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Kevin Priddle 9-Jul-14 10:13am View
PO came through on Monday 7 July 2014. Working with Chris to finalize launch date and remaining details.
Kevin Priddle 9-Jul-14 10:12am View
Prizes for those in North America have been ordered and Accounting is cutting cheques for the two prize winners in Europe.

Task closed.
Kevin Priddle 2-Jul-14 10:51am View
PO from Intel should be coming through today if it hasn't already.

Still need to finalize a few contest structure/timing things with Chris and then contest should be ready to launch either Friday or Monday.
Kevin Priddle 2-Jul-14 10:49am View
Value Add campaign has finished up and Jackie reports that the client was very pleased with the performance of the overall campaign as well as our additional promotional efforts.

Last remaining task is to work with Cheong to coordinate prize delivery for the five Gear 2 watch prizes.
Kevin Priddle 18-Jun-14 9:27am View
Has this bug fix been released yet? Still seeing the same issue.
Kevin Priddle 17-Jun-14 16:44pm View
Still need to reach out to Top CodeProject authors and build a better list of "influencers" that we can send article/review writing opportunities to, but putting this task on hold for now until I have more time freed up.
Kevin Priddle 17-Jun-14 16:42pm View
Last discussion on this was in an email thread between Eric, Chris, Cheong and I back at the end of April.

Putting this task on hold until we have time to revisit, but the latest status is basically:

- There are two elements: i) ownership and ii) right-to-use. It is possible for DM to own, and give the client the right to use. Let’s focus on what we and the client can and can’t do with the final product.

- The suggested approach is that by default (i.e. unless someone specifically asks otherwise) our T&Cs should give Developer Media ownership of all custom articles, reviews, and other content we produce and give clients right-to-use.

Once this is clear, Cheong can then refine the ownership / right-to-use distinction.

Kevin Priddle 17-Jun-14 16:33pm View
IO has been sent to Intel for signature.

Next tasks to complete before launching the contest:

- Get the contest page designed and set up
- Get banners designed by Marcin
- Figure out prize budget and prizing
- Contest Terms and Conditions

Kevin Priddle 17-Jun-14 16:31pm View
2,100 value-add clicks to their landing page as of today.

This additional promo and the Gear 2 Giveaway finish by end of week.
Kevin Priddle 16-Jun-14 17:28pm View
Neat directory of IoT companies that Meagon forwarded to me:
Kevin Priddle 4-Jun-14 10:50am View
- As of this morning we've driven and additional 1,130 clicks through to the Samsung landing page via our Gear 2 Giveaway promotions
- Pete O'Hanlon still working on his Gear 2 article, says he will have something together for us by the weekend so we can announce in the newsletters next week
- Waiting on approval from the client to start doing "social media" promo
Kevin Priddle 3-Jun-14 16:59pm View
Working Contest Design and Planning Doc available here:

Working List of Proposed Articles available here:
Kevin Priddle 29-May-14 16:40pm View
Samsung Gear 2 Giveaway extra promotions are now live and running. Registration page for the giveaway is here:
Kevin Priddle 29-May-14 16:39pm View
I approve of the beer selection here. Excellent choice :)
Kevin Priddle 29-May-14 11:39am View
Assets received and campaign launched today.
Kevin Priddle 28-May-14 15:45pm View
Brief summary of the submission stats and contest performance available here:

Now closing this task.
Kevin Priddle 28-May-14 10:52am View
Will be reaching out to the list of top CodeProject authors that Sean compiled and ask if anyone wants to be included on our list of "influencers" that we send article/review writing opportunities.

Need to draft a basic "sign up" form where authors can fill in a short bio about themselves, areas of expertise, links to blog, links to social media accounts and links to examples of past writing/projects.
Kevin Priddle 28-May-14 10:49am View
Compiling a final report this week and then this task will close.
Kevin Priddle 28-May-14 10:48am View
Planning document in the works and available here:
Kevin Priddle 28-May-14 10:03am View
Review completed. Waiting for feedback and approval from the client.
Kevin Priddle 28-May-14 10:02am View
Alvin Ashcraft has completed the review (first draft, and second draft with revisions) and client has approved. Just need to confirm when Aspose would like the posting to go live.
Kevin Priddle 28-May-14 10:01am View
Kick-off call scheduled Tuesday June 3 at 8:30am. Have to arrange author agreement and timelines after meeting.
Kevin Priddle 28-May-14 10:01am View
Review completed and posted to Product Showcase and Jon Flander's Blog.
Kevin Priddle 28-May-14 10:00am View
Won't accept any additional leads.
Kevin Priddle 26-May-14 11:55am View
Pete O'Hanlon is working on an article about developing for the Gear 2 wearable.

