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Nirav Prabtani 19-Jan-22 3:54am View
Check for the brackets properly, it seems you have missed closing the bracket of BindEmployeeData function
Nirav Prabtani 17-Jun-19 4:34am View
What is an error ?
Nirav Prabtani 13-Jun-19 2:38am View
What is an issue there ?
Nirav Prabtani 13-Jun-19 2:29am View
See the solution
Nirav Prabtani 13-Jun-19 1:33am View
//$('#sel').val('005'); /// I do not want to set here

then where do you want to set it ?
Nirav Prabtani 3-Jun-19 1:27am View
Put, breakpoint and try to find the values in the dataSet

Why your dataset doesn't contains the values ?
Nirav Prabtani 6-May-19 7:00am View
just enclose that table into square brackets [User]

Insert into [User] values....
Nirav Prabtani 2-May-19 5:08am View
Yes, correct
Nirav Prabtani 2-May-19 5:07am View
I have deleted my Answer.
Nirav Prabtani 2-May-19 4:38am View
I am not saying you downvoted my answer, Someone downvoted your answer so I have compensated your answer by voting it by 5+
Nirav Prabtani 2-May-19 4:36am View
Sir, I agreed with your poing and I have already mentioned Note over there.
Nirav Prabtani 2-May-19 2:45am View
Compensated down-vote !!
Nirav Prabtani 2-May-19 1:58am View
Please accept this answer, if it really helps you.

This will help others too in terms of credibility of an answer
Nirav Prabtani 25-Apr-19 0:38am View
Thanks,I appreciate

I frequently experience that, someone is intentionally doing that in all of my recent answer.

Any way, I wish he/she get well soon :)
Nirav Prabtani 12-Apr-19 0:54am View
That I didn't know, please keep it up.
Nirav Prabtani 11-Apr-19 7:08am View
after finishing data import from excel, did you call BindData() function as well ?

While debugging don't have find the newly entered data ?
Nirav Prabtani 11-Apr-19 6:39am View
You can bind data after applying the order by time desc, this will return new records on top.

Are you using stored procedure for data binding purpose ?
Nirav Prabtani 11-Apr-19 5:39am View
top 5 or top 10 ?
Nirav Prabtani 11-Apr-19 5:33am View
Have you updated the code as above ?

If yes then debug line by line and set try {} catch{} block for further information
Nirav Prabtani 11-Apr-19 5:28am View
Nirav Prabtani 11-Apr-19 5:15am View
You need to check, how to enable location permission in safari
Nirav Prabtani 11-Apr-19 4:27am View
Make sure you allowed current location for browser, It seems you denied the same.

If not, then can you please see the console by inspecting an element ?
Nirav Prabtani 11-Apr-19 4:25am View
Ok, Thanks for info.
Nirav Prabtani 11-Apr-19 3:15am View
It is 7 months old question, Please ignore
Nirav Prabtani 11-Apr-19 3:15am View
It is 7 months old, Please ignore
Nirav Prabtani 11-Apr-19 3:13am View
Have you followed Route (URL) pattern ?

Can you please mention the endpoint which you are targeting ?
Nirav Prabtani 10-Apr-19 9:29am View
Nirav Prabtani 10-Apr-19 9:21am View

Mark it as a solved for the solution credibilit, it will help others too
Nirav Prabtani 10-Apr-19 9:12am View
What is an issue ?? Can you mention ?
Nirav Prabtani 10-Apr-19 8:36am View
tm.FromDate = DateTime.ParseExact(fmdate, "dd-MM-yyyy", CultureInfo.InvariantCulture);
tm.EndDate = DateTime.ParseExact(todate, "dd-MM-yyyy", CultureInfo.InvariantCulture);

You can use MM-DD-YYYY vice versa, according to your need
Nirav Prabtani 10-Apr-19 6:34am View
The question was asked on 27-Jan-14

Do you still think OP hasn't any solution yet ?
Nirav Prabtani 9-Apr-19 6:51am View
Nirav Prabtani 9-Apr-19 6:40am View
Why the questions have c# and tags ?

