jQuery." I see some plain Javascript in his code, but I do not see the OP using the jQuery library anywhere in his post.

4. "Finally, it's too hard to agree that "it's up to OP to mark your solution as correct and incorrect"." Why doesn't the OP have the right to decide the correctness of an answer?

5. "As you don't want to admit your mistake" Was my mistake in using CSS, or was my mistake in not taking his javasacript and adapting that to work with more than one button?

6. "I'll vote 1 for your question, sorry. I hope you won't tell me that I cannot do that. :-)"

This is your right. Enjoy.
Chris Maunder 20-Aug-13 12:10pm View
Your response to the question was not an answer - in the sense it wasn't a solution that would enable the user to solve his problem.

With regards to my answer being incorrect I'm happy to have the original poster respond to my post and clarify. His question was title "change bground color of button when mouseover" and he posted sample code that attempted to solve this with Javascript, not jQuery. He also specifically asked how to make it work for many buttons, which my solution addressed. Nowhere do I mention "how to have two or more buttons of different colors"

It's up to the OP to comment and mark my solution correct or incorrect. I welcome your interpretation, but with respect I feel your intepretation of the question goes a little too far.
Chris Maunder 21-Apr-13 16:18pm View long as you're happy with a little bit of rounding if you use double.
Chris Maunder 17-Mar-13 13:10pm View
What technology?
Chris Maunder 13-Jan-13 9:43am View
"This is not a quick question. "

Please simply report it as such and move on. Let's encourage the sorts of questions that motivate people to answer instead of encouraging laziness.
Chris Maunder 28-Nov-12 21:32pm View
Two windows open. One development, one live.

Which do you think I posted the test post on? /slapshead
Chris Maunder 18-Oct-12 9:41am View
Your answer is copy and pasted from Further plagiarism will result in your account being cancelled. By all means, quote and reference other sources. However, do not simply cut and paste entire articles posted elsewhere.
Chris Maunder 29-Sep-12 10:40am View
1. the original was

SET @Query = @Query + ...

So @Query has not been initialised.

2. Yeah, I was being lazy. Break out DECLARE @Query VARCHAR(MAX) = '' into

SET @Query = ''
Chris Maunder 29-Sep-12 6:36am View
It's probably an issue with the stored proc you're calling. Please update your question and add the code for the sproc so we can help
Chris Maunder 25-Sep-12 13:54pm View
Report the questions and move on :). It's a community effort to keep things focussed.
Chris Maunder 9-Aug-12 9:28am View
Report removed.
Chris Maunder 15-May-12 14:26pm View
I've closed this question. Partly because it's a repost, and partly because you're treating members who are trying to help you like they are your staff.

Everyone here helps each other for no other reason than they like to help others. I understand you're frustrated, but show some consideration.
Chris Maunder 14-May-12 20:34pm View
Simpler simply to edit harish85's answer and update with links.
Chris Maunder 17-Apr-12 14:46pm View
Report the question as a bad question and move on. No need to insult.
Chris Maunder 7-Mar-12 10:01am View
What have you tried?
Chris Maunder 11-Feb-12 14:15pm View
My apologies - I did not take note of the "it will provide thread safety". You are absolutely correct in that thread safety is not provided by default and will have to be accounted for.
Chris Maunder 10-Feb-12 22:41pm View
I'm looking for the "Sainthood" button on Christian's posts. I think I need to add one.
Chris Maunder 10-Feb-12 22:27pm View
No, it's not a lie. You can create background threads in ASP.NET and in some (rare) situations it's a very effective tool. We do it ourselves.
Chris Maunder 7-Feb-12 8:41am View
[.\n] or [.\r\n]?
Chris Maunder 6-Feb-12 22:45pm View
I've updated the example to show you.
Chris Maunder 2-Feb-12 16:32pm View
I was guessing, but "window based EXE" to me means a normal windows-based application.
Chris Maunder 2-Feb-12 15:26pm View
Please SA - not everyone has English as their first language, nor are we, as developers, renowned for our spelling. Vote, report, or even better, use your abililty to edit posts to correct it so that others can read it more easily. Making someone feel bad helps no one.
Chris Maunder 2-Feb-12 7:54am View
Please read the docs for the DateTime structure: DateTime.Day, DateTime.Month are what you're after.
Chris Maunder 2-Feb-12 7:47am View
Some code would help. Can you please post a small snippet?
Chris Maunder 2-Feb-12 7:43am View
The question was "How do I do it in ASP.NET".
Chris Maunder 31-Jan-12 21:26pm View
What does the markup look like? Specifically, what is "lblTotal"?
Chris Maunder 31-Jan-12 21:20pm View
Totally agree.
Chris Maunder 31-Jan-12 21:20pm View
You guys have the power to flag and close questions. If 5 of you flag a question it's gone. Just 5 people. The quality of the forum questions would rise considerably. Do your bit, we'll do ours.
Chris Maunder 31-Jan-12 19:00pm View
Point well made, but an even better way to make the point is to use the reporting mechanism, flag it as an incomplete question, and move on.

