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Comments by AmyAli (Top 6 by date)

AmyAli 20-Jul-16 13:26pm View    
how it works with entity framework
AmyAli 26-Aug-15 5:19am View    
Thank you very much. It is working.
AmyAli 26-Aug-15 1:12am View    
Still getting the error

<asp:LoginStatus runat="server" LogoutAction="Redirect" LogoutText="Log off" LogoutPageUrl="~/Index.aspx" OnLoggingOut="Unnamed_LoggingOut" />

However I have added definition on code behind file as follows

void unnamed_loggingout(Object sender, System.Web.UI.WebControls.LoginCancelEventArgs e)
//do something ...

AmyAli 29-Jul-15 16:02pm View    
I mean (locally) internal contents of website
AmyAli 7-Jul-15 11:40am View    
Thanks a lot the Second one is working accordingly.