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Rajan Maheshwari 14-Feb-14 14:02pm View
thanks..i know its not a cocos2dx forum but its the forum where i can get maximum useful solutions to my problem.....i will soon post many articles regarding some complex problems in cocos2dx like how to add list view,table view ,database connectivity etc on codeproject which will be beneficial for the game developers.i hope..
Rajan Maheshwari 11-Feb-14 11:10am View
its not as simple as you wrote the pseudo....i have tried many things then only i posted on codeproject..i dnt have to return and exit the foreach loop...this loop will keep on looping forever
Rajan Maheshwari 6-Feb-14 22:59pm View
i went through all the ray wenderlich posts but they are basic.I understood them all very my firm has assigned me a game in which i am having some issues.cocos2d-x forum is also not up to the mark thats why I opted the no 1 forum that is codeproject.i even personally mailed ray regarding some problems but the reply came that he hasn't made any tutorial or looking forward regarding my problems
Rajan Maheshwari 6-Feb-14 4:15am View
actually that forum is really not up to the mark.I get here better answers on codeproject.Thats why i ask here.
Rajan Maheshwari 5-Feb-14 23:27pm View
anyhow..thanks for your time.can you help me in one more question.Question is
Rajan Maheshwari 5-Feb-14 23:06pm View
no this is not the answer.I myself got the answer.I will post the solution now
Rajan Maheshwari 4-Feb-14 23:11pm View
please help
Rajan Maheshwari 30-Jan-14 12:57pm View
i was not asking about status was about that drop down slider where we on our wifi bluetooth etc.that bar should be disabled when the game runs
Rajan Maheshwari 11-Jan-14 13:36pm View
sir .. i am completely a starter in cocos2d-x.My questions can be of a person who is a newbie.
Rajan Maheshwari 14-Jul-13 8:37am View
use a button and in its property make is causes validation= "true"..then ur page will not load until all validations are passed
Rajan Maheshwari 12-Jul-13 3:44am View
maintain a database record with a flag value of breakdown.if it occurs on 12 july then flag value if breakdown equal to yes...then search and apply query in ypur database where the breakdown flag is yes.and till there apply a select sum query by using the BETWEEN keyword to find the date of your breakdown (last breadown) and then other one
Rajan Maheshwari 12-Jul-13 3:08am View
so it can also be possible..take the date into string aur datetype and compare it..if it matches according to your condition fire the function..
Rajan Maheshwari 9-Jul-13 6:52am View
make your question more clear and if you have done some coding please share with us so that we can help
Rajan Maheshwari 9-Jul-13 6:15am View
well i guess this is the machine's serial number and not the XP or 7 key..If i am wrong correct me..
Rajan Maheshwari 9-Jul-13 6:12am View
Another way in win7 is just go to control panel and click system will find what you want
Rajan Maheshwari 9-Jul-13 6:10am View
Let me know if it helped you because in my pc it is showing like the way which i just described above
Rajan Maheshwari 9-Jul-13 6:09am View
Ok u mean product ID..What i found in Win7 is just right click on my computer and click on properties..At the bottom u ll see the Product ID under the Window Activation Label
Rajan Maheshwari 9-Jul-13 5:52am View
Have a nice day
Rajan Maheshwari 9-Jul-13 5:48am View
Hey if you dont believe here I uploaded the video on youtube...
link is
Rajan Maheshwari 9-Jul-13 5:41am View
no dude..its working fine in my pc...if u don't believe I can send a video to ur id
Rajan Maheshwari 9-Jul-13 5:34am View
the RandomString() function is called 5 times and values are stored in s1,s2,s3,s4,s5 will also provide a single DISTINCT concatenated string.
Its not necessary to use private static Random rd = new Random((int)DateTime.Now.Ticks);
Check out..
Rajan Maheshwari 8-Jul-13 4:09am View
Obviously that you have to resolve.I have provided you with all the functions that can help to send a mail through your gmail id.I did in thats just add a namespace above
Rajan Maheshwari 8-Jul-13 4:06am View
add a new user button near the signin or login button..suppose in a university if there are 50000 students studyng then how much pain does the admin need to have.