The Samsung Gear 2 Giveaway that we are planning to give out 5 free wearables to members is on hold until we receive a tracking link from the agency.
Kevin Priddle 26-May-14 11:06am View
Stats report (contracted and value add) sent out by Katie on Friday afternoon.
Kevin Priddle 22-May-14 14:12pm View
Need to assemble some stats for reporting and then this task will close.
Kevin Priddle 7-May-14 11:08am View
Week 4 winners announced yesterday. Working with Sean to judge the next round of articles which have to be announced Monday.
Kevin Priddle 7-May-14 11:08am View
Over 50 registrations as of this morning. I've briefed Heidi on how to handle the leads that come through and which ones should be sent the promo code.

Lisa received a message from Rick yesterday that some of our AdWords messaging was conflicting with their own CL Marketing Messaging. Dina is working with someone on their team to get approved messaging.

We also launched a LinkedIn ad campaign yesterday that seems to be performing well and will be putting more of our ad budget into those ads than AdWords.

We have approximately $363/day to spend on ads for the next 10 days. Rough budget will be $150 into AdWords and $200 into LinkedIn ads.
Kevin Priddle 30-Apr-14 11:56am View
DevNet Registration Page:

1 page PDF document with promo code and instructions for members on how to register in the task attachments.
Kevin Priddle 30-Apr-14 10:49am View
DevNet Registration Page:

1 page PDF document with promo code and instructions for members on how to register in the task attachments.
Kevin Priddle 30-Apr-14 10:48am View
Rough outlines of plans/stages for the Influencer program available here:
Kevin Priddle 28-Apr-14 10:45am View
Proposal has been completed and was sent to Michael Holmlund evening of Friday 25 April. Proposal PDF doc attached.
Kevin Priddle 24-Apr-14 11:52am View
[Wearables DevCon](
Kevin Priddle 23-Apr-14 17:07pm View
Justin has responded that they'd like to work with Alvin Ashcraft on this project. Next step is to draft an author agreement for Alvin, secure the product license and get him started on the review writing process.
Kevin Priddle 22-Apr-14 14:35pm View
Signed author agreement has been received. Waiting for some more direction on the contents of the review from the client and then the author will begin writing.
Kevin Priddle 22-Apr-14 14:16pm View
New sell sheets have been released. Gaining access to the website to update the related materials and FAQ still needed (being tracked in a separate task).
Kevin Priddle 22-Apr-14 13:57pm View
75/75 leads delivered as of Monday April 21. Campaign complete.

Will have Lisa follow up to see if the client wants to extend the campaign/order additional leads.
Kevin Priddle 17-Apr-14 10:52am View
[Oracle/Java's IoT Developer Challenge](
Kevin Priddle 16-Apr-14 16:13pm View
[Cisco Press Release]( announcing:

1. The 2014 Internet of Things World Forum will be taking place in Chicago, October 14-16
2. IoT Challenge ($250K in prizes) launching April 21
Kevin Priddle 16-Apr-14 10:56am View
Products/Deliverables actually being included in the program have been decided. Updated Sell Sheets pretty much done, just need to gain access to the website to update it accordingly.

3 IOs out for the KickStart program now (1 Gold, 2 Silver), waiting for them to return signed and then will begin work on launching these first campaigns.
Kevin Priddle 16-Apr-14 10:54am View
61/75 leads delivered as of Monday April 14.
Kevin Priddle 16-Apr-14 10:47am View
This is becoming more of a priority. Currently there is no easy way for AdOps to keep track of leads delivered (other than manually rearranging line items in DART each week) and creates more chance for errors in billing/accounting.
Kevin Priddle 16-Apr-14 10:44am View
The Zerys solution has many great features that could help streamline the custom content creation process and is relatively very cheap. The whitelabelling options look great from a client perspective, not so much from the author/influencer experience though.

With the addition of ::Docs I'd like to explore using our own Workspaces solution for custom article and product review creation.
Kevin Priddle 16-Apr-14 10:40am View
Contact at Novalys has returned the questionnaire to help us provide us background on the product they want reviewed and what kind of author would be ideal. Will reach out to our pool of influencers and start the search for a reviewer.
Kevin Priddle 16-Apr-14 10:37am View
Still need a response on points 2, 3 and 4 listed in the description (copied again below):

2 - Can you provide the list of tags that, when used, will get a Product Showcase article picked up in the Web Dev and Mobile newsletters?

3 - As discussed, I would like to make a more prominent listing of Product Showcase articles in the newsletters. I think this will help drive more views and is a feature that should be added to ensure the product of sensible value.

