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Comments by Fandango68 (Top 3 by date)

Fandango68 7-Oct-16 0:37am View
Again, so!? StackExchange has people answering questions over 9 years old! So? I don't get your problem. And so what that it bubbles to the top. A problem then could still be a problem for someone today! It's called knowledge sharing. Are you a nepotist or some tight arse that can't just post something positive for once? Your profile is litered with negative crap.
Fandango68 5-Oct-16 23:14pm View
Why!? Are you the forum police? Go back and focus on something else bud. Mind your own business mate.
Fandango68 3-Sep-13 18:32pm View
I had to change the function to receive the ddl as a "this" so I could use it directly. It was not working, when using $(".ddlList").val();

So my function is like this ...

<input type="hidden" id="hdnPreviousValue" />
<asp:DropDownList ID="ddlAbsence" runat="server" onChange="ddlChanged(this);">

function ddlChanged(ddl)
var currentValue = ddl.selectedIndex;
var previousValue = $("#hdnPreviousValue").val();
//Update hidden field with current value from previous value

But overall this worked for me. All other "solutions" I found using jQuery was confusing as hell. This is much simpler. Thank you