Rajan Maheshwari 8-Jul-13 3:35am View
do u want that only the answer 8 is only member of array integer
Rajan Maheshwari 8-Jul-13 3:18am View
ATleast soln ko 3 star to dedo
Rajan Maheshwari 8-Jul-13 3:17am View
koi baat ni..mere saath bhi hua tha aisa...:) Gud luck
Rajan Maheshwari 8-Jul-13 3:15am View
Its absolutely working fine with me
Rajan Maheshwari 8-Jul-13 3:14am View
this is a desktop c# application
Rajan Maheshwari 8-Jul-13 3:03am View
can you please elloborate because b_click is now a function which requires 2 arguments
Rajan Maheshwari 8-Jul-13 2:24am View
Buddy buttons are adding dynamically perfectly earlier also..My problem is i want to specify seperate click events for all the dynamic buttons
Rajan Maheshwari 8-Jul-13 2:23am View
protected void b_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
Button b=sender as Button;
Label1.Text = ((Button)Panel1.FindControl("Button1")).Text;

I did this but didnt worked
Rajan Maheshwari 6-Jul-13 10:00am View
its very true....i said that day also and today also that you didn't provided the answer.You just provided a link which consisted of various string functions.Anyways looser is quite a derogatory remark about someone.Your are here to help in this forum.So better use your designation well out here.
Wish you the best of luck.
Rajan Maheshwari 5-Jul-13 16:38pm View
ohhh thanks a lot haha
Rajan Maheshwari 5-Jul-13 16:24pm View
boss i did it for multiple recipents for a single gmail....
everywhere on net only a single server definition is provided.....
u can have 1 pal.
Rajan Maheshwari 5-Jul-13 16:18pm View
What is your it C# or
Rajan Maheshwari 5-Jul-13 11:04am View
you did nothing wrong..what you did is you directly asked to go through programming basics and provided a link without answering my question.
Secondly you self assumed that the other person doesn't know basics of programming if hes asking such a question
Finally, what you did is only war of words and till you haven't provided any solution to the problem mentioned in the question.
Anyways thanks for your important time for posting on my post.
Have a nice day
Rajan Maheshwari 5-Jul-13 6:42am View
this also only gives
I only want gmail to be printed.........
Rajan Maheshwari 4-Jul-13 14:54pm View
Its very true..thanks Manfred R. Bihy..the people like you only motivates us and you are only the person who shows us the way in which we can do something better for our life.These forums are there to help us and not to make derogatory comments
Thanks for the support
Rajan Maheshwari 4-Jul-13 14:47pm View
btw i have solved it but again u never know what is the email address
If i enter ur above code is failed............
Rajan Maheshwari 4-Jul-13 14:10pm View
just i am here to learn something..whether the doubt is stupid or useless or whether it is very high rated..i just enjoy asking them and clearing also. I will definitely use split as you say..but substring is also working fine with me.
Rajan Maheshwari 4-Jul-13 14:03pm View
index2 variable is unused in the code...
Rajan Maheshwari 4-Jul-13 13:59pm View
int index1 = 0, index2 = 0;
string email_id = TextBox1.Text;
index1 = Convert.ToInt32(email_id.IndexOf('@'));
index2 = Convert.ToInt32(email_id.IndexOf('.'));
email_id = email_id.Substring(index1 + 1);
index2 = email_id.IndexOf('.');
int len=email_id.Length;
email_id = email_id.Substring(0, len-4);
Label5.Text = email_id.ToString();

I have solved it cool.. i knw what is and i know how to code..
I have already made some websites. But you know sometimes silly things happen friend
Dont get angry friend..I am not good in English and i was unable to explain my problem to you..That might be the reason.
Rajan Maheshwari 4-Jul-13 13:49pm View
but the problem is substring have only two overloaded methods in which we cant delete a string from back...
it has (int len)
(int len,start index)
Rajan Maheshwari 4-Jul-13 13:40pm View
string email_id = TextBox1.Text;
index1 = email_id.IndexOf('@');
index2 = email_id.IndexOf('.');
email_id = email_id.Substring(index1 + 1);
but here i only get upto
how to remove .com from it.coz i cant work with text length as the ids canbe etc etc