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V. 29-Jun-20 2:34am View    
try to google first, this is pretty basic stuff.
When stuck post a new question here on codeproject with what you tried and where it goes wrong, than people are glad to try to help you out.
V. 12-Mar-20 3:24am View    
that was a typ-o ;-)
V. 19-Jun-18 2:01am View    
No, what we're saying is that, though it might look like a date to you, pandas probably sees it as a string. Have you checked the dataframe's dtypes property after you read the CSV? I bet it says "object" for the first column, which basically is regarded as a string. Convert it to datetime which pandas also provides and check the dtypes again. it should read something like "datetime".
Check the pandas documentation:

PS: same for the second column, VERIFY it to be numerical
V. 18-Jun-18 8:47am View    
have you tried to check and correct for wrong data? It might be that a date is malformed or that the SA column contains non-numeric values.
Also check the df.dtypes value. The datetime will probably have been read as a string (=object type in pandas). My guess is you need to change that to type datetime. (see pandas pages on how to do that)
V. 15-Jun-18 0:39am View    
You need to clarify what you want to do, because your question doesn't really make sense.