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Comments by Grant Weatherston (Top 40 by date)

Grant Weatherston 24-May-16 9:31am View    
yes i just read that , i was looking at it wrong. My baad
Grant Weatherston 15-Apr-16 11:38am View    
cheers colin.
Grant Weatherston 14-Apr-16 4:50am View    
sorry, i didn't see in his question it had to be free? Additionally, the election app could have been for non-commercial application.
Grant Weatherston 12-Apr-16 12:01pm View    
if you have an idea of which files it could be, stick a 'console.log("[nameOfFile]");' tag in each of the files, thats a brute force way of doing it.

other options include using dev tools in the browser and going to the scripts tab and seeing which js files have been loaded in the DOM
Grant Weatherston 14-Mar-16 12:19pm View    
what exactly are you trying to achieve?