4 - Under the new pricing scheme for Product Showcase articles, paid content has a set lifespan and then is suppose to expire and be taken down off the site.

We already have functionality to expire homepage rotation and set the length of time an article is “browsable” in the Product Showcase chapter. Do we also now need the ability to expire this content so it’s completely removed from search results, direct URL links, etc? Or should we just run with the functionality we have and just change how the messaging around the content lifespan is explained to clients?
Kevin Priddle 16-Apr-14 10:34am View
PS articles not showing up in the Daily Build issue should be resolved, as stated in the related "CodeProject Tasks" item:
Kevin Priddle 15-Apr-14 14:43pm View
14 April 2014 - Client contact (Justin Anderson) sent a list of three potential product review authors to review and select from.

1. Dirk Strauss
2. Magnus Johannson
3. Alvin Ashcraft

Waiting for feedback on the potential reviewers and a decision on the author.
Kevin Priddle 15-Apr-14 14:40pm View
Twitter has selected Donn Felker as the author for their review.
Kevin Priddle 7-Apr-14 13:32pm View
Jon Flanders selected as the reviewer. Secure author agreement and complete review writing process with Jon.
Kevin Priddle 19-Mar-14 16:12pm View
Most critical need is a better way to set up the competition voting forms. Secondary is a redesign of the Monthly Article Competition homepage and winners gallery (see attached mockups).
Kevin Priddle 14-Mar-14 15:16pm View
Contest design and structure has been proposed. Dave has now taken it to the sales team to see if there's an interested sponsor.

If there's no viable sponsor we'll still launch and budget the prizing ourselves.
Kevin Priddle 14-Mar-14 15:14pm View
New spec sheets for Product Showcase and Product Reviews available in the Sales folder and at the links above.

Ran a very successful training call with the sales team today on how everything works now (although there were lots of questions and it ran a lot longer than I had hoped) and I think the team is excited about the new approach for PS and PR pricing and processes.
Kevin Priddle 12-Mar-14 14:21pm View
Rough outline of contest structure available here:
Kevin Priddle 12-Mar-14 12:49pm View
Edit Done.

Waiting for feedback from client.
Kevin Priddle 11-Mar-14 10:25am View
Have worked with Dave to figure out new pricing guidelines for Product Showcase articles and Product Review authoring. Will be announcing to the Sales Team shortly and setting up a brief training session and Q&A with them.

Although similar to Product Review authoring, still need to work out some processes and decide the best way to offer "Custom Article Authoring" to clients. Creating a new task for this project.
Kevin Priddle 7-Mar-14 14:08pm View
Previous cheque being cancelled.

Get banking details for wire transfer.
Kevin Priddle 4-Mar-14 12:31pm View
First run at the list of articles/titles for the Intro to HTML5 article comp available here:
Kevin Priddle 27-Feb-14 16:01pm View
As far as I can tell LinkedIn's API terms of service don't allow us to use this data commercially...
> You must never:
> Sell, lease, share, transfer, or sublicense any Content or access to any Content, directly or indirectly, to any third party, including any recruiter, data broker, salesperson, or advertising-related entity.

But look how awesome these output fields are for Company info. I wonder if there is a loophole (or way to pay them for access):
Kevin Priddle 18-Feb-14 13:27pm View
These tasks have been compiled and broken out into individual child tasks here:
Kevin Priddle 18-Feb-14 9:37am View
Please see report which outlines how the current content marketing products work, current issues, and questions for clarification.

There's a page for each product (Advertorials, Product Reviews, Custom Articles, Coder Interviews) so let me know if scheduling a quick meeting to discuss these questions rather than reading through the whole document makes more sense:
Kevin Priddle 18-Feb-14 9:29am View
During my search for a new Lead Validation service I discovered some companies that we may be able to partner with or use to provide "filler" leads:

Kevin Priddle 18-Feb-14 9:22am View
The only provider that I've been able to find that supports a global audience thus far is D&B, but their service is very expensive (~$97,000/year for the D&B Direct API service).

We'd have to do some testing to see if their data is actually any better than DOTS, but Infoconnect ( is the best B2B data service I've been able to find so far and their rates are comparable to DOTS, but still doesn't support an international audience (US/Canada only).

Will continue researching additional service providers.
Kevin Priddle 13-Feb-14 17:07pm View
Microsoft has passed on Day of Azure (citing they love the idea, but lack budget at the moment).

