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komaliks 16-Dec-15 12:37pm View    
Yes, I was able to connect to the Linux server from windows server using Putty. My requirement is by clicking on a button, I need to get the files copied from the linux server under a path to my windows server. I am not sure how can I use RPC. Do you have any sample code which does this?
komaliks 22-Sep-13 3:06am View    
Hi Ganesh, Please let me know if I am clear this time.
komaliks 22-Sep-13 2:54am View    
The grid has a total of 45 columns actually. but only 5 columns will be visible on clicking the button. I have another button , by clicking on this button a check box will be displayed which has the list of all the columns of the grid i.e 45. by checking the checkbox the columns in the gridview should be made visible. for this i need jquery. ui.e. by selecting the check box items(the autopost is set 2 false), the grid should display the columns.
komaliks 19-Aug-13 10:25am View    
Thank you for the post. But my problem is not providing the scroll in the gridview.

I want the first column in the gridview to be fixed while scrolling horizontal. For example,Gridview has some 15 columns with 'Name' is the first column header name.

This 'Name column' disappers while we scroll horizontal and dont know for which Name the data row is for.

I need the Name column to scroll along with the horizontal scroll.

At the same, I do not want it to be scrolling when scroll vertical.
komaliks 5-Jul-13 5:06am View    
I tried giving the datatable name also.. but even that didnt work for me