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Comments by Mircea Diaconescu (Top 10 by date)

Mircea Diaconescu 6-Aug-16 5:58am View    
I think that my CP article Arduino WiFi-Connected Weather Station with Android User Interface can help you to solve your problem.
Mircea Diaconescu 24-Apr-16 16:38pm View    
I was just kidding :-) done a good job formatting it, but for any reason (?), the OP change it back...
Mircea Diaconescu 24-Apr-16 16:24pm View    
Well, why to keep the code formatted, it looks fancier now, that is back to its original ugly and unreadable form...
Mircea Diaconescu 24-Apr-16 16:04pm View    
You should definitely format your code, otherwise no one will read and answer your question.
Mircea Diaconescu 21-Apr-16 3:52am View    
Or use SVG images, then in the XML you have a svg child, that being the image. However, Sergey has right, semantically speaking, there is no such thing as "image in XML", but only structured data...which at end can be anything as long as it can be expressed with XML and, very important, does not violate XML specification!