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Comments by ketan italiya (Top 51 by date)

ketan italiya 17-Apr-14 5:26am View
Thanks for the solution.

But i use repeater and i also want to bind other column in,
InviteeName,Text,Answer ,Email then what should i do.
my problem is that with that.
ketan italiya 3-Apr-14 1:57am View
Hey, this question has not enough details for answer?
if not then please tell me i add more.
ketan italiya 23-Jan-14 5:00am View
thanks for solution but it not help me,when debug my code,after value change i found that ontextchanged is not work .first time it work,when i enter but after delete this value from textbox i try to enter abcd but comes automatically
ketan italiya 23-Jan-14 4:59am View
thanks for solution but it not help me,when debug my code,after value change i found that ontextchanged is not work .first time it work
ketan italiya 20-Jan-14 12:44pm View
thanks for your valuable reply
ketan italiya 20-Jan-14 2:36am View
yes, i have use file upload for this i can easily upload images and other files but i can't upload videos.
ketan italiya 10-Jan-14 7:25am View
can you please give solution for that.
ketan italiya 10-Jan-14 7:25am View
Hey i use your code but still i found repetative random numbers.

var random = new Random();
var result = new string(Enumerable.Repeat(chars, 6).Select(s => s[random.Next(s.Length)]).ToArray());

i.Activation_Code = result.ToString();
ketan italiya 9-Jan-14 6:45am View
Thanks,for reply.i will check it.
ketan italiya 9-Jan-14 6:12am View
i try with it,but i want another third party tool which is free.
ketan italiya 26-Dec-13 8:10am View
your code is working superb.thanks for help.
ketan italiya 26-Dec-13 6:59am View
superb solution..
ketan italiya 25-Dec-13 4:27am View
i solve it. with this code,thanks.
ketan italiya 25-Dec-13 0:35am View
actually i enable to send mail from server not from local i got this error when i run my code in local,

No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it

but i enable to send mail,now i can't.
ketan italiya 20-Dec-13 3:15am View
i am from Ahemdabad,Gujrat and where you from?
ketan italiya 20-Dec-13 3:02am View
dnt wry bro.
actually you give me the way to solve my it solve i surely mark your answer.
thanks for help.
ketan italiya 20-Dec-13 2:53am View
hey, bro. i use linq to sql so this inset method will not help me. i think i don't know how to insert data in database from datatable in linq
ketan italiya 20-Dec-13 2:44am View
check now,actually i do it first time but now i upvoting,
sorry but i upvote only one time if unlimited then i also do that.
ketan italiya 20-Dec-13 2:37am View
Thanks bro.
for help me so much,thank you so much.
ketan italiya 20-Dec-13 2:32am View
i am agree with you,this code add value in datatable finalyy right ,but how i add this value into database like,

ExtraInviteeBL eb = new ExtraInviteeBL();
eb.First_Name = txtfirstname1.text;
like this type,
ketan italiya 20-Dec-13 2:27am View
yahh,sure bro. why not
ketan italiya 20-Dec-13 2:23am View
yeh,Thanks for your solution bro.
i check it
ketan italiya 20-Dec-13 2:14am View
hey,if is possible with this event of textbox,

protected void txtfirst_changed(object sender, EventArgs e)

ketan italiya 20-Dec-13 1:49am View
but this is not solution yar,i think so this is how to create new control ,i want to save it's value.
like that if i have this 6 textbox,
as per all control's value.
ketan italiya 18-Dec-13 2:14am View
as in my question i give one way to do this but i don't know exactly how can anyone suggest me.?
thanks in advance
ketan italiya 17-Dec-13 4:40am View
i know this is simple with lat&long but how is it possible with url,is it possible with iframe.?
then how.?
ketan italiya 16-Dec-13 7:01am View
no yar it's a just example here x is the value of invitee.
ketan italiya 16-Dec-13 6:28am View
above code of repeater is just for demo.
ketan italiya 16-Dec-13 6:27am View
simply if x=no of invitee then i want 3x textbox and 2x checkboxes.
ketan italiya 13-Dec-13 8:06am View
no i use this method but i get wrong and empty path.
actually when i debug my code i found true path in r.insert(); method butin database i found wrong path.
ketan italiya 13-Dec-13 7:02am View
ok i try with this..
ketan italiya 13-Dec-13 6:39am View
thanks for reply,
but it is used for retrieve URL.
tell me if need changes in it.
ketan italiya 13-Dec-13 6:25am View
hey,no change ,i try with this,
still not saved full path.
ketan italiya 9-Dec-13 7:39am View
yeh i know abt it is solved bro.
ketan italiya 6-Dec-13 7:45am View
so i try with this $("#<%= datepicker.ClientID %>").datepicker();
and i am happy that it is work for me...:)
ketan italiya 6-Dec-13 7:44am View
because i take this conrol as server side so
like runat="server"
ketan italiya 6-Dec-13 7:44am View
i think this problem is created because every time i foundthat id of document is created new..
ketan italiya 6-Dec-13 6:07am View
no yar i try with this one but not working yar...
ketan italiya 6-Dec-13 6:05am View
ok let me try with this one..
ketan italiya 26-Nov-13 3:13am View
superb code,it's working nice,thanks.......
ketan italiya 12-Sep-13 0:56am View
try this..dude i think it will help you.

ketan italiya 12-Sep-13 0:51am View
this question is not solved so i guess it need reply..
ketan italiya 13-Aug-13 3:46am View
Reason for my vote of 5 \n good
ketan italiya 13-Aug-13 3:46am View
Reason for my vote of 5 \n good work........
ketan italiya 13-Aug-13 3:45am View
Reason for my vote of 5 \n good oneee
ketan italiya 13-Aug-13 3:44am View
Reason for my vote of 5 \n good work
ketan italiya 31-Jul-13 5:20am View
Thanks! prasad sirfor your valuable reply..
ketan italiya 19-Jul-13 8:29am View
but,if i don't want to put check-box then it is possible,
if i don't want to use cookies then is it possible..?
ketan italiya 19-Jul-13 8:27am View
yehh..i see it sorry..
ketan italiya 19-Jul-13 8:19am View
from where give me hint please or give me hyperlink fast..
ketan italiya 19-Jul-13 7:25am View
no,can you give me hint for that..?