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Samira Radwan 4-Mar-19 7:23am View    
@David Crow, It was a typo, my mistake it actually freezes after sending the file and trying to get the response by first constructing the `InputStream`. I updated my question
Samira Radwan 4-Jan-19 8:07am View    
@David Crow, you are absolutely right, removing the addTextChangedListner() eliminate s the problem. my question is If i can't use addTextChangedListner() what should be done to handle any EditText validations? or maybe is there a way to set the text without triggering it? i know i can't do it onCreateView
Samira Radwan 6-Sep-18 13:33pm View    
yes it does work. apology for late answer
Samira Radwan 30-Aug-18 13:20pm View    
thanks, i did pretty much as you suggested, please check my answer and if you have any other thoughts, let me know.
Samira Radwan 30-Aug-18 13:16pm View     CRLF
I understand your point. but how to make rotation look like blink? any link or starting code would be really appreciated. In my case I would like to make the circle blink in certain condition for short time to indicate to the user he has to tap/touch here.