I would much, MUCH rather everyone simply used the voting mechanisms we have in place rather than making others feel stupid and embarrassed.
Chris Maunder 30-Jan-12 20:14pm View
...which is a little annoying when you're trying to switch between Javascript and C# with the same regular expression. Though I don't understand why \n isn't included in "." in Multiline mode for all flavours of regex.
Chris Maunder 24-Jan-12 21:27pm View
Why can't you use any subquery, joins, unions, etc?
Chris Maunder 24-Jan-12 14:35pm View
So vote the question as "Not a question" then.
Chris Maunder 24-Jan-12 14:17pm View
Who are you directing this to?
Chris Maunder 17-Oct-11 17:01pm View
Can I suggest, please, that you don't.

It never turns out to be a good idea. Ever.
Chris Maunder 17-Oct-11 16:57pm View
What have you tried and what, through debugging, is being shown as the bottleneck? Help us to help you.
Chris Maunder 4-Oct-11 8:51am View
Updated to reflect updates to original
Chris Maunder 4-Oct-11 8:47am View
Reason for my vote of 1
The time has long since passed when a recursive solution for calculating factorials was acceptable.
Chris Maunder 4-Oct-11 8:47am View
I've reworked the method to make it more generic and cleaner.
Chris Maunder 4-Oct-11 8:43am View
Nooooooooooo! Please, no more recursive functions for factorials. It's a horribly inefficient way to solve such a simple problem.
Chris Maunder 2-Oct-11 8:35am View
Chris Maunder 2-Oct-11 8:03am View
Not a question. Removing
Chris Maunder 2-Oct-11 7:57am View
Test comment
Chris Maunder 20-Sep-11 0:27am View
Encrypting passwords is a bad idea. The poster was asking about hashing. Two very different beasts.
Chris Maunder 19-Sep-11 23:50pm View
It was a bit of an off-the-cuff answer since we use it that way and I can't recall experiencing the same issue recently. Obviously there's more to the story.
Chris Maunder 16-Sep-11 17:09pm View
Please post the question at the forum on, not here.
Chris Maunder 15-Sep-11 11:03am View
I think he means the text-to-html ratio of text within an HTML document.

Chris Maunder 16-Aug-11 22:31pm View
Show us the code for GetDataUser. That's where the error is. Have you checked your connection strings?
Chris Maunder 15-Aug-11 11:37am View
I would add this at the start:

if @Input is null or @SearchString is null or LEN(@SearchString) = 0 or LEN(@SearchString) > LEN(@input)

There is also an error with your parenthesis. I've fixed your code. Thanks again!
return 0
Chris Maunder 15-Aug-11 10:13am View
Christian - please post this as a comment, not as an answer. Better yet: report and close the question and move on to a question where you feel the author can best make use of what you can offer.
Chris Maunder 15-Aug-11 10:00am View
What's the error? You're not helping us help you.
Chris Maunder 11-Aug-11 21:43pm View
Add the smallest snippet of code you can to your question and we might be able to help. Please edit the original question: don't post the info as an answer or comment.
Chris Maunder 11-Aug-11 21:42pm View
From Steve: Still makes me say hmmm.... All of the other menu properties carry across the postback. Turns out on a postback, I was not resetting the properties for anything. All stayed except for RenderingMode. Moved RenderingMode before the bail on the postback, solved annoying problem
Chris Maunder 11-Aug-11 18:05pm View
Post this as a comment, please, not an answer. It's just adding to the debris. (Deleting)
Chris Maunder 9-Aug-11 12:15pm View
We can't answer if you haven't told us what you've tried and where your error is. Closing the question.
Chris Maunder 9-Aug-11 12:15pm View
We can't answer if you haven't told us what you've tried and where your error is. Closing the question.
Chris Maunder 9-Aug-11 12:15pm View
We can't answer if you haven't told us what you've tried and where your error is. Closing the question.
Chris Maunder 30-Jul-11 6:18am View
Why use a hammer?

