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Rambo_Raja 7-Jan-17 7:24am View    
But the thing is that I am unable to use the output of this query. Can you please help me with that? Regards.
Rambo_Raja 7-Jan-17 7:24am View    
Thanks Mika. I am trying this by using this query which is returning me all the dates that falls in the selected date range.

select TO_DATE('11/10/2016','MM/DD/YYYY') + rownum -1
from all_objects
where rownum <= TO_DATE('12/31/2016','MM/DD/YYYY') - TO_DATE('11/10/2016','MM/DD/YYYY')+1 ;
Rambo_Raja 19-Sep-14 5:02am View    
thank you shemeemsha,Sergey for vauluable comments . I will try to work as suggested by you. Thanks.
Rambo_Raja 11-Sep-14 2:27am View    
Thank you.
Rambo_Raja 16-May-14 8:49am View    
Can you tell in detail what error you are getting ? Actually this is very simple control to play with .