Do you want to limit your business to .net (programming) only ?
Nirav Prabtani 9-Apr-19 4:35am View
please check below links

Nirav Prabtani 8-Apr-19 9:01am View
5+, Good job !!
Nirav Prabtani 8-Apr-19 4:50am View
Nirav Prabtani 8-Apr-19 3:18am View
You should update your CV according to your skill and upload it in job portal and apply for suitable position.
Nirav Prabtani 1-Apr-19 8:32am View
What is an error, Have you check in console by inspecting the element ?
Nirav Prabtani 1-Apr-19 7:32am View
Nirav Prabtani 1-Apr-19 7:01am View
Why do you need to do hashing of entire hard disk ??
Nirav Prabtani 1-Apr-19 6:43am View
How can anyone help you without knowing what is happening code level on form submit event ?

We are not aware what you have written on .cs page.

Try to debug on your own way and for best practice put the try{} catch{} block and save the exception in a file or database.
Nirav Prabtani 1-Apr-19 6:39am View
Either you can provide reference link or you should give credits to original authors instead of copying the content as it is.

It causes negative ratings and markings as well.
Nirav Prabtani 11-Feb-19 1:56am View
Nirav Prabtani 11-Feb-19 1:55am View
Please mark it as a resolved, if it works for you
Nirav Prabtani 26-Dec-18 2:06am View
Nirav Prabtani 13-Jun-17 4:18am View
welcome always
Nirav Prabtani 12-Jun-17 6:35am View
This is not an answer, You should remove it from here and paste it in a comment box if you need
Nirav Prabtani 26-May-17 3:52am View
Problem is with your question, It does not make any sense,
Where have you stuck?
What do you want ??

We can not identify your issue.

Update your question with proper need.
Nirav Prabtani 6-May-17 5:59am View
Ohhh I didn't noticed that
Nirav Prabtani 6-May-17 5:35am View
I don't understand why "*" sign is there?

Just make sure path is accessible for the image and your code will work.
Nirav Prabtani 6-May-17 4:00am View
WC, please delete solution2 else it causes downvotes as it is not an answer
Nirav Prabtani 6-May-17 3:59am View
Yes that I can see but in insert statement your variable values are not applicable as you have generated whole query as a string it self
Nirav Prabtani 6-May-17 3:40am View
You have to accept the answer which is correct.

This place is to answer of other member's questions.

All the details are there in Solution 1 if it is correct according to your need then accept it and remove that answer from here
Nirav Prabtani 6-May-17 3:35am View
That is different issue, Close this question by remark as answer and ask another one by another requirement
Nirav Prabtani 6-May-17 3:22am View
You set Application.StartupPath or similar like that to fetch image or you can set static path if path is known like @"C://folder/directory/abc.png"
Nirav Prabtani 6-May-17 3:16am View
And marked that answer as resolved if all queries of yours have been resolved.

That can be helpful for others too
Nirav Prabtani 6-May-17 3:14am View
Make sure that image is accessible by that path

myBitmapImage.UriSource = new Uri(@"image\\cards\\back.png");
Nirav Prabtani 6-May-17 2:58am View
Comment Uri from reset

public void Reset()


// Uri("image\\Cards\\back.png");

ImgCard.Source = imageSource;

OfCardstext.Content = "";

Cardtext.Content = "";

Totaltext.Content = "";



and set just update your bitmapimage code like this

BitmapImage myBitmapImage = new BitmapImage();

myBitmapImage.UriSource = new Uri(@"your image path");

ImageSource imageSource = myBitmapImage
Nirav Prabtani 6-May-17 2:40am View
Now build your code and check is this error still persists ?

"The name ImageSource does not exist in the current context"
Nirav Prabtani 6-May-17 2:34am View
Why you have set it to private ??

Make it public or declare it to a desired scope so it can be accessible
Nirav Prabtani 6-May-17 2:28am View
in that code

public void Reset()



ImgCard.Source = imageSource;

OfCardstext.Content = "";

Cardtext.Content = "";

Totaltext.Content = "";



where you have declared imageSource ??

