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Prasaad SJ 23-Feb-15 23:10pm View
Hi Kornfield, More like Man in the Middle or any attacker technique. You can have a look at the following links, Before using enableViewStateMac="true" viewStateEncryptionMode="Always" : After using : In the above you could see the Block in Red remains unchanged. My concern is will that be explicit when the request goes from one point to the other and can we secure this password (block in red) in any way?
Prasaad SJ 18-Nov-14 4:52am View
Hi Shweta,
I m sorry, I still couldn't get your solution. string.IsNullorEmpty always return a bool and can we use this in expression to compare?? And more over my data type is GUID? (so I can't use .ToString here, it will throw error when the value is null).
Prasaad SJ 18-Nov-14 3:44am View
Hi Shweta,
Can you describe this in detail? What is Isnull here? I am using C# btw.
Prasaad SJ 5-Nov-14 2:52am View
Hi.. Thanks for the reply. I have a separate folder to store all these files. Instead of using FTP, I need to use it with HTTP. How can I do that. ??
Prasaad SJ 27-Oct-14 2:54am View
I have disabled the cookies but the problem still exists. SRS, Was there any settings in IIS that could lead to this problem?

Thanks for your reply guys.
Prasaad SJ 7-Sep-14 9:59am View
Hi Richard. Please find the updated question above
Prasaad SJ 22-Jul-14 5:10am View
What have you tried so far. ? You have both the values in Lists ?
Prasaad SJ 22-Jul-14 5:08am View
are you using any 3rd party applications to read the word document. ?
Prasaad SJ 26-Jun-14 7:18am View
Vow. I don't know how it works. But it is working good.. Can you explain how it works when you convert your list to Array.
Prasaad SJ 26-Jun-14 7:08am View
If I use the binding source, I m not getting the error but no rows are displayed even if I add new values to the list.
Prasaad SJ 25-Jun-14 23:32pm View
"Rows collection cannot be programmatically cleared when the DataGridView control is data-bound to anything else than an IBindingList that supports change notification and allows deletion."

I am getting this error. Seems we cannot manually clear the rows.
Prasaad SJ 16-Jun-14 22:36pm View
Hi Damith,
Do you know any method to access Xpath like "html/body". This returns null in HtmlAgilityPack.
Prasaad SJ 14-Jun-14 23:20pm View
Hi goathik,
Thanks for your reply. Actually this solution works fine if I have a class/table that have a limited number of column. But in one my case I have a table of 140 columns. I m damn sure I cannot manually set each column, because if I add a new column to the same table , I have to change all the methods in which I implemented this. You got any solution for this.. ??
Prasaad SJ 1-Jun-14 22:41pm View
Hi.. Thanks for the reply. I am using the WebBrowser control on a windows application. I figured out later that I am using "webBrowser1.ObjectForScripting = Form.ActiveForm;" under the document_completed event. "webBrowser1.ObjectForScripting=this" under Form load event gives me the correct solution. Thank you guys.. :)
Prasaad SJ 26-Feb-14 22:22pm View
Yeah.. I later found out that the HTML input tag alone will be posted back to the server. Images will only be rendered. So here I assigned the image src in a hidden control and then I use the that in the server.
Prasaad SJ 25-Feb-14 21:04pm View
You got it.. How could I achieve the fixed width font in Silverlight.. ?
Prasaad SJ 20-Feb-14 2:37am View
Hi.. Abinav I did set the width of the each string using the below code
string.Format("{0,-10}: Name\n{1,-10}: Last\n{2,-10}: Last\n", "Mohan", "PrasathSJ","Praba");

But still then it looks not aligned in the window.
Prasaad SJ 20-Feb-14 2:36am View
Hi.. Thanks for your response.
I am actually following the below

I am setting a fixed width here. This works fine in Command Prompt but not looking good(as shown in diagram2) in Silver light. I usually beleive that the Cmd prompt took the whole pixel but Window tries to decrease the size of letter based on the letter( You can see that in the link 2 that I included)
Prasaad SJ 18-Feb-14 3:29am View
The above is just a example that I explained. What if I have 1000 rows and have 50 names with duplicate rows. The above will return only the first row. But my requirement is all the distinct rows has to be returned but the distinct row(the row which I get) has to be row with higher Date.
Prasaad SJ 11-Feb-14 4:24am View
Basically you are arranging the list in descending order and then you are using a distinct value. This is how I am using now and it works well as the first row in the duplicate rows returned everytime.

Prasaad SJ 11-Feb-14 4:23am View
You are getting the data and then ordering it. It wont give us the desired soln.
Prasaad SJ 11-Feb-14 4:21am View
Hi Vipin,
This will return the distinct values and then order So it wont be the solution .
Prasaad SJ 11-Feb-14 1:29am View
Thanks for your reply. I am quiet comfortable with using EqualityComparator. Buy my question is if 2 rows are equal then i have get the row with the latest date. How could that be possible
Prasaad SJ 17-Jan-14 5:24am View
What have you tried so far.. ??
Prasaad SJ 17-Jan-14 5:20am View
Wont the project have your dll in the project bin folder?
Prasaad SJ 17-Jan-14 0:02am View
Did you debug and check that it is going to any of the If statement that you use?
Prasaad SJ 15-Jan-14 4:16am View
May I know What r you doing with DataTable.. ? You r displaying the Table in Grid View.. Or using only for the logical opertions..
Prasaad SJ 12-Jan-14 23:26pm View
The above would give you the best answer and to view the images in side by side instead of a row by row you can see the following link
Prasaad SJ 12-Jan-14 23:10pm View
Ok.. Thanks.. I m not sure how they track either they could use the server Ip address or the we site URL.. But anyway thanks.
Prasaad SJ 12-Jan-14 22:16pm View
Hi.. Properties will be name and member even if with or without getter /setter method but then Grid View is working in one case and not the other..
Prasaad SJ 9-Jan-14 4:42am View
It would be good if you use the same post, As the guys who replied your question could understand your question more easily. !!
Prasaad SJ 9-Jan-14 4:24am View
Couldn't get you...!!! Explain what you finally want in detail..
Prasaad SJ 9-Jan-14 4:18am View
What r you expecting. ?? Did you get any error. ?
Prasaad SJ 9-Jan-14 4:16am View
can you describe your question well?.. Here under they have given solution to use the data before removing from DB or simply remove the data from the Grid.
Prasaad SJ 26-Dec-13 2:30am View
Yeah.. This should work.. Any way just have few test cases and test the results.
Prasaad SJ 23-Dec-13 3:30am View
Can you tell us how r you displaying the image.. Can you give us the sample code that you use. Bcoz postback is the important concept in Without knowing how you r implementing your logic uts difficult to answer your question..
Prasaad SJ 22-Dec-13 23:13pm View
I would like to know whether do you have basic understanding of EntityFramework? Bcoz the above is more like you have to get the data from sql server through entityframework and you have to use yr own logic to show the data in the chart..
Prasaad SJ 18-Dec-13 22:32pm View
Hi Sebsco,
couldn't understand your question well. Do you want a suggestion or.. ??. Can you describe what you want in detail.. ??
Prasaad SJ 18-Dec-13 3:34am View
I m not sure.. Is this your problem..

R you accessing the Employee directly.. ??

Gridcustom.DataSource= Employee; // You cannot access this way.

You can access only by the following

Gridcustom.DataSource= EmployeeAccessLayer.Employee;
Prasaad SJ 18-Dec-13 0:38am View
Above links would give you an rough Idea. Especially read the 2nd link that will give you the overall idea.
Prasaad SJ 17-Dec-13 0:10am View
Hi RaheMani,
The code which you have given in the top is working fine for me. It is going to the error script once the error is occurred. Can you describe in detail about the error or scenario you r looking for. ?
Prasaad SJ 16-Dec-13 6:10am View
Sorry.. I could n't get you. Can you explain in detail.
Prasaad SJ 16-Dec-13 4:26am View
The following is the dummy example from the link