Deleting since this is too open and has no context.
Chris Maunder 27-Jul-11 11:30am View
Which is best? A hammer or a screwdriver?
Chris Maunder 26-Jul-11 22:04pm View
This is a completely pointless comment. Let me know when you get it and I'll remove it.
Chris Maunder 25-Jul-11 21:19pm View
Just to be Devil's advocate here - well, not quite - doing a Select Column1,..., ColumnN from Table can be just as dangerous. Was the issue because you had two tables both with a column name with the same name? Select Table.Column1,..., Table.ColumnN from Table will at least allow the stored proc to compile, but even then your rowset will contain duplicate column names.

Correct database change management is what will save you here. Select * is not the problem, it's a symptom.
Chris Maunder 18-Jun-11 13:23pm View
What have you tried?
Chris Maunder 12-Jun-11 20:28pm View
Fair call. I've updated the code.
Chris Maunder 12-Jun-11 16:42pm View
Chris Maunder 4-Jun-11 15:00pm View
You haven't asked a question, you've just stated a problem. Ask a specific question and you may get some help
Chris Maunder 2-Jun-11 18:24pm View
What have you tried?
Chris Maunder 27-May-11 22:07pm View
How is client side scripting going to help with extremely large datasets on the server side?
Chris Maunder 27-May-11 22:05pm View
What, specifically, isn't working? You need to be precise.
Chris Maunder 27-May-11 7:52am View
What's the question? We need more than that to help you
Chris Maunder 11-May-11 20:34pm View
What type is "lboxStudentIDs.SelectedValue" and what type is "SchoolIDS"? You can't just cast between different types and expect it to work
Chris Maunder 11-May-11 20:32pm View
What's your question?
Chris Maunder 21-Apr-11 8:50am View
But maybe Google is...
Chris Maunder 21-Apr-11 8:24am View
Ask a sepcific question. We won't do your homework.
Chris Maunder 19-Apr-11 8:56am View
Show us what you've tried and ask a specific question on what's blocking you and then we can help you.
Chris Maunder 15-Apr-11 9:30am View
If the poster has made no effort to help us answer his question then report the question and move on.
Chris Maunder 15-Apr-11 9:27am View
Do you want to do this within your code, at the database level? ie do you want the Access database to return the data pre-formatted. What have you tried so far?
Chris Maunder 15-Apr-11 9:22am View
You need to send us the statement you are using to insert the records.
Chris Maunder 8-Apr-11 8:53am View
If you tell us what you've tried we can provide specific help.
Chris Maunder 7-Apr-11 10:07am View
Best to just report the question as "Not a question" and move on.
Chris Maunder 6-Apr-11 14:10pm View
That's great, but it's not a question. Ask us for specific help. We'll help, but we won't do your work for you. Reported as "Not a question"
Chris Maunder 5-Apr-11 12:28pm View
Can you please post the code you have that wraps the "Phone Number" etc blocks? I think it's a wrapping problem
Chris Maunder 22-Mar-11 22:16pm View
No it isn't. And you mean MFC, right?
Chris Maunder 20-Mar-11 23:47pm View
Which article?
Chris Maunder 20-Mar-11 23:47pm View
That's not a question. What, specifically, are you asking?
Chris Maunder 16-Mar-11 11:13am View
*cough* blackberry *cough*
Chris Maunder 15-Mar-11 21:29pm View
If the question is unclear then report it using the Flag icon above and to the right.
Chris Maunder 1-Mar-11 16:04pm View
From : donmillaalex

Cool, article. We were doing something similar to manage concurrent users but hit a wall with when users refreshed the page.