Nirav Prabtani 5-May-17 4:19am View
You should do a one thing

Hire 1000+ programming experts and ask them to develop for you
You just need to pay them for 2 years and I am sure you will get a good messanger for same.
Nirav Prabtani 5-May-17 3:06am View
why are you sharing credential ?
Nirav Prabtani 5-May-17 2:40am View
1) Add new column
2) Update old column value to new one
3) Remove old column

Make sure new column should not be computed

- Create a new Column (unpersisted):


-- Delete the persisted column

like this
Nirav Prabtani 4-May-17 9:47am View
Yeah..!! hopefully, Thanks for information
Nirav Prabtani 4-May-17 9:33am View
Surrender !!! :)

Any way the post

has been closed due to we misunderstood an actual issue

it has been closed before OP can reach over the exact solution which is given in answer section

In this case what can be the resolution?

I dont know where to ask this kind of stuff so I am asking directly here.
Nirav Prabtani 4-May-17 9:01am View
Actually he/she want to display total at a bottom of gridview using boundfield,
His/her way of asking question is different but the question is same.
Nirav Prabtani 4-May-17 8:48am View
Nirav Prabtani 4-May-17 8:48am View
I think you have posted same at
Nirav Prabtani 4-May-17 8:35am View
What does it mean ??

string _alink =Add Title
Nirav Prabtani 4-May-17 8:29am View
What is an issue ?
Nirav Prabtani 4-May-17 8:10am View
Ohh I didn't noticed it
Nirav Prabtani 4-May-17 8:07am View
Thank you :)
Nirav Prabtani 4-May-17 7:30am View
check your response in jsonlint website
Nirav Prabtani 4-May-17 6:53am View
Unique key will not allow duplicate values. Whar is your issue ?

If you want to allow duplicate values then remove unique key
Nirav Prabtani 4-May-17 6:51am View
Ohhh I see.
Nirav Prabtani 4-May-17 5:32am View
Yes but what it is an exception ?
Nirav Prabtani 4-May-17 5:32am View
Check your response first, Isn't it is json ?
Nirav Prabtani 4-May-17 4:21am View
Where is an exception ?
Nirav Prabtani 4-May-17 3:43am View
You should store thumbnail and real image, either you store physically to directory and store path in database column or you can store both images to database directly and get images according to your need

The logic is upon you but I have just guided that you can use thumbnail during listing.
Nirav Prabtani 4-May-17 2:15am View
@bhagirathimfs, May i know why you have edited that question after 5 years of a posted date ?
Nirav Prabtani 4-May-17 0:42am View
1) Make sure your stored procedure query gives an output, execute it and check in SQL.

2) Debug your code and check connection, command and execution code should be correct and it will work for sure

Nirav Prabtani 3-May-17 10:05am View
Posted 20-Jun-15 16:56pm
Nirav Prabtani 3-May-17 9:59am View
Welcome always..!!
Nirav Prabtani 3-May-17 9:10am View
Nirav Prabtani 3-May-17 4:18am View
I Respect for detailed information in each and every post where needed.
Nirav Prabtani 3-May-17 4:17am View
Nirav Prabtani 3-May-17 2:28am View
You have to declare parameter according to formdata
support your formdata = {"ID":"1","Name":"nirav p"}

than your webmethod will be
public static string SendData(string ID,string Name)
{//break point here
// code
return "return data";
Nirav Prabtani 2-May-17 7:56am View
Question is posted on 6-Dec-14 8:38am

Do you really think, This can be helpful today ?
Nirav Prabtani 2-May-17 7:38am View
You are just inserting values.

You have to perform as i suggest in above solution.
Nirav Prabtani 2-May-17 7:32am View
I am new so I haven't tried anything ????
Nirav Prabtani 2-May-17 7:07am View
What is an issue with replace function, Have you checked it ?
Nirav Prabtani 2-May-17 6:40am View
Storage of thumbnail would be a better instead of stretching original one.
Nirav Prabtani 2-May-17 6:09am View
and the question is ?
Nirav Prabtani 2-May-17 2:19am View
What kind of error is there ? Can you please share ?
Nirav Prabtani 2-May-17 2:16am View
What is "TextBoxContainer" ?? please share HTML Code as well
Nirav Prabtani 2-May-17 2:08am View
My code will work on page load, What is your exact requirement?
I have checked my snippet, It is working.

