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Priyanka7777 11-Sep-13 3:34am View
This gives me an error that the "Resource cannot be found".
Priyanka7777 6-Sep-13 8:28am View
Great this works.But the problem is i need to save some information on OK button click.
I want to write this code:
cmd = objDb.GetStoredProcCommand("SetSurveyInfoDetails");
//temporary set dropdown value to run the SP.
Session["DropDownListSurvey"] = "XYZ";
objDb.AddInParameter(cmd, "@ServeyName ", DbType.String, Session["DropDownListSurvey"]);
objDb.AddInParameter(cmd, "@Name ", DbType.String, txtName.Text);
objDb.AddInParameter(cmd, "@Mobile ", DbType.String, txtMobile.Text);
objDb.AddInParameter(cmd, "@Email_Id ", DbType.String, txtEmail.Text);
result = objDb.ExecuteNonQuery(cmd);

Is it possible?
Priyanka7777 6-Sep-13 8:03am View
I am not getting any error.Nut the confirmation box is not shown.
Priyanka7777 6-Sep-13 8:02am View
Yes.I want to save the information entered once the user clicks on OK button.
Priyanka7777 6-Sep-13 7:50am View
Sorry i added your code,but it is not working.Confirmation box is not opening.
Priyanka7777 22-Aug-13 7:28am View
I did in the design but still i am not able to change it.
Priyanka7777 18-Jul-13 4:25am View
I know i have reposted the answer,but the only purpose was to make things simpler for 12345_abcde.
Priyanka7777 18-Jul-13 3:28am View
I did not get the purpose of 2nd table(paperlist),but still i have written a query for
your first table(SEGDATA) to get conflicting records.See if it helps you.

Priyanka7777 18-Jul-13 2:36am View
Post the table structure along with data and let me know what are the common columns for both the tables.
Priyanka7777 18-Jul-13 1:36am View
Were you able to solve your problem?
Priyanka7777 17-Jul-13 8:32am View
You want to search for common students within exampapers,right?
You can do that using inner join.
What is the problem that you are facing?
Priyanka7777 17-Jul-13 7:01am View
Join the two tables 'paperslist' and 'ModuleStudents' with the help of inner join.
Priyanka7777 17-Jul-13 3:34am View
Try defining the parameters outside and before the for loop.
Priyanka7777 17-Jul-13 1:38am View
Why are you comparing the values in the datasets,instead you can join the two tables in the SQL query.
Priyanka7777 15-Jul-13 7:10am View
textBox2.Text = new DateTime(precti.GetOrdinal("odjezd").Ticks).ToString("HH:mm:ss");
Priyanka7777 12-Jul-13 5:51am View
Priyanka7777 12-Jul-13 5:40am View
Please be more specific!!!
Priyanka7777 12-Jul-13 5:12am View
This is the only field that you have added in your query:
rule1.fnlwgt = probablity.fnlwgt.

Check for similar links that you can make between rule1 table and probablity.
Priyanka7777 12-Jul-13 4:53am View
what chimcham said is right.There is still another field that you have to link for you to get the distinct data.Check for more linking between the two tables.
Priyanka7777 12-Jul-13 3:47am View
Priyanka7777 12-Jul-13 3:35am View
Check out this link which shows how to Retrieve Values of Cached Items.
Priyanka7777 12-Jul-13 1:55am View
Which solution did work for you?

Please mark the solution as answer which worked for you.
Priyanka7777 11-Jul-13 8:16am View
This works!!!
Priyanka7777 11-Jul-13 6:25am View
Actually it should work.

Check this link if you find something useful.

What are the namespaces that you have added in your code?
Priyanka7777 11-Jul-13 6:02am View
Add after this line:
FullsortDataGridView.DataSource = ds.Tables(0)

Priyanka7777 11-Jul-13 5:22am View
Have you missed this line in your code or not added it?

Priyanka7777 11-Jul-13 3:35am View
Glad that it helped you... :)
Priyanka7777 11-Jul-13 3:30am View
You can now bind the result that you got in 'distinctTable' to your gridview's DataSource event.
Priyanka7777 11-Jul-13 3:22am View
This was just a sample code to let you know how you get distinct records.

As per your code provided above you can change it to:

da = new SqlDataAdapter("select DISTINCT Date,Humidity,Temprature,light,Voltage,outp from Dataset", cn.con);
dt = new DataTable();

//dt will contain the data from your query.

DataTable distinctTable = dt.DefaultView.ToTable( /*distinct*/ true);

See if it works.
Priyanka7777 11-Jul-13 3:11am View
The solution does work.I have checked it.

Try this piece of code and check what result you get in 'distinctTable' DatatTable:

DataTable table2 = new DataTable("articletable");

DataRow row2 = table2.NewRow();
row2[0] = "1";
row2[1] = "article name";
row2[2] = "article contents go here";

DataRow row1 = table2.NewRow();
row1[0] = "1";
row1[1] = "article name";
row1[2] = "article contents go here";

DataTable distinctTable = table2.DefaultView.ToTable( /*distinct*/ true);
Priyanka7777 11-Jul-13 2:28am View
My mistake.

Instead of using a DataTable dt in this line use a DataView

DataView dv= dt(/*default*/true).DefaultView;

Correct this line to :

DataView dv1 = new DataView();
DataView dv= dv1.ToTable(/*default*/true).DefaultView;
Priyanka7777 11-Jul-13 1:10am View
What do you mean by Next Previous Functionality without Repeated hits on DataBase.
Can u be a little brief?
Priyanka7777 10-Jul-13 7:30am View
Im glad that it helped you!!!
Priyanka7777 10-Jul-13 5:28am View
Put a break point for second buttons click event.Does the control go there?
Priyanka7777 10-Jul-13 2:22am View
Priyanka7777 9-Jul-13 7:33am View
Did this solution work for you?

Mark as answer if it worked for you.....