Are there other vendors that would be interested in a similar campaign?
Kevin Priddle 12-Feb-14 15:06pm View
Looks good to me, if you really want to splice down the number of characters a few more it could be:

"I acknowledge that my Professional Profile details may be sent to third party sponsors of Research Library content."
Kevin Priddle 12-Feb-14 14:46pm View
Still need to make some mention that they will lose their Professional status and points if they opt out though. Is this still too long...

"I acknowledge certain details may be sent to third party sponsors for Research Library offers and refusal will suspend my Professional status and related rep points."
Kevin Priddle 12-Feb-14 14:30pm View
I don't know if this is too long, but how's this look for wording? Maybe the part in brackets can be added as a superscript...

"I agree to participate in Research Library offers and acknowledge my Professional Profile info may be passed on to third party sponsors. (Professional status and related reputation points will be suspended from your account upon refusal.)"
Kevin Priddle 12-Feb-14 12:14pm View
Waiting on the client to send assets and fill out asset info form
Kevin Priddle 11-Feb-14 7:32am View
Just to clarify what you would like done here:

- Is this supposed to be an email notification sent to anyone that has registered for a LeadGen asset in the past as soon as a new asset is posted?

- Should we only send them a notification if an asset in the same category is posted? Or when any new asset is added to the Research Library?
Kevin Priddle 11-Feb-14 7:29am View
Pinged Jackie at the end of last week to see what the update was from Keith. Still waiting to hear more, will follow up again.
Kevin Priddle 11-Feb-14 7:24am View
January and February Competitions have been set up with two-tier prizing and voting for January has started.

The next step is to update the Monthly Competitions page so we are able to add the winner's profile pic, a link to their winning article and a short blurb about the article to each the respective category they won. Mockups of how this might look are attached to this task.

I've also merged the original writeup on Google Docs into this task above.
Kevin Priddle 10-Feb-14 22:11pm View
The link was there when this task was created, not sure what document or folder it originally pointed to. Closing this task now.
Kevin Priddle 10-Feb-14 22:09pm View
Many of the Lead Verification services I've researched so far don't offer the kind of validation we need (Job Title, Company Names, Company Size, etc...) most focus just on email or phone verification and are either still US/Canada only or focused on industries like real estate, automotive and insurance.

I have a short list of companies to call and follow up with to learn more.
Kevin Priddle 5-Feb-14 13:46pm View
Need Chris to go through the suggestions for v1.0 outlines on the first couple pages and let me know what's easy can be achieved quickly and what will take more development work and should be moved to the plan for a v2.0.

For example, if creating a whole new "submission widget" to replace articles for contest submissions is too onerous at this stage maybe we can make some minor alterations to the current article system to achieve what's needed.
Kevin Priddle 3-Feb-14 16:10pm View
- v1.0 Contest Product Plan write up available at the Google doc link in the description

- Website mockups images attached to this project
Kevin Priddle 31-Jan-14 12:12pm View
Need to understand what is expected of me here.
Kevin Priddle 31-Jan-14 12:11pm View
Need to follow up on this when time permits.
Kevin Priddle 31-Jan-14 12:10pm View
- Need to figure out Monthly Article Comp prize budget

- Need to update the Monthly Article Comp homepage to better showcase the winning members and de-emphasize the prizes (no more sponsored prizes)
Kevin Priddle 31-Jan-14 12:08pm View
- Waiting for SOW from Microsoft and confirmation that they have a solid automatic process in place to validate Azure registrations we send to them.

- Jackie is following up with Keith from MS
Kevin Priddle 31-Jan-14 12:04pm View
Plan in progress, write up and website mockups almost complete.
Kevin Priddle 31-Jan-14 11:57am View
Need to sit down when more urgent projects are complete to scope and lay out a new plan.
Kevin Priddle 31-Jan-14 11:32am View
Have a list of possible services to research and follow up on:

- Seems like they take your list and clean it up using both their database and a team that follows up manually.
- Provides email and phone verification and business data append to score to rank/qualify sales leads. Need to follow up to learn more.
- Offers validation for name, address, email, phone, and geographic info via IP. Need to follow up with a call to learn more about the service and what countries they support.
- Seems focused on email validation, but need to follow up to see what other demographics they can validate
- Seems more focused on scoring and qualifying leads than (optimization) than validation, but worth a phone call to find out more.
- Seems focused on making lead data uniform and deduplication. May have some some verification services that are useful. Need to follow up.
- Tool for lead buyers to check age of lead, how many times it's been sold, and industries it's been indexed in (home, auto, insurance etc.)
- For validating email addresses
- Validates only phone numbers
- Follows up on your list of leads to ascertain where they are in the buying cycle (manually)
- Validates only email address and Australian phone number
- Seems outdated.
- For the auto industry.
- Validates only phone, email and physical address