Make sure you have placed that jquery link also

Nirav Prabtani 2-May-17 1:54am View
this will work for sure, please check updated answer
Nirav Prabtani 2-May-17 1:46am View
See my updated solution
Nirav Prabtani 2-May-17 0:51am View
You must have to debug your code and check at which query this error is generating.
Nirav Prabtani 1-May-17 1:38am View
You can use paging in report instead of that.

If still you want to do that, Just check rows count from datatable like this

if(dt.Rows.Coun > 14){

//Do your stuff here


Let me know if still you have any query or concern
Nirav Prabtani 28-Apr-17 8:37am View
That's not a good idea, Instead of job scheduler you should check and update same before
select query of get advertisement.
Nirav Prabtani 25-Apr-17 1:09am View
Your code is working fine. I have checked it.
Nirav Prabtani 19-Apr-17 9:42am View
This is not a right place to ask a question.
Delete that question and ask question in "ask question" section.
Nirav Prabtani 19-Apr-17 8:03am View
You have to fill your view with users data on ng-change event of a state dropdown.
Nirav Prabtani 19-Apr-17 8:02am View
Use code block whenever you are writing code in question or an answer
It will be easy to approach for you and others also.
Nirav Prabtani 19-Apr-17 4:09am View
What kind of error you are getting, Elaborate more...
Nirav Prabtani 19-Apr-17 0:56am View
Have you added namespace ??

using iTextSharp.text;
using iTextSharp.text.pdf;
using iTextSharp.text.html.simpleparser;

for more info
Nirav Prabtani 17-Apr-17 2:47am View
Click on Show files option in solution explorer and then You will find references
Nirav Prabtani 17-Apr-17 2:11am View
Expand reference tab and right click on reference and go to properties, There will be a path
Nirav Prabtani 7-Apr-17 1:49am View
+5 for your efforts.

Just make sure users will not going to do their homework by ourself.
Nirav Prabtani 15-Feb-17 2:56am View
What have you tried ? Dont ask for your home work that you don't want to do
Nirav Prabtani 15-Feb-17 2:55am View
You can find many of third party controls to fulfill your need.
If you are dealing with bulk of records them i am suggesting you to use SQL paging instead of filling all data at a time.

You can use flex grid, obout, telerik, dev express many more....
Nirav Prabtani 13-Feb-17 1:15am View
This is not a correct place to ask that kind of question here.

You can discuss here :
Nirav Prabtani 13-Dec-16 2:33am View
you have to debug your code.
Put a break point and check data is there or not.

If you dont have data in your datatable. How can you bind you controls ?
Nirav Prabtani 20-Apr-16 1:50am View
You need to ask for permission from facebook developer first, once it will be granted you will able to do from another login also.

for more info:

and actually i have already posted exact solution above.
Nirav Prabtani 14-Sep-15 7:35am View
This place is not for promotion , You can post a question or query where have you stucked.
Nirav Prabtani 25-Jun-15 2:48am View
Try updated solution
Nirav Prabtani 25-Jun-15 2:48am View
try that before backup

Nirav Prabtani 11-Sep-14 5:18am View
Hey man, i have resolved it, thanks for showing intrest.. :)
Nirav Prabtani 11-Sep-14 3:14am View
{"error":{"message":"(#200) The user hasn't authorized the application to perform this action","type":"OAuthException","code":200}}

I have already tried all solutions from google, those all solutions requires public_action permission which i have already provided.
Nirav Prabtani 11-Sep-14 2:11am View
Hey Tadit,
My request for public_Action has been approved successfully, but still i am unable to post on wall. :(
Nirav Prabtani 2-Sep-14 7:04am View
Nirav Prabtani 2-Sep-14 1:57am View
Hi tadit,

