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Comments by (Top 8 by date) 11-Mar-14 12:08pm View
Dear Sir,

I know & I understand your concern.

I'm trying it for 2 day.. I can;t find the exact issue, that why I asked in forum.

Thank You :) 5-Aug-13 8:24am View
Dear Sir,

I don't understand. 4-Aug-13 8:14am View
Thank you..

I will check :) 1-Jul-13 2:33am View
I do no.

If I changed .Net to 3.0 , does it work on all system(OS). 23-Jun-13 10:27am View
What is your problem in this :O 23-Jun-13 10:17am View
(sorry) 20-Jun-13 15:43pm View
Reason for my vote of 4 \n Dear Sir,

Good idea, but these code are not working now a days.. 17-Jun-13 6:42am View
Thank you sir. Will try it.