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Anubhav689 4-Jul-14 5:14am View
Hello Roshith Sir,

I need a help from you. i am using web service for creating the jQgrid, Here you had shown that we can use url: sPage+'?method=getGridData' to call a method for in case we are creating the dynamic columns, could you please tell me how can I call web method inside a webservice using your way of calling!!! Pls help me out Sir
Anubhav689 12-Jun-14 7:44am View
Hey Nirav,
Thanks for your reply, firstly if I remove s_GridResult then it's "return" will provide an error, secondly the links which you had provided I have already used similar things to get the data. Actually it's not getting any error, it's making the outer pattern also of jQgrid, it's also providing the ID of first two array's but it's not showing the data
Anubhav689 12-Jun-14 7:41am View
Where is the "URL:"
Anubhav689 12-Jun-14 7:23am View
Anubhav689 21-Apr-14 0:55am View
I have worked on it without any attachment, for attachments I need to work on it and it will take time so you need to wait, just follow my Articles on and you will get your answer very soon
Anubhav689 26-Mar-14 4:19am View
Firstly Tell me what do you want to fill and from where, after that tell me "if it is filled then why do you want to fill it again and again"????
Anubhav689 26-Mar-14 4:11am View
Nice 1 :D
Anubhav689 26-Mar-14 0:44am View
If it was working on Webpages which are outside of any folder then it should work on those pages also which are inside of some folders or sub folders, it might be possible that your Browser is not updating the CSS, you should delete all the History and Cookies of your Browser and then should try again.
Anubhav689 25-Mar-14 7:04am View
Please let me know if your problem is solved or not
Anubhav689 25-Mar-14 6:48am View
Why are you posting same question again and again!!!
Anubhav689 25-Mar-14 6:02am View
Hey Buddy,

I think you haven't noticed but in your "Seat Layout" you had already made seat number "5, 10 and 25" as booked, just remove them from already selected and your code will work fine
Anubhav689 21-Mar-14 7:04am View
Show the code which is not working, no one can guess what you are doing.