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Beginner Luck 3-Jul-17 5:53am View
which of API you need example REST or SOAP. there is alot of different kind of AP.I
Beginner Luck 8-Sep-16 8:49am View
change your var mailMessage = new MailMessage to MailMessage mailMessage = new MailMessage();
Beginner Luck 1-Sep-16 0:31am View
He never help you. just here to put people down And my answer is near wat you need, you just need to understand to get the full answer
Beginner Luck 31-Aug-16 0:25am View
you have to read the link i send
i cannot just give you answer
My tips very near to the answer you have to understand what is written. what if go you school and still have to do it
Beginner Luck 31-Aug-16 0:13am View
create object and store in the local storage
this how you create object
Beginner Luck 30-Aug-16 23:13pm View
It is a javascript. when you debug you can see it. get item is
localStorage.setItem("name", pairs);; // get from "name"
for more info :
Beginner Luck 29-Aug-16 2:17am View
use title tag
Beginner Luck 29-Aug-16 2:01am View
how you going to show the file as image ??
Beginner Luck 28-Aug-16 5:29am View
use session??
Beginner Luck 24-Aug-16 21:19pm View
data2 += "data:[{name:'" + s.Month + "', y:" + + "}]},"; you can have array of data??
Beginner Luck 24-Aug-16 21:07pm View
You need to learn FQL Facebook Query Language
Beginner Luck 24-Aug-16 3:30am View
for loop??
Beginner Luck 18-Aug-16 4:14am View
I need to break it to you HTML and CSS is not a programming language. You go youtube learn basic coding
Beginner Luck 18-Aug-16 3:23am View
have you learn javascript??
Beginner Luck 18-Aug-16 1:46am View
what you really want to do with it. So i can tell what you really need. can show image you want to do??
Beginner Luck 18-Aug-16 1:35am View
Beginner Luck 17-Aug-16 21:33pm View
try put this url "" in bowser of another computer that trying to access it. This will test if this end point is access by that computer
Beginner Luck 17-Aug-16 7:52am View
too many code. all my code work and there is not error just it random crash.
even when i put in online complier
Beginner Luck 17-Aug-16 0:58am View
use C# to create hidden field dynamic when needed. Do not alway got the hidden
Beginner Luck 16-Aug-16 22:55pm View
backend use different code from frontend. Do not mix two languages on one side.
Beginner Luck 16-Aug-16 20:56pm View
got error message??
Beginner Luck 12-Aug-16 3:23am View and both have tutorial how to do it
Beginner Luck 11-Aug-16 22:08pm View
Beginner Luck 10-Aug-16 22:22pm View
they have name or variable. as min is different it when run
Beginner Luck 9-Aug-16 21:17pm View
x32 bit and x64 bit of understands int is different. example int is in x32 is int32 and in x64bit is int64. if you use database you know the limit contain is different as int x64 more than int x32bit
Beginner Luck 7-Aug-16 23:09pm View
which langauage you using
Beginner Luck 7-Aug-16 22:45pm View
not every time need Normalize to the max. it will slow done query. read when is needed and no needed most important
Beginner Luck 1-Aug-16 1:38am View
Do not do CAML yourself easy to error. I agree with top
Beginner Luck 28-Jul-16 5:01am View
show sp please
Beginner Luck 28-Jul-16 4:59am View
I love to sql injection your sql query. please fix that first
Beginner Luck 13-Jul-16 2:27am View
Under system.web section try following-
Beginner Luck 12-Jul-16 22:52pm View
Object[] args = new Object[] { };

var forms1 = (Form)Type.GetType("testing.Form2").InvokeMember(null, BindingFlags.DeclaredOnly | BindingFlags.Public | BindingFlags.NonPublic | BindingFlags.Instance | BindingFlags.CreateInstance, null, null, args);
Beginner Luck 12-Jul-16 2:15am View
which programming language you using
Beginner Luck 11-Jul-16 2:24am View
It is same as normal linq instead of josn. I will post if still not sure
Beginner Luck 11-Jul-16 2:21am View
I got the answer but thank is same your
Beginner Luck 10-Jul-16 22:15pm View
which language you try to use to parse this xml
Beginner Luck 8-Jul-16 4:11am View
Fill="Transparent" ??
Beginner Luck 7-Jul-16 6:00am View
you want dynamic or static way of getting to become draggable false??
Beginner Luck 7-Jul-16 4:31am View
you using which?? canvas or svg or image to display because they use a bit different way??
Beginner Luck 7-Jul-16 4:28am View
sry if you want table-partitioning then i cannot help you. Most likely you have to change your question ask
Beginner Luck 7-Jul-16 3:40am View
I love linq
Beginner Luck 7-Jul-16 2:23am View
use htmlagilitypack. just google htmlagilitypack
Beginner Luck 5-Jul-16 2:28am View
maybe .net framework is missing go check the versions
Beginner Luck 4-Jul-16 21:24pm View
I saw ILGenerator but do it also need CreateInstance ??
Beginner Luck 4-Jul-16 21:15pm View
use linq
Beginner Luck 4-Jul-16 20:45pm View
Did you use any bootstrap??
Beginner Luck 4-Jul-16 1:31am View
or the location of the external file is wrong
try codepen as it has downloading function that can download full working copy
Beginner Luck 30-Jun-16 20:52pm View
is it that your float have to many floating point
Beginner Luck 30-Jun-16 20:45pm View
use CSS call Background-image and CSS background Property
Beginner Luck 30-Jun-16 20:44pm View
show source code
Beginner Luck 23-Jun-16 21:55pm View
I not sure is this wat you need
Beginner Luck 23-Jun-16 21:38pm View
you want to Distinct by which column
Beginner Luck 20-Jun-16 1:34am View
Can you go google you question first?? Before a strict person will down vote you
Beginner Luck 15-Jun-16 5:10am View
Try this website to learn linq
Beginner Luck 15-Jun-16 4:57am View
You should depend more on CSS than in javascript.
Beginner Luck 8-Jun-16 2:16am View
hi, you are try to convert to below to code by jquery
You have to include the `%` signs in the `$params`, not in the query:

$query = "SELECT * FROM tbl WHERE address LIKE ? OR address LIKE ?";
$params = array("%$var1%", "%$var2%");
$stmt = $handle->prepare($query);
$stmt->execute($params); to a code???
Beginner Luck 31-May-16 4:20am View
data bind using database or SQL server??
Beginner Luck 16-May-16 1:18am View
are you using auto column or templete??
Beginner Luck 5-May-16 4:44am View
i am updating the database
Beginner Luck 4-May-16 21:25pm View
I do not know why is my record_id in set instead of at where
UPDATE data_laboratory_blood SET
record_id = ?p0, control_value_num = ?p1, control_value_text = ?p2 WHERE control_id = ?p3;
?p0 = '0061885c-c42c-4336-9128-a553011027b4' [Type: String (36)],
?p1 = NULL [Type: Int32 (0)],
?p2 = '111' [Type: String (3)],
?p3 = 'uxCholesterol' [Type: String (13)]
Beginner Luck 2-May-16 21:19pm View
Many way of doing it. Example database or IP/TCP
Beginner Luck 29-Apr-16 22:12pm View
show code plss
Beginner Luck 29-Apr-16 22:12pm View
show code plss
Beginner Luck 29-Apr-16 22:03pm View
you want sql query as linq or you want sql to linq convert
Beginner Luck 26-Apr-16 5:44am View
Beginner Luck 18-Apr-16 4:52am View
show me the both lvl 2 and lvl 3 so i can see the different between them
Beginner Luck 18-Apr-16 2:50am View
what programming language you using ?? C# orjquery
Beginner Luck 16-Apr-16 8:36am View
are you using javascript??
Beginner Luck 14-Apr-16 23:22pm View
no code no talk
Beginner Luck 13-Apr-16 21:41pm View
the one you use is not just C# but C# with linq. that why cannot do just that. You have to do the long method. I still not clear is linq support by java. but i just change my answer
Beginner Luck 13-Apr-16 5:43am View
i cannot see the code changes you make
Beginner Luck 13-Apr-16 5:35am View
that why you need to use session
Beginner Luck 13-Apr-16 5:33am View
can you use join table.
Beginner Luck 13-Apr-16 5:01am View
you want create after post back?? can try use session
Beginner Luck 12-Apr-16 5:34am View

Beginner Luck 7-Apr-16 5:37am View
jsp and java file is different file
Beginner Luck 4-Apr-16 3:10am View
I agree with above, search image by what and if image recognition then that is diffcult
Beginner Luck 11-Mar-16 12:38pm View
wat crystal report version you install??
Beginner Luck 22-Feb-16 3:38am View
because it is using linq method.
Beginner Luck 22-Feb-16 3:17am View
Thank you
Beginner Luck 20-Feb-16 8:07am View
can show ur ng-style or ng-class code??
Beginner Luck 19-Feb-16 19:43pm View
i change the answer to string instead
Beginner Luck 19-Feb-16 18:06pm View
Sry is lag
Beginner Luck 18-Feb-16 17:23pm View
try using method
Beginner Luck 17-Feb-16 18:32pm View
show code plss
Beginner Luck 15-Feb-16 5:22am View
Show your code plss so I can understand more
Beginner Luck 14-Feb-16 20:37pm View
is your text box length to short??
Beginner Luck 12-Feb-16 1:59am View
are you using control or html select??
Beginner Luck 11-Feb-16 20:51pm View
Your video file and html file must be same web folder
Beginner Luck 11-Feb-16 4:38am View
u cannot return null but can return ""
Beginner Luck 11-Feb-16 2:53am View
There is few way which u can Export the XML data to Sharepoint list 2013 by C# or powershell and etc ??
Beginner Luck 10-Feb-16 4:23am View
bootstrap need CSS knowledge as a pre-requisite too
learn from the basic web development before learn framework
Beginner Luck 5-Feb-16 22:14pm View
THank i also learn some thing
Beginner Luck 3-Feb-16 5:14am View
mac is network card address
Beginner Luck 3-Feb-16 4:37am View
System.Globalization.CultureInfo.InvariantCulture or u need to
using System.Globalization;
Beginner Luck 3-Feb-16 0:47am View
which javascript or C# u wan to use to get User MAC Address and IP Address
Beginner Luck 2-Feb-16 4:09am View
What is good website for learning Red hat development of crystal
Beginner Luck 2-Feb-16 3:27am View
why use absolute directory path but not relative directory
Beginner Luck 1-Feb-16 2:04am View
I also learn some thing
Beginner Luck 31-Jan-16 3:36am View
I agree with you
Beginner Luck 29-Jan-16 0:32am View
json for which language
Beginner Luck 28-Jan-16 20:19pm View
use CAML query
Beginner Luck 28-Jan-16 3:10am View
which code you using powershell or C# or javascript??
Beginner Luck 26-Jan-16 20:43pm View
is your id same auto increment and reset id number ??
because if u delete a id the id number will not be reused
Beginner Luck 21-Jan-16 5:05am View
just posted the new solution wish this help you
Beginner Luck 21-Jan-16 4:59am View
u should change ur question to "nvarchar to image sql server 2008 to crystal report"
Beginner Luck 21-Jan-16 4:54am View
crystal report??
Beginner Luck 21-Jan-16 4:50am View
image is also binary bits. u dont need to convert