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pygmydynamo 28-Jun-13 20:26pm View    
Hi KZ! Thanks for the feedback!

I've tried adding this $.ajax in, and replacing the youphpfile.php and, but it causes a white page error when the visitor clicks submit... it just hangs on my php page.

To answer your questions, llr, m, and p are all hidden fields from the HTML form. They're numbers that ConstantContact cares about, apparently. For example,
<input type="hidden" name="m" value="1103180583929">
pygmydynamo 28-Jun-13 20:06pm View    
I think that is what I mean. Thank you! I've updated the code. -Barry
pygmydynamo 31-May-13 18:11pm View    
That worked perfectly. Thank you very much for your expertise!
pygmydynamo 30-May-13 15:32pm View    
I see. I will edit the title, then.
pygmydynamo 30-May-13 14:49pm View    
Not a school course. I thought "intermediate" would help catch the eye of the right person to address it, since it might be too complex for novice JavaScripters dabblers, but it doesn't seem like it should be particularly advanced or complex for guys that know this stuff really well.