I have submitted my application agin with needed details and steps for permission, now it is pending for review, i hope it will approve.
Nirav Prabtani 1-Sep-14 0:51am View
yes, they ask me about more detail, i'll get back to you after having respondses from them.
Nirav Prabtani 30-Aug-14 9:53am View
No need to learn how to read? you need to learn what does sentence mean?, you wrote "Do you take your car to a mechanic and start asking them about your refrigerator?" what does it mean?
Nirav Prabtani 30-Aug-14 9:40am View
You are talking like i have asked offtopic question here.
In this forum also there is a tag of facebook API
I have posted in other forums also and facebook support too.
You can not say that kind of question should not here.
If you don't want to give solution than fine i am just hopping for solution instead you are pointing to my question that it is offtopic.
Nirav Prabtani 30-Aug-14 9:05am View
Nirav Prabtani 11-Aug-14 5:12am View
my 5+
Nirav Prabtani 9-Aug-14 2:48am View
What is an issue in it??
Nirav Prabtani 7-Aug-14 8:00am View
welcome.. :)
Nirav Prabtani 7-Aug-14 0:30am View
public class DetailsClass //Class for binding data
public string Username { get; set; }
public string Firstname { get; set; }
public string Lastname { get; set; }
public string EmailID { get; set; }


this is detailsclass
Nirav Prabtani 6-Aug-14 5:19am View
You have to set style of a pagging Div according to your need .. :)
Nirav Prabtani 5-Aug-14 3:30am View
i am not getting you :(
Nirav Prabtani 2-Aug-14 9:22am View
Have you set validate.js regerence in your project??
Nirav Prabtani 2-Aug-14 8:32am View

Dont repost questions ,Just edit them if you want..
Nirav Prabtani 2-Aug-14 7:24am View
Show me your code.
Nirav Prabtani 2-Aug-14 7:23am View
Dear it must work.. :)
Nirav Prabtani 2-Aug-14 6:44am View
That is not an answer, you can comment it instead... :)
Nirav Prabtani 2-Aug-14 6:12am View
welcome.. :)
Nirav Prabtani 2-Aug-14 5:30am View
ya save it first in a afolder than , Give respactive path in those solutions.. :)
Nirav Prabtani 2-Aug-14 5:24am View
my 5+
Nirav Prabtani 2-Aug-14 2:19am View
You should Create an application that will expire after a trial period ,try to search in google about software expiration using c#
Nirav Prabtani 2-Aug-14 2:01am View
What do you mean by " create table for each row select"???

Table in design mode or in sql database ?????
Nirav Prabtani 2-Aug-14 1:47am View
Not a good question.
What do you want, be more clear.
Nirav Prabtani 1-Aug-14 10:23am View
my 5+ love to read "Gujarati" word from you.. :)
Nirav Prabtani 1-Aug-14 9:16am View
Dont post more than one answer, just edit answer if you want.
Nirav Prabtani 1-Aug-14 7:54am View

