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Julio Zuart 25-Jun-13 9:55am View    
I entirely agree :)
Julio Zuart 25-Jun-13 9:45am View    
Thank you very much for your prompt reply!

I am going to go crazy over this. I am very tight on schedule and I don't have any kind of experience with webservices. Do you happen to have a quick guide for dummies?
Also, stating that the interaction with the Web Database is as follows:
1. When the program starts, it tries to connect and "pour" all the information into the database
2. The server returns an access database which is an export of the server one (I have never worked with MS SQL Server scripts, with any scripts yet :( )
Based on this, how complex would you judge the service to be?

I know that my questions aren't yet specific, and thank you very much for your replies since they have provided the peace of mind I was looking for.