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Comments by Silvabolt (Top 40 by date)

Silvabolt 31-Dec-13 10:42am View    
lol, it amazes me how some people can't even properly ask a question.
Silvabolt 8-Oct-13 10:01am View    
Check out stackpanels, that will be your basic structure, and then add item controls in it with multiple children controls for the text/button, etc....
Silvabolt 4-Oct-13 15:17pm View    
FYI, I got 15251 instead of 15982, so you must have changed your date. And this is correct. This represents the total number of days between the specified DateTimes
Silvabolt 6-Sep-13 12:18pm View    
What type of object is "chart_"?
Silvabolt 21-Aug-13 9:11am View    
Sorry about that, glad you got it fixed!