It was noticed during development test that the session count was not working right especially when users refreshed pages though App hit count was being read OK and different session ID's were being generated as expected. Plus it came to light as well that IE handles sessions slight different from Chrome and FF. - Just an observation not found a work around yet....
Chris Maunder 21-Feb-11 21:11pm View
My mistake then - I didn't dive into the docs for HashSet deeply enough and assumed that it would throw an error if you tried to add an item with an existing key and that you were using the try/catch to handle this. Carry on...
Chris Maunder 18-Feb-11 23:49pm View
Most images are going to have many, many repeated colours so you're using try/catch to handle common branching logic, not exceptional errors. Eww. Why not use "Contains" to check for existence first in order to save the overhead associated with try/catch?
Chris Maunder 9-Feb-11 7:34am View
This is an impossible question and, unfortunately, will be removed.

You need to ask specific questions. We can't just write your app for you, or tell you how to do your job. Break the problem down into peices, work on them, and when you're stuck ask for specific help.
Chris Maunder 8-Feb-11 7:34am View
Please just delete questions of this calibre.
Chris Maunder 3-Feb-11 1:18am View
On behalf of original poster:

Hi sandeep,
I gone through the links,but that is not working in my project,In eclipse am using code like

table id="displayNameRole"
<thcolspan=5>Member Name</th>
<th>Role Name&</th>
<%int flag=0;
for(String logedInUser_RoleId:logedInUserRoleIdList){
<th>Change Role </th>
int i=1;
for(some code){
out.println("<td>"+ i +"</td>);
String roleName=(String)viewMemberRoleMap.get(viewMembersName.get(i-1));
String membersName=(String)viewMembersName.get(i-1);
out.println("<td colspan=5>"+retrieveUserName.getUserName(membersName,null)+"</td>");
for(String logedInUser_RoleId:logedInUserRoleIdList){
out.println("<td>") }
But it is not working..What to do?
Chris Maunder 3-Feb-11 1:15am View
An out paramter will always be assigned a value. Even so, I follow the pattern of

if (!int.TryParse(..., out variable))
variable = 0;
Chris Maunder 2-Feb-11 6:30am View
"Each Task has different attributes and details": What do you mean? Are there more fields depending on the type of Task?
Chris Maunder 24-Jan-11 7:00am View
Why are you trying to stop someone hitting the back button? I'm assuming it's to stop them viewing a page that should only be viewed when logged in.

So, my comment relates to what to do if someone tries to view a page they aren't meant to, and the answer is, handle this on the server side when they try and view the page.

If you are trying to stop them, at the client side, from viewing a page you can't. If javascript is disabled then you scripting efforts are a waste. If they manually look up their history and go to the page, or have bookmarked a page and then go to the bookmark, then you're back to square 1.

Discourage someone from viewing a page, yes, but don't mess with the history, and don't assume they won't get to the page.
Chris Maunder 24-Jan-11 1:56am View
Encouraging developers to mess with browser history is a bad, bad thing.

If I see a site is trying to stop me hitting a page you know what the first thing I do is? I try and see what they are hiding. If devs feel they can stop people hitting the back button then they may get sloppy and think the previous page is now safe and doesn't need safeguards from those not logged in.

Besides: disable javascript and your solution fails.
Chris Maunder 22-Jan-11 6:55am View
Far better to just edit your original comment than repost a new one.
Chris Maunder 18-Jan-11 6:59am View
[moved from answer]OP wrote:

Thanks for your reply,
I am already using placeholder to add the gridview control.
i.e. placeholder.Controls.Add(grd);

Also tried to add div control in place of placeholder to add the gridview; but that didn't work either.

It would be helpful if you can explain your solution, if you have tried my code.

Your help would be appreciated

Chris Maunder 18-Jan-11 1:37am View
Just a test. Please ignore (I will delete)
Chris Maunder 15-Jan-11 6:38am View
How many times has a developer been tasked with something impractical? I'd say either help the poor suffering guy or move on.
Chris Maunder 12-Jan-11 6:12am View
Looks like your article is now "pending" but has been referred to the editors before it can be moderated and approved. Give it a few more hours and Sean will have had a coffee and be able to go through it.
Chris Maunder 11-Jan-11 6:00am View
Testing, please ignore (I'll delete this!)
Chris Maunder 4-Jan-11 7:40am View
Please let me know if you get this. I will delete the message after it's posted.
Chris Maunder 30-Dec-10 17:07pm View
TRying now in IE7 standards mode (I know, I could do this on my dev machine but this is more fun)
Chris Maunder 30-Dec-10 17:04pm View
Now testing with FF.
Chris Maunder 30-Dec-10 17:02pm View
Testing comments. Will delete this
Chris Maunder 16-Dec-10 1:08am View
a) This is fine for a single line, but will not do anything to help format multiline HTML to formatted (or readable) plain text.
b) Why not just use Replace(@"\<[^\>]*\>", String.Empty) (though this will fail for poorly formatted HTML such as "a < b or a > b" not being correctly HTML encoded)
Chris Maunder 12-Nov-10 8:46am View
Just testing the comment system
Chris Maunder 10-Oct-10 8:35am View
Unfortunately this entry cannot be approved and will be removed.
Chris Maunder 9-Oct-10 8:11am View
Reason for my vote of 1
Chris Maunder 29-Sep-10 22:38pm View
Reason for my vote of 5
Automatic vote of 5 for accepting answer.
Chris Maunder 29-Sep-10 18:26pm View
Reason for my vote of 5
Automatic vote of 5 for accepting answer.
Chris Maunder 15-Sep-10 21:45pm View
Please tell me you aren't leaving your sa password blank....
Chris Maunder 15-Sep-10 9:09am View
Please don't spam the boards. This is totally inappropriate. Deleting
Chris Maunder 11-Sep-10 21:39pm View
Reason for my vote of 5
This is a test vote. Relax - I will remove this comment and restore the vote to 5.
Chris Maunder 11-Sep-10 21:39pm View
Reason for my vote of 2
This is a test vote. Relax - I will remove this comment and restore the vote to 5.
Chris Maunder 7-Sep-10 22:48pm View
You can. You can also write code that's easily read by all levels of programmers that may need to touch your code. I prefer clarity to cleverness.
Chris Maunder 16-Aug-10 9:51am View
Better to post this in the Bugs and Suggestions forum. Removing this.
Chris Maunder 7-Aug-10 19:39pm View
Doesn't work
Chris Maunder 14-Jul-10 22:17pm View
Note quite: it's also available, as a previous answerer noted, in HttpContext.Current
Chris Maunder 12-Jul-10 22:45pm View
Reason for my vote of 1
This isn't a question.
Chris Maunder 3-Jul-10 9:39am View
ASP.NET validation controls emit client side validation. Did you read the article link I posted?
Chris Maunder 30-Jun-10 13:55pm View
Chris Maunder 30-Jun-10 12:45pm View
We'd still have to check for the existence before dropping it - though we couold wrap in a try/catch. Merging the SETs into a SELECT? Great idea!
Chris Maunder 28-Jun-10 22:37pm View
This makes no sense. What are you actually trying to do?
Chris Maunder 25-Jun-10 16:06pm View
This is a test comment
Chris Maunder 16-Jun-10 1:12am View
Looks like Sloppy is the go. Thanks
Chris Maunder 16-Jun-10 1:12am View
No luck in getting this to install in Win7. I'll keep plugging away though.
Chris Maunder 16-Jun-10 0:04am View
Reason for my vote of 1
We can't help you unless you explain what you need.
Chris Maunder 11-Jun-10 7:53am View
Reason for my vote of 1
1 for downvoting the answer instead of clarifying the question in the case the answer was not quite what you wanted. Show some manners.
Chris Maunder 18-May-10 21:46pm View
Reason for my vote of 1
You have not explained yourself. How can we possibly help you?
Chris Maunder 18-May-10 21:45pm View
What is it about performance you wish to know?
Chris Maunder 18-May-10 14:16pm View
Reason for my vote of 1
You've got to be kidding us if you want us to do your homework for you.
Chris Maunder 17-May-10 23:22pm View
Reason for my vote of 1
You've not explained your problem at all.
Chris Maunder 13-May-10 12:31pm View
Better to post this as a comment, not an answer...
Chris Maunder 13-May-10 7:47am View
Send code for what?
Chris Maunder 12-May-10 17:59pm View
this ; is a comment

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