your question has been solved, so why you repost question??
Nirav Prabtani 1-Aug-14 6:59am View
This is not an answer ,remove it from here. it downvotes your points
Nirav Prabtani 1-Aug-14 6:59am View
This is not an answer ,remove it from here. it downvotes your points
Nirav Prabtani 1-Aug-14 6:24am View
So my code is misleading..
And you can not force me to give exact solution, OP can modify it self if something is wrong there. In many solution i just give hint and OP got solution from hint so i think it is better than give exact solution.
Nirav Prabtani 1-Aug-14 6:17am View
Don't tell me to see results check first and than come to me.
You are arguing second time with me without check the code first time also you were wrong and this time also.
Nirav Prabtani 1-Aug-14 6:09am View
Rohan, we are not here to give exact solution of a question , we are here to only guide to a questioner and he got solution from it. that is enough for me.. :)
Nirav Prabtani 1-Aug-14 5:55am View
I had not implemented it practically but it should work.. :)
Nirav Prabtani 1-Aug-14 5:55am View
Nirav Prabtani 1-Aug-14 5:50am View
Welcome subhash.. :)
Nirav Prabtani 1-Aug-14 5:40am View
Welcome.... but delete this from here ,you write as a comment on my answer. this place is not for comment.
Nirav Prabtani 1-Aug-14 5:07am View
Welcome manvendra.. :)
Nirav Prabtani 1-Aug-14 3:53am View
what is an isuue?
Nirav Prabtani 1-Aug-14 3:47am View
What do you mean by mask detail form ???
Nirav Prabtani 31-Jul-14 7:30am View
Go for it....all the best.. :)
Nirav Prabtani 31-Jul-14 7:03am View
Than why you wrote "This will increase processing time that's why I'm looking for any other way
like the way in sql server select left()" above???
If you dont want to use it by SQL else try my solution and mark it as solved if it helps you.
Nirav Prabtani 31-Jul-14 6:58am View
You got both solution one is mine or second is using sql.
so apply whatever you like why are you still worried???
Nirav Prabtani 31-Jul-14 6:43am View
Thanks .. :)
Nirav Prabtani 31-Jul-14 6:24am View
I agree with you but you have tag c# , otherwise i'll suggest you same if you tah it SQL instaed
Nirav Prabtani 31-Jul-14 5:27am View
Thank you mani
Nirav Prabtani 31-Jul-14 5:18am View
If you got solution than mark it as solved.. :)
Nirav Prabtani 31-Jul-14 2:08am View
Thanks Maciej Los.. :)
Nirav Prabtani 31-Jul-14 2:04am View
Refer all links in my answer.. :)
Nirav Prabtani 31-Jul-14 1:54am View
Nopp, you have not used Stored Procedure..!!
Nirav Prabtani 31-Jul-14 1:42am View
We are not here to do your homework,What have you tried???
Nirav Prabtani 31-Jul-14 1:21am View
Where have you used stored procedure????
Nirav Prabtani 31-Jul-14 1:13am View
What is an issue??
Nirav Prabtani 30-Jul-14 8:45am View
Dont repost question, just edit it if you want.. :)
Nirav Prabtani 30-Jul-14 7:22am View
Welcome.. :)
Nirav Prabtani 30-Jul-14 7:04am View
still i have downvoted for it.. :)
Nirav Prabtani 30-Jul-14 6:55am View
Ok Rohan i'll take care of it.. Thanks.. :)
Nirav Prabtani 30-Jul-14 6:34am View
yes , you are right ,i have updated it.
Nirav Prabtani 30-Jul-14 6:23am View
Nirav Prabtani 30-Jul-14 3:44am View
my 5+
Nirav Prabtani 30-Jul-14 3:44am View
than try Solution 1
Nirav Prabtani 30-Jul-14 3:27am View
welcome.. :)
Nirav Prabtani 30-Jul-14 3:20am View

Dont repost question, just edit previous question if you want..
Nirav Prabtani 30-Jul-14 3:19am View
You can avoid the static constraint by using a simple .asmx page instead of the codebehind page.
Nirav Prabtani 30-Jul-14 2:46am View
What is an issue??
Nirav Prabtani 30-Jul-14 2:44am View
Can you open both page at a time?? or you used iframe??
Nirav Prabtani 30-Jul-14 2:19am View

Don't repost question ,just edit it if you want..
Nirav Prabtani 30-Jul-14 1:59am View way to do it.. programmatically.....
Nirav Prabtani 29-Jul-14 9:44am View
Don't repost question.
Just edit question if you want
Nirav Prabtani 29-Jul-14 9:07am View
Thanks.. :)
Nirav Prabtani 29-Jul-14 8:57am View
nopp i think you should look into it.. :)
Nirav Prabtani 29-Jul-14 8:57am View
nopp i think you should look into it.. :)
Nirav Prabtani 29-Jul-14 8:56am View
Than why don't you mark as solved??
Nirav Prabtani 28-Jul-14 10:21am View
Nirav Prabtani 26-Jul-14 7:52am View
my 5+
Nirav Prabtani 18-Jul-14 3:17am View
my 5+
Nirav Prabtani 17-Jul-14 6:42am View
my 5+
Nirav Prabtani 17-Jul-14 2:59am View
We are not here to do your home work. Just try to search in google by your self.. :)
Nirav Prabtani 17-Jul-14 2:57am View
have you host your application in IIS or server and have you make Facebook App correctly??
Nirav Prabtani 17-Jul-14 0:47am View
welcome.. :)