<asp:RadioButtonList id="RadioButtonList1"

in .cs file:
void Index_Changed(Object sender, EventArgs e) {

Label1.Text = "You selected " + RadioButtonList1.SelectedItem.Text +
" with a value of $" + RadioButtonList1.SelectedItem.Value +


In the above function based on the value selected you can call the function.

eg if(RadioButtonList1.SelectedItem.Value=="Something")
//your function/SP
Prasaad SJ 16-Dec-13 2:08am View
Soory couldn't get what exactly you want. Can you describe it in detail.?
Prasaad SJ 12-Dec-13 5:45am View
May I know What is the culture format that you follow in your own system(PC)?
Prasaad SJ 12-Dec-13 5:35am View
Sorry.. I couldn't get what you say. May I know where is not displaying.. ???
Prasaad SJ 11-Dec-13 22:09pm View
What jogider said is good solution. You just have to put all the dropdown under the single update Panel and you write the necessary code like selecting index change for the dropdown etc, It would work exactly what you needed(I think)
Prasaad SJ 17-Oct-13 0:54am View
Thanks for your answer.

Mohan Prasath S J
Prasaad SJ 17-Sep-13 0:56am View
The solution is not working. It is forming the URL as below

Prasaad SJ 13-Sep-13 5:45am View
Sorry the correct link is
Prasaad SJ 13-Sep-13 3:59am View
Hi ridoy,
The link is working fine. The code is under Examples. If you search for "query" you could easily find that.
Prasaad SJ 12-Sep-13 11:16am View
Do you wanted to do this in the sql server, or you wanted to get the data and separate in back end(C#). If you want c#, you can use int32.TryParse() method and check whether the data is an Integer or an string.
Prasaad SJ 3-Sep-13 5:36am View
Hi.. Thanks for the answer. But my question is I have a list, Say 100 items in the list. What is the advantage of using Linq query over the loop here?
Prasaad SJ 29-Aug-13 5:47am View
I want currency value without any decimal points. Eg: $1234. The one you mentioned above give me some value with decimal points (eg: $1234.56).

Prasaad SJ 29-Aug-13 3:56am View
I got your answer.. Thanks..
Prasaad SJ 23-Jul-13 4:49am View
Did you Debug and check, What is the value for the result each time? I think there might be some problem in extracting the data("Text"). Can you specify the result value here?
Prasaad SJ 25-Jun-13 1:24am View
Ok.. Thank you..
Prasaad SJ 11-Jun-13 4:53am View
Thanks 4 the link.That is so useful

So in brief, Instance are more like thread of the program which holds the database. So instance does not have any data that is in the database.
Prasaad SJ 11-Jun-13 4:41am View
So.. as per the first link going for the third party tool like Aspose is best I suppose. and in the 2nd Link You are once again using Interop in between.. Do you any other 3rd party tool which is free. I tried with iTextSharp but it does not compatible with Doc files..
Prasaad SJ 30-May-13 22:21pm View
At which line number you are getting this error.
Prasaad SJ 23-May-13 0:01am View
Did you specify struct before testStruct?
Prasaad SJ 22-May-13 21:51pm View
Hi.. May I know what is this 9,12,10 numbers that you have specified.
Prasaad SJ 22-May-13 21:15pm View
Hi.. It is not necessary that you have to use Class for that. You can query the data with the dataset itself.Following link will be helpful for you
Prasaad SJ 22-May-13 6:04am View
Hi.. Nnorss.. ChildNodes is for the Webforms.
If you are using Windows Forms then use par.Nodes.Add(childnode);
Prasaad SJ 22-May-13 2:18am View
Do you want to put all the contents in text file to excel..???
Prasaad SJ 21-May-13 5:37am View
Can't you access the public members of X as normal function arguments.
For example Y(X o){int i=o.i;}
You can use X as this way.
Prasaad SJ 21-May-13 5:26am View
May I know what is question in Detail?? You are using only one arguments then you will be allowed to use the